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The House of Representatives passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 on Thursday, an aggressive new gun control measure which will be Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s first strike in their forthcoming war on the second amendment. And shockingly, it wasn’t just Democrats who voted for the bill.

Here are the Republicans who voted for Nancy Pelosi’s latest gun control bill:


  1. Why did these 8 want to thow in their names when the bill would have passed without them?
    The hateful 8 enemise of the defnece of the Republic and the Constitutionsd – they know this bill is only for thde purpose of identifhing any owners of firearms for firearm confiscation.


          1. Most people think that a thrice married man having sex with a prostitute to be immoral.
            Do you?

          2. Trump accepts blow jobs from women he does not know?
            What does his daughter think of that?

          3. Yeah after three such beautiful wives you would have to be a idiot to swap microbes with Stormy.

          4. Damn straight he does. After 4 years of working for us and you ask a dumbass question like that. What? You voted for retard in the WH?

    1. THREE of the traitors are from Florida! I can understand someone from NY or Penn voting for this craaap ! ! ! New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians haven’t got the brains or guts god gave a piss ant

    1. There are more and more Rinos everyday.
      When will the Republicans hit the Dump Trump tipping point?

    2. Don’t be fooled by the GOP /RNC soliciting $ money to combat the programs from the Democrats .. They are ALL in these things together . Donald Trump still thinks that the GOP can be saved . He is wrong .All 3 branches of our Nation NEED to be investigated by sources outside of the cabal in Washington and put out on public venues to give our Nation a chance to take actions to save our Union … The Congress is the first step to effectively start the process !! Remove 85% of the members of Congress in 2022 and start the process of taking America BACK >>

      1. Which of the three branches will investigate the three branches.
        If they are all corrupt we need a revolution.

  2. The second Amendment has been around forever why would you all listen to Nasty Nancy Pelosi for. Impeach here that’s what needs to be done and all Republican need to grow a pair of big Balls and show the left what US Republican are all about ileagel need to stay in Mexico or any other country they belong in Our Second Amendment keep our family safe from intruder murders and thrifts think about it all we need our Guns and so does our Military. So really think about it

        1. When you people are in charge you can go ahead and do that.
          In the mean time just keep pounding your keyboard.

          1. Albert. You are the resident idiot here who keeps posting insane and inflammatory tripe.
            We all surmise what YOU are pounding.
            When you take a break from pounding what your mother told you not to pound, go read both the 9th Article and the 10th Article of the Bill of Rights. Therein, quite contrary to your postulation, you will find that WE CITIZENS ARE INDEED IN CHARGE.
            Something that YOU can not change.

          2. We the Citizens are in fact in charge.
            That is why Trump will not allow the RNC to use his name and likeness.
            Winners do not do that.

    1. To impeach Nancy you have to win the House.
      This year, thanks to Trump, the Republicans lost the Presidency, the Senate and the House.

      1. Evidently you are uninformed .Trump didn’t win because of tyrannical Demorats. They cheated ,deceived, defrauded ,dishonesty that the Demorats are so well practiced at.

    2. Rosalie is not an American name.
      Are you even a citizen?
      You have the written English skills of a fourth grader.
      Do you think?

        1. I look to Trump for inclusion and empathy for the immigrants.
          I know he said that some of them are good people.
          But did he really mean it.

      1. And you have no skill at all. You aren’t even smart enough to see tyranny right in front of your ugly face. So move to China where your uneducated opinion might make you a super star. Dumbass

        1. Now that Gays have been pretty much accepted we need to focus on the Trans deviants.
          In Chinas homosexual behavior is a crime.
          Should it be a crime here too?

    1. Lin Wood does not have squat.
      If he did we would know all about it.
      He would have released it by Jan 20.

    2. Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood has been banished from a private lawyer’s club in Atlanta after calling for former Vice President Mike Pence to face a firing squad.

  3. Brian Fitzpatrick, voting for this bill is the biggest betrayal in Pa history. Maybe all the legal and licensed hunters should go to your house and give you the finger. All 1 MILLION Patriots. You scumbag.

    1. They should go to your house and put their fingers in your daughter.
      Three in the mouth, four in in the maggot infested reproduction hole and a full fist to the elbow in the Hersey Highway.
      Talk of fingering is so much fun, when you bring it on home, to your family.

        1. The discussion was about giving someone the finger.
          I filled in the details.
          We all like to finger.

      1. Albert: You need a bar of soap in your filthy mouth. You evil communist democrats stole the 2020 election that put a dementia pervert and a California communist prostitute in the Whitehouse – dumb and dumber! Our forefathers were smart men for their time to put the 2nd amendment in to give citizens the right to protect themselves against an evil government and the time is coming.

  4. These people that call themselves Republican Representatives and voted to change our gun laws are nothing but ground feeders, another bunch of Rinos, Sucking up to the Corrupt Destroyers of America. YOU ARE A SHAMEFUL GROUP THAT CALL YOURSELF REPUBLICAN BUT YOU ARE NO MORE THAN TRATORS TO AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA AND ITS CITIZENS.

  5. Democrat senile President Joe Biden (empty suit Obama’s puppet) is trying to destroy the USA e.g. more spending and taxes, illegal immigrants, gun bans, speech suppression, voter fraud, state voting power grabs, climate change, more useless federal regulations etc!

  6. Senile President Joe Biden and Crazy Nancy Pelosi pushed the useless House stooges for passage of HR-8!

    Will Republicans in the Senate have the “Testicular Fortitude” to Filibuster HR-8 into the trash or will they cave to wimpy chucky Schumer?

  7. Ya’ll RINO’s will be remembered in the next elections! Also, everyone is getting a taste of what it’s like to live in Commiefornia! Heaven help us all!

  8. Guess Florida needs took for several new congresspeople. The rinos keep showing their hate for real Americans.

    1. Florida is very purple.
      Gore only missed it by537 votes.
      Get right on primarying out all those Rinos.
      Rip your party to shreds.
      Make sure that the Dems do no have to go up against incumbents.
      Turn FL Blue!!!!!

    1. You do no have the balls.
      You don’t even have the balls to smear your stinky fecal matter in the Capitol.

    2. Drag them out into the streets and give them the beating of their lives and tell them they are fired.

  9. The Second Amendment is the last line of defense against a tyrannical, all-controlling government. It’s the one thing Nazi Nancy and her Leftist allies fear most.

    1. Biden/Nancy control the military.
      The military has real guns.
      Not AR-15 pea shooters.
      Guns that can take out 100 MAGAots with just one shot.


    1. Criminals with badges?
      Secret Service?
      Federal Marshals?
      Customs Service?
      Border Patrol?
      IRS Agents?
      National Forest Service?

  11. Why did you try to force me to go through so many pages to get the names? Just put a list of the names on the first page! Stop the bullshit!

    1. You do not understand how social media works.
      Their income depends on the number of eyes on all their pages, that is where the ads are.
      Why are MAGAots so ignorant?

  12. its all a bunch of bs… “a law repugnant to the Constitution is void, and courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.” (Marbury v. Madison (1803)… The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States (Article VI, Clause 2), establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the “supreme Law of the Land”, and thus take priority over any conflicting state laws.[1] It provides that state courts are bound by, and state constitutions subordinate to, the supreme law.[2] However, federal statutes and treaties are supreme only if they do not contravene the Constitution… NOW BIDEN… STICK IT!!!

  13. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Remove all politicians that do not up hold and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Period.

    Remember the words “shall not be infringed”, not even partially.

    1. What is the definition of a well regulated militia?
      Were the MAGAots who who stormed the Capitol well regulated?

  14. Theyre coming for OUR guns
    Wheres these gun groups on this
    IE ALL 2A groups
    Unite on issue
    Make a Forceful change IE legally

  15. I actually took the time to see who they are. Don’t know any of them, but just look at the states they’re from?
    They’re RINOS at best. If people are really serious about taking our country back, they will vote them out.
    This is all getting extremely scary, but not sure exactly what we can do about it???
    Contact them if they’re your representative, then go vote in 2021 and replace them with Conservatives.

  16. A little side note:
    Who watched joe on TV last night?
    We watched it later on Utube.
    I have NEVER felt such an urge to perform ELDERLY ABUSE! Gosh, it was painful and cringe worthy.

  17. The house violates their oath of office again. Maybe they should have to retake their oath again like they forced our military to do.

  18. The simple fact of the “IDIOCY” to this entire situation is: Why are they trying to restrict the rights of those who are Licensed, Law Abiding, True Citizens of These once United States of America??? If the boneheaded DUMOCRATS and the RINO’s really want to protect as per the Constitution, “WE THE PEOPLE”, then they have to make sure those who are NOT “Licensed”, and those who do not ABIDE to the LAWS of this Nation be forcefully restricted from having a weapon of any kind. All any of the DUMOCRATS and RINO’s have to do is review what the FBI puts out in their public reports of Criminal Activity. Those who are duly “Licensed” to have a weapon of any nature are involved in less than 3% of Criminal or Negligent use of a Weapon against another person. They are actually more inclined to use a weapon on themselves. Once again if the DUMOCRATS and RINO’s really want to protect themselves and WE THE PEOPLE, get all of those ILLEGAL WEAPONS out of our Cities, Communities, there are more UNLICENSED weapons on the streets of our Nation than there are weapons duly Licensed and maintain by our Honest, True American or Naturalized CITIZEN. If you are one of those 535 supposedly legally elected representatives, then PLEASE review the simple fact of WE THE PEOPLE are the reason you are there to represent us, not to destroy our Rights and Freedoms as established in our Constitution.

    1. They are trying to limit the number of guns in the hands of shooters like in GA and CO.
      How do criminals get guns?
      Last year, in my small city there 23 convictions for illegal gun possession.
      The last reported gun theft was four years ago .

  19. Demorats are never for America nor do they come up with anything good for america! Always about ripping you off with fake agendas to pad the pockets of there deep state cortuption team who will do anything to lie,cheat,and steal the american people! We all know Bidens to brainless to know what day it is! Obama and Soros are running the cheating scandal show while using news to say theres no evidence !! Simply not true! Biden has signed so many orders and doesnt even read them, anything they lay there he signs! All signs of a corrupt demorat agenda and we knew after what they did to the election they would steal the seats in Senate to have a open door to do what they dam well please and knee pad queen kumula will decide the final vote! We know how that’s going! 2 of the biggest brainless twits in politics put there by Soros and Obama! Theres not one dam thing any of these so called people can do for America! There turning it into a racist socialist dhit hole created by Obama’s cortuption team! Anybody with a half a brain can see what’s going on! It’s up to the smart people to stop this and quit voting for this demorat trash! The name itself should be abolished being so many people are brainwashed by being a demorat and not for what’s good for America! We dont need people coming to america and the goverement dont need the expence! Most do not contribute a dime and we should not be giving them a dime! Illegal is illegal and regardless who they are they should be sent back! Demorats are creating a mexican mafia of smugglers to bring rug rats to the border and all women will fall for the game. Not our problem! Let mexico deal with it! The border was under control and we dont even have Obama’s covid under control and they want to let illegals in by the thousands carrying covid to aids across the border! Everything Biden is doing is costing you money! Real people are getting 1400 Dollar check which pis chicken feed and trillions going to failed demorat policys! Like pelosi failed rail systems! You know now what she will retire on! Enjoy this when your taxes go sky high and for you people giving property to your kids! Better go talk to your lawyer that all just changed and Biden wantsp to tax you on original price of property till now! Property that was 100 dollars a acre is worth 7000 an acre he want to tax you that difference! It will break everyone! Theres a short window to will it or fix it because what you had before has all changed! Wake up people and stop this socialist mess and quit believing the news!! Its all a big lie! Quit voting for demorats and theyll have a hard time cheating! Everyone in america needs a voter ID card barcoded to use in legitimate voting machines that cant be altered by people like domion, any questionable problem can be checked by that card code! This is you in your state or district! It’s not a dead person voting! We have to be able to have a fair voting system people like Soros cant cheat! No ballot box voting that’s wide open for fraud period! If they can get you a covid check they can get you a voter card! Illegals dont count! Prisoners dont count! Demorat corruption needs to go in all branches of government including CIA,FBI and DOJ and more! We need America back!

    1. Meaningless piffle.

      What is Obama’s Covid?

      You do not understand real estate taxes, real estate taxes are levied by local authorities, not Joe Biden.
      What you are referring to is inheritance tax relative to land.
      The long term method has been to value land at fair market value at the time of death.
      Trump wanted to change that to the original purchase price.
      It went no where.
      Biden is making no changes.
      When your kids inherit your Tesla stock should they pay inheritance taxes on the price you paid in 2013, $7 a share, or the $700 it is worth today.
      I have a rental condo on the Vineyard that I paid $168,00 for 23 years ago, that the Town just assessed at$ 742,000.
      If I croak tomorrow should my kids being paying inheritance taxes on $168,000 or $742,000

      There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits prisoners from voting.
      The Constitution says that all citizens can vote.
      Of course our founding fathers did not consider Black people, women and non landowners worthy enough to vote.
      All bar code readers can be hacked.

  20. To all you turn coat rhinos we have your names watch your back cause 2022 is right around the corner, you betrayed the American people by siding with PILLOUSER and the dumboRats! You lose in 22 also, once you side with the dark side your toast!

  21. This is why I won’t ever donate to the RNC, and I haven’t since they turned their back on Trump. Bunch of kids A$$es.

  22. Chris Smith is a Republican in name only – records indicate he has voted 48% with the Democrats – he is a full blown RINO- He will be primaried next election cycle he is areal scumbag

  23. Time for real conservative gop voters to get rid of those 8 plus Murkowski, Cheney, romney
    Time to get serious.

  24. You don’t have to like or respect Trump but what he did as president was second to none since Raegan or not more.

  25. Will someone in Congress and someone in the Senate read the 2nd Amnendnent into the official minutes abd teach all in attendance what “shall not be infringed” means, please!! The totalitarian Demicrats think that by calling their gun control legislation “common sense ” that it gives some credence to their unconstitutional proposals!! Statistics and every legitimate study ever done on gun violence points to the fact that an armed citizenry deters crime… and that crime goes up every time the freedom to bare arms is restricted. How is that for common sense being against gun control? More proof vmcones from the CDC AS THEIR FIGURES SHOW THAT OVER 2 MILLION CRIMES ARE THWARTED EVERY YEAR BY ARMED CITIZENS. THAT MEANS THAT 2 MILLION BURGLARIES, ROBBERIES, RAPES AND MURDERS ARE THWARTED EVERY YEAR BY ARMED CITIZENS, THAT IS 5,479 CRIMES THWARTED EVERY DAY ON AVERAGE . FURTHER THE CDC GOES ON TO SAY THE ACTUAL FIGURE IS APPROXIMATELY 5 MILLION CRIMES A YEAR THWARTED BY ARMED CITIZENS, 13,699 PER DAY. THE ADDITIONAL FIGURES ARE FOR ALL OF THE UNREPORTED INCIDENTS WHERE CRIMES ARE THWARTED BY ARMED CITIZEN WHO DO NOT REPORT THE INCIDENT. So COMMON SENSE dictates the lessening of gun control restrictions and not adding additional ones that are unconstitutional anyway! Common sense tells us all that taking guns away from honest citizens leaves criminals armed and feeling safer to increase their illegal activity without interference.

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