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The State of Florida has now been hit with a lawsuit by Young Americans for Liberty President Cliff Maloney over its attempt to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to attempt to place new onerous restrictions on the purchase of firearms.

The Washington Times reports:

Young Americans for Liberty president Cliff Maloney has sued a Florida official for stymying his attempt to obtain a firearm amid social distancing restrictions in response to coronavirus.

Mr. Maloney filed a lawsuit on Friday against Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services Commissioner Nikki Fried stemming from her decision to suspend online applications for concealed weapons licenses amid the coronavirus outbreak. Open carry of firearms in the Sunshine State is only permissible in specific instances, such as for hunting and target shooting.

Nikki Fried thinks that your right to self-defense is negotiable. She’s wrong,” said Mr. Maloney in a statement. “This is a blatant disregard for the rule of law, and I will not idly sit by while Nikki Fried uses this crisis to enact her gun-grabbing agenda. I encourage all Americans to join this fight for our rights. We either believe in liberty in times of crisis or we do not believe in liberty at all.”

Ms. Fried did not respond to request for comment and her office was closed on Friday amid coronavirus restrictions on her workplace.

An unprecedented crisis is the least appropriate time for cynical politicians to attempt to enact infringements on the rights of citizens, yet this seems to be exactly what has happened.

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Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.


    1. She would then become a public charge. Why not simply fire her, or defeat her next bid for re-election if her position is elected.

  1. Keep a careful eye on politicians who want to weaken their citizenry…
    Only evil leaders with evil intentions fear their own people.

  2. Isn’t it a crying shame that bureaucrats need to be constantly reminded that their sole function is to SERVE, Not To RULE.

  3. People are out of work and are getting butt f***ed twice when their tax dollars are used to defend these lawsuits.

  4. This proves they have no respect for the rule of law ,constitution, Bill of rights ,thus allowing they to screw the AMERICAN PEOPLE over for there greed for money …People need to kick aa—sss-out of office Period!!!!!!!! And do not vote DEMOCRAT FOR THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY HUMAN RIGHTS

  5. We need to check into a recall action against Niki Fried. We you put dems in office this is the result. The days of blue dog Democrats are gone. They all have a liberal agenda now. Dems can’t be trusted, period.

  6. Constitutional rights, liberties and freedoms can NEVER be denied/usurped at the WHIM of any politician!!

    These politicians swear an oath to “PROTECT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES”!!

    They are committing T-R-E-A-S-O-N!!!!

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