Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Will Wasteful Provisions in Coronavirus Relief Package Come Back to Haunt Congress?

The need for a massive economic stimulus to jump-start the stalled economy during the coronavirus pandemic is shared on both sides of the political aisle.

Unfortunately, some provisions in the widely believed soon-to-be passed bill will have a harmful effect. Workers in low-wage jobs have a greater incentive to stay unemployed instead of returning to work.

Others have nothing to do with the immediate crisis. 

Fox News’ Tyler Olson reports:

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) – which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday – includes the funding for the African Development Fund (ADF), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Development Association (IDA).

The ADF and the AfDB are two related organizations that help fund development and poverty eradication efforts in Africa, whereas the IDA is a subsidiary of the World Bank that gives to poor countries in general. Combined, they will receive more than $10.8 billion under the CARES Act.

This amount includes $7,286,587,008 for the AfDB, $513,900,000 for the ADF and $3,004,200,000 for the IDA.

As the costliest stimulus measure in U.S. history, the bill has generated a mixed and often-conflicted reaction even from those advocating for it. The package contains sorely needed relief for struggling workers facing layoffs as businesses are forced to temporarily shutter on an unprecedented scale in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. But some have questioned the massive pot of money set aside for loans to big industries, while others have challenged the array of seemingly unrelated or tangential funding pipelines that made their way in.

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  1. The economy needs help and not spending funds that we do not have, and what comes with the plan?< friviouls things that should not hace been included, according to what I have read—I just hope that this isn''t true—We send you there to do a job for us—not to fight between your selves—Wake up and do your job.

    • In reality, the amount of $$ – per individual/family – will not do that much good. They also have access to Unemployment benefits. These government checks will not be sent out by mail for 3-weeks. This is the time-frame Pres. Trump wants to ‘get America back to work’ – I stand firmly – do not cave to this highway robbery; IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!

    • Isn’t this typical of the liberals? The ‘add on’s’ that have absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic are BULLS**T just like the liberals themselves. If this delay and finally after all this time, passing this financial relief for the Americans hasn’t convinced you the liberals don’t give a rats ass about America or the American people, you’re totally clueless, brain dead have your heads up your asses or on the ‘dole’ and don’t want the freebie train to derail. To all Americans out there tired of this BS, ‘this is how some of your representatives act during a crisis’, remember this on November 3rd and vote all of the ‘do nothing for you the American people yet still collect big paychecks’ liberals. You’re doing us a huge favor, remember all of them must be voted out! We can’t take any more of the last 3+ years of their BULLS**T

      • Dear Mr. Moore;
        Is so agree with you. I am so tired of all the greedy liberal bulls**t, I Keep talking to all my democratic friends, telling them they have to do something. To think about it, are they really better off with Dems in Office? And to California’s to remember how beautiful Calif. was before the greedy Dems took over. I hope America wakes up, and stop being in denial when you have a spoiled and selfless child you teach them a lesson and show them their the airs of their ways.

      • It is not a question of the misspent money, William Moore. The liberals are so against DJT that they will do anything possible to defeat Trump’s agenda, even if it means ruining this country. The shame of it is that they will impede Trump in his reelection bid by this tomfoolery. However, all is not lost. Trump’s reelection is still probable…just less so.

    • A problem that has always existed with legislation is the ability of the politicians to add riders to any piece of legislation introduced in congress. Pelosi delayed passage of the stimulus several days because of her “wish-list”. Shameful behavior! Riders contain the spending of money on things that would not be supported as a stand-alone bill. This is often referred to as “pork”. Democrats are more guilty than Republicans, but both groups are guilty of the abuse. NO BILL SHOULD BE CONSIDERED that has any rider or language not directly relevant to the purpose of the bill that is introduced. It is unlikely that voters, who have lost their job and are concerned with feeding there family, would approve of some of the “pork” spending added to this bill.

  2. god forbid they pass the bill. it really sucks. the dims put all the unessasary shit in it that is going to eventually kill America, thats what they’re after. they have election stealing language in it. all this aid to other countries, wth is the senate thinking?

    • The worse pork in this bill is that any corporation, or small business that accepts the money must allow their workers to form a union. Unions suck. This will cripple industry. Unions are the reason why assembly workers at auto factories make 100,000 a year with benefits out the wazoo. They get guaranteed health care for life.

    • The dems are really showing their stupidity again with giving hard earned tax monies to people that have nothing to do with the virus and also why would we put money out for the Kennedy Ctr. when at present there are to be no larger gatherings than 10 people gathered together at once, we should be concentrating on a curenot Pelosi and Shummer”””””s pipe dreams, plus how many of the common folk go to the Kennedy ctr.

    • All foreign aid should be stopped! The money is needed here at home! And why the hell did Congress get additional funds for themselves??? They are useless bloodsuckers. Probably for their sex assault payoff fund.

    • All foreign aid should be stopped! The money is needed here at home! And why the hell did Congress get additional funds for themselves??? They are useless bloodsuckers. Probably for their sex assault payoff fund.

  3. Anyone on either side of the isle that uses this crisis to add friviouls add on’s to do anything but help the Citizins of the United States has no place in Congress or that matter in this country as far i’m concerned. All this money has to be paid back by us and our children.

  4. AFRICA ? AFRICAN BANKS ? What do they have to do with a Stimulus Package for the COVD -19 Virus in the United States ? AND we are not talking Chump Change, we’re talking about $ 7,286,587,008 for the AFDB & 513,900,000 for ADF & 3,004,200,000 for the IDA ! Do you know how much Medicine or how many Researchers we could finance to find a cure for this disease. How much of this money is going to be Kicked Back to the people in the House who are sponsoring this Debacle ? STOP THIS CRAP NOW !

    • I really glad that someone can see through all that smoke. The demrats are only looking after their bank accounts, to hell with the American people. I just spent my money to have copies made of the item “Democrats Admit They Delayed Key Legislation To Make Sure Trump’s Businesses Wouldn’t Get More Money” . I approached several businesses (local) asking permission to post this on their windows. Want to guess how many agreed? NONE!!!! They do not want to get involved in polarities. The local Americans will not show any interest in what the demorats are doing to them and all America. JUST LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW, NO NEED TO MUDDY THE WATERS!!!

      All this Africa business would just be a “laundering vehicle” for the demorats.


      • This sounds a lot like California that for reasons known only to God, they hate Trump. I can see this from the side of the businesses though in the fact if they let this be posted in their window, someone would throw a rock through the window. Sad that our ‘right of free and non violent speech’ is being gradually eroded by those who disagree with free speech.

        • Not all Californians my friend…without illegal voting going on our state would be too red wed have to change from the golden state to the dark golden state

  5. When will the majority voting citizens in our country., use their power to put people in power to do the will of the majority instead of the minority…, we have the power to reverse this discrimination that the liberal minority have ushered into our politics and everyday life, time to vote out the liberals in our government…, in 2020!

  6. WTF does this have to do with the china virus? This amount includes $7,286,587,008 for the AfDB, $513,900,000 for the ADF and $3,004,200,000 for the IDA. dumbazz dims got their way on too much shit in this bill. say goodbye to America the way we know it.

  7. Just remember the omnibus spending bill that allowed the demonrats to line it with useless programs and expenditures. If I were the President, I would have every penny of this money tracked, and EVERY KICKBACK, that the demons set this up for, gets fully traced to the corrupt in government that are part and parcel to this corruption….PERIOD!

    • Why is free spending of our tax dollars allowed without any accounting and transparency? Really in private business, if it want to prosper and succeed, every cent received is accounted for and every cent paid out is accounted for, down to the last cent, it’s called ‘balancing the bank account’. Any ‘funny stuff’ should be prosecuted for embezzlement, just like in private business. Maybe these free spenders should go back to school and take and successfully PASS some serious accounting classes.

      • Maybe you need to put a book down and enter life..that is business in the private and public..you never heard of embezzlement in the provate???

  8. It will come back to HAUNT all of US. I want it to HAUNT PIG-LOSSIE. Please MR. PRESIDENT DON”T SIGN THE BILL ! I was talking to my son yesterday and we both had the same thought. We can hold out for as long as it takes to keep PEG-LOSSIE from getting her way.

    • Thats so great for you and youre son..can you afford to house me and my family of 5 also..iwe are on lockdown both my wife and i are jobless and the children are hungry…let me know…thanx

  9. The actions of the politicians on both side of the isle are going to come down on them in the future. What happens in the next few weeks and months will tell the true story of what they have done. The Democrats having bargained away the people of American for their radical policies. And the Republicans have caved in to their demands. I would have never imagined this 20 years ago. Putting this country and its citizens at extreme risk over these PORK PROJECTS they have included in the virus relief bill.
    Every businessman and every household knows that when you are in a difficult Financial situation you look for things that are absolutely essential and make them your top priority and things that are non essential are put is an order from highest to lowest need. The things in the relief bill offered by the democrats and some republicans are so far down the list they just may brake this country.
    It is our responsibility to stop these non-essential funding items and let our congresional leaders know that their jobs are on the line over how they vote. They must be forced to PUT AMERICANS FIRST or loose their jobs.
    There are at least ten things in the democratic bill that will hurt Americans to the point of braking. We have never seen anything like this since the American Revolution that will affect us more than this pandemic. And the effects will take a long time to overcome.

  10. It is time for each and every bill passed to be for one item only and not to include anything not related to the main concern of the one item. No more special interest items. Each bill must stand on its own merits.

  11. These does nothing for America.We need to stand up and make those idiots Democrats in pay for their blanted acts against our country.VOTE THOSE PATHETIC TRAITORS OUT of OFFICE come NOVEMBER 2020

  12. We, as a Nation, are in a death spiral. The Dumbocraps only care about displacing Trump and reclaiming power–then they’ll pee on the shoes of all the people that supported them. The Republican members of congress checked their backbones at the door. I COMPLETELY understand the Art of the Deal, but like Mitch McConnell read off the litany of frivolous items that Lady Pelosi tried to stuff into the bill, they should convene the Senate and read off EVERY item they had to include to get the Dumbs to go along with trying to save the U.S. (and thus, Global) economy. It’s totally shameful and even more irresponsible!!

  13. Just the train I thought Maxine‘s water husband is in banking Diane Feinstein‘s husband is an investor has investments in China and you can bet Pelosi‘s husband is also invested and her family we have a lot of people here in California that are in the California pilot chicks like Gavin Newsom so you might add is kind of related to Pelosi isn’t that interesting he also has investments and so does his wife and some of our local congressman and politicians in Ca. Also some of our Democrat candidates of our local state of California mostly the Democrats kids there’s not very many Democrats in the in the state of California we are looking to see what their investments are for the Hyatt one of the highest paid taxes they don’t do nothing for our state they just line their pockets we need to get these damn dem-wits out that’s what I call the Democrats dim wit. So when we vote start changing republican all the way!

  14. Another item of pork stuffed into this bill (according to Fox News): $25 MILLION DOLLARS for the Kennedy Center. What the bloody hell does that have to do with relief for American citizens who are hurting??? And requiring companies that receive aid to allow their employees to form a union??? Those democrats will rot in hell for politicizing a global crisis such as we are facing.

    • The faggots all like the Kennedy Center. That’s why the Democrapeaters put it in the bill. They’re always kowtowing to the faggots because they all suck cocks.

  15. Unify against the Globalists who have bought the Democrats totally, the Globalist technocrats as they call themselves are our TRUE enemy.

  16. The only good that comes from this bill is the
    exposure of how vile and corrupt the DemonRATS
    are. Pelosi and others should have been impeached.
    Their plan was nothing short of EXTORTION.
    I am disappointed in President Trump. I would
    have voted again on the original bill and brought
    one or two of those in self quarantine in to vote.
    Money for art or music centers..350 million for
    ILLEGALS among other things is disgusting.

  17. The Democrats have added pork to this bill that we should NOT have to pay. I don’t believe the amount of money being sent will cover anyone’s rent/mortgage/utility payments. I also believe that we need to go back to work. Anything not having to do with coronavirus should be removed as should every Democrat that had anything to do with those things being added. This is a travesty and we need to vote out EVERY Democrat in Congress. Let’s give our country a chance to get on the right foot again – this isn’t the way.

  18. I hope that this tragic legislatures will be held accountable to the people. They think we are all too stupid to know how they have lined their pockets in the midst of this country’s most trying time.
    Come election time I pray that we the voters will see that the democrats are going to have to answer for these cooked Theft.
    They think we are too stupid to figure out their greed and immoral actions.

  19. Who gives a damn about Africa? None of this money should be going to support the dumbass niggers in Africa. This is something the shit for brains Democrapeaters put in the bill. Assholes.

  20. Trump learned the Art of Politikking real quick – too bad McConnell didn’t tell Pelosi to go to hades on a rocket ship but since he did not there are Pelosi-Clyburn PORK in the stimulus and 4 senators had the guts to vote against the bill – and Trump will sign it since all he wants is in that bill BUT believe it’s going to be hysterical watching Trump emulate Pelosi by dragging his feet, stalling with nonsense rhetoric, and maneuvering every way he can for Mnuchin to NOT release any of the PORK money.
    Trump is still the savior of America and Pelosi and her new partner in crime Clyburn are minced trash in Congress.
    We Love Trump b/c he is our Representative and shows us that he is always that, Pelosi hates it so We Win Too !!!
    KAG Trump for 2020

  21. The governor of Arizona is named Ducey, but, I call him Doofus. He puts the National Guard to work, stocking shelves, and they get paid only for being in the Guard, while people who need work could stock the shelves. Now you know why I call him Doofus.

  22. The kennedy center can fall apart for all i care. Really let the rich entitled snobs who patronize the place donate some of their wealth or have a fundraiser for it. Why should people who never go to the place pay to keep it going, ‘am i missing something here or what? Kind of like school bonds; i don’t have any kids in school so why should I have to pay for something I’ll never benefit from?. Living in California made me aware of the way the liberals are always trying to get more and more money from the taxpayers to support their nonsensical BULLS**T.

  23. The pork in this bill will come back to bite Congress if, and only if, the voters make them pay in November. And voters have short memories.

  24. Mikey,I think your wrong about the voters having short memories. The Democrats have been their own worse enemies and after the way they have operated since the last election (The deal with Kavanaugh and the supreme court, the false impeachment of the President, the Dems involvement in the Ukraine/Berisma deal and finally, their handling of this stimulus package) surely there will enough of them smart enough to see what they are doing to our country and they will cross over and help vote them out. That’s our/America’s only hope ! We just have to pray !!!

  25. No, the wasteful and immaterial spending in the bill will come back to haunt our COUNTRY. However, Democrats don’t care about that; they are fine with any additional spending of our tax money to buy more votes and enhance their push for more political power.

  26. As far as I’m concerned it will as for one I will vote against all republicans except Trump. They just let the pig have her way so she can say she won and show her power. It’s all pork barrel spending. Our side didn’t lessen to us.

  27. As is the case with other spending proposals that are summarized in hundred page increments, the stuff that creeps in, or in the dead of nite is “injected” by persons unknown is truly amazing.

  28. I say give the money to the people, If they want to donate they can, if they don’t then they wont . problem solved. But while there are people here living in conditions worse then therd world country’s I say treat our own poor and homeless first , before a dime go’s anywhere else.

  29. It will hunt all of America through our life times, Pilosi the pig added so much pork and held the bill hostage until it was accepted. The majority of the pork had little or nothing to do with the crisis, the alcoholic maggot should be investigated and impeached


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