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When Democrats seized on unsubstantiated and vague charges lodged against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings in 2018 in what turned out to be a futile attempt to derail his nomination, many of them claimed that even in the absence of proof, any woman who accused him or any other man of sexual misconduct should be automatically believed.

It didn’t matter, said Senator after Senator that his accuser couldn’t say when or even where the “attacks” on her took place with any certainty and that those she said could corroborate her charges couldn’t, Kavanaugh had to either step aside or prove his innocence. It was quite a show, stood traditional American standards of due process and fairness on their heads and generated a “progressive” lynch mob that demanded President Trump withdraw his nomination.

That didn’t happen, of course, Kavanaugh was confirmed and now sits on the Supreme Court of the United States. He has since been praised by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most “progressive” of his colleagues, for, among other things, being the first Supreme Court Justice to appoint an all-female staff.

This is more than just history because one of those who joined the lynch mob was former Vice President Joe Biden who has done everything in his power to satisfy the feminist left within his party … in part because as his presidential campaign kicked off he was roundly criticized for his well-documented and persistent touching and rubbing women with whom he came into contact. He was never accused of sexual assault, however, and his actions were dismissed by partisans as simply Biden’s way of being “friendly.”

Now, however, a woman who worked for him while he was serving in the Senate in the nineties has come forward charging him with “sexual assault.” She claims she complained about his actions to superiors at the time and has a case that while still perhaps unprovable because of the time that has passed since the alleged instance is far more precise than the charges made against Kavanaugh which supposedly took place while he was a high schooler. Biden was a sitting Senator in his forties and the allegations come from one who was a staffer at the time.

What’s telling is the way the mainstream press and the very women who lusted after Kavanaugh’s head have ignored the allegations in spite of what Biden himself had to say about how such charges should be taken. In referring to the charges against Kavanaugh in 2018, Biden said, “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.”

The woman who worked for him while he was in the Senate, Tara Reade, has come forward with specific allegations against him. If he believed that Justice Kavanaugh’s accuser should be taken at her word, perhaps the same standard should be applied in regard to the charges against him.

That, of course, is not going to happen. The Democratic establishment and most members of the party’s progressive wing have rallied around him in the hope that he can beat Donald Trump in November even though it now appears that creepy old Joe Biden was perhaps even creepier than they’d imagined when he wasn’t all that old.

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David A Keene

David Keene has been at the center of conservative politics for decades. He is a former Chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom and the American Conservative Union and has served as the elected President of the National Rifle Association. He worked as a campaign consultant, lobbyist and commentator. His writing has appeared in Human Events, National Review and many other conservative publications and remains Editor at Large for The Washington Times after more than four years as the paper’s Opinion Editor.

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2 years ago

If MeToo tries to slough it off they should be charged with Hoax on Kavanaugh and put away immediately which is going to take out all the Dems in Congress – it is soooo time that we got ’em.

Gerald Ladd
Gerald Ladd
2 years ago

This will be used to get rid of slow talking can’t think Bitme, to recruit Governor Homo for their candidate. LOL…he has destroyed NY state. Just think what he could do to a whole country.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gerald Ladd

Both Bidumbass and Cuomotherfucker are dumbass bastards with shit for brains. Trump can kill either one of them in our general election. Bidumbass is a rapist and a pedophile. Cuomotherfucker is a registered cocksucker.

Carol Peterson
2 years ago

The party of “do as I say, and not as I do,” proves once more that “Democrat” equals HYPOCRITE!!!