Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Documentary Renews Interest in Senator’s Cocaine Disturbing Relative

If you’re self-quarantined and have a Netflix subscription, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the true-crime documentary Tiger King

The feud between the felonious former tiger-breeding libertarian Joe Exotic and the utterly hypocritical and possibly monstrous Carole Baskin is so bizarre that you’ll forget about the hardships of social distancing, if only for a little while.

But now there’s an interesting tidbit linking this band of misfits to the brother-in-law of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). 

The Miami New Times’ Jessica Lipscomb reports:

In the second episode of Tiger King (don’t worry — no real spoilers here), viewers meet Mario Tabraue, a media-shy zookeeper from Miami who just so happened to run a massive cocaine ring back in the day. Tabraue was busted by the feds in December 1987 and subsequently convicted on multiple racketeering and drug charges. He was sentenced to 100 years in prison but released in 2003 following a successful appeal.

Tabraue’s tale has all the classic marks of a great Miami crime story: a murder involving a machete, the smuggling of exotic animals, and, of course, a shit-ton of yeyo. But if you scratch the surface the teensiest bit deeper, you’ll find another interesting layer: a connection to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

It’s crazy but true. According to court records, Rubio’s brother-in-law Orlando Cicilia worked closely with Tabraue as an operative in a $75 million drug ring that trafficked cocaine across the United States. Cicilia is married to Rubio’s older sister, Barbara.

According to authorities, Cicilia was Tabraue’s top lieutenant.

Government witnesses say Cicilia stored and packaged coke in a spare bedroom at his house in West Kendall — the same house where a teenage Marco Rubio and his parents lived for a short stint during the summer of 1985. In his memoir, An American Son, Rubio writes that he and his family were shocked when Cicilia was busted alongside Tabraue in ’87.

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  1. Maybe the case has been made to force those running for elected office to show their credentials to give us a little bit of an opportunity to vote for clean folk.

  2. So your saying you are automatically dirty because a relative turns out to be a criminal?? Although you yourself have lived on the “right” side of the law? I don’t see that being fair or the way America is. Each person has their own choice to make. I think Senator Rubio made good choices with his life.

  3. Bill & Hillary Clinton were accused of cocaine smuggling at Mena airport when Bill was governor of Arkansas. Both Clintons vehemently denied any association by them or anyone in their family. A few years later President Clinton gave a presidential pardon to his brother – Roger Clinton – for cocaine distribution. There are plenty of stories from former Clinton Secret Service details talking about Hillary’s own cocaine abuse. Clinton Mega-Donor Ed Buck is in jail right now charged with 5 felony counts regarding the deaths of 2 gay black men who turned up dead at Buck’s L.A. home and for Methamphetamine distribution. By all means investigate Rubio – BUT – don’t keep sweeping the Clinton crimes under the rug!

  4. Ridiculous that people spend time reporting about a family related by marriage has any suspicion about Rubio is absurd. Actions speak louder than words. The reporter is not manipulating me to question Senator Rubio. Stop trying to frame innocent people. Start reporting about people who pretend to be doing good in the public eye, but behind the scenes doing disgraceful acts while endangering others. Then you will find out who are the REAL criminals.

    • Wow. I guess you must be related to Rubio. And you have forgotten his first campaign where he promised to not support illegals and amnesty. They he got in and blatantly admitted that he only said that to get elected. He is a BAD MAN.

  5. I do not think somone that have done the right things and lived thier life the way they
    needed to needs to pay for someone elses crimes. He has don’t allot for the USA and
    I am thankful for the wonderful job he has done and standing up for America people

  6. AAN must have hired an editor from either CNN or MSNBC. I see only accusations in this story and no proof at all. So now Senator Rubio can’t defend himself from a negative.

    Poor reporting here.

  7. If association was a crime .. the Clintons, Bidens, Pelosi’s, Schumers, and Kamala Harris’ would be playing soap hockey in max security federal buildings.

  8. Remember lying Marco Rubio. During his first campaign, he was adamant that he opposed amnesty and illegal immigration. Then when he got in, he joined the GANG OF EIGHT and tried his best to flood the country with illegals.
    DON’T FORGET THIS. He is NOT a patriot. He is a puppet of the elite ONE WORLD ORDER.

  9. Stop it – just stop it! Who cares about relatives and sh-t that happened in the past? Can we visit the real world – the pandemic and the vaccine that’s being concocted to stick in your arm and your children’s arm. That’s a drug worth taking about.


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