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A recent article in the American Journal of Public Health co-authored by four healthcare providers, including clinical psychologist Natasha A. Schvey and pediatric endocrinologist Noelle S. Larson, claims that children as young as seven years old have the right to consent to hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

The authors argue that the best pathway for children who present with gender dysphoria is to move towards “gender-affirming health care, such as puberty suppression and affirming hormones” immediately. The Pentagon healthcare providers demand that the military trains its providers in line with their ideas on gender-affirming medical interventions for minors, despite acknowledging that over half of military-affiliated physicians in the Department of Defense health system have stated that they would refuse to prescribe hormones, even if trained.

The healthcare providers demand that the Department of Defense’s health system provide gender-affirming care training, with Uniformed Services University taking the lead on this initiative.The article also states that the decision-making capacity of children starts as early as seven years of age, and that adolescents prefer shared decision-making with their guardians.

The authors criticize clinicians who adopt a “watchful waiting” approach before deciding to change the gender of a minor, calling it “unethical.” They claim that patients who adopt this approach may face “gatekeeping” and significant delays in care.

However, some medical professionals have disputed these claims. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of Do No Harm, an organization of physicians seeking to restore the medical profession to the Hippocratic Oath, called the claims “laughable.”

The existence of a large cohort of “detransitioners” suggests the folly of assuming the soundness of childhood decisions, he said. A detransitioned teenager who was subjected to gender medical interventions, Chloe Cole, has recently spoken about how she “lost all [her] trust in [her] healthcare provider and possibly even healthcare.” She was put on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which she regrets.

The Department of Defense has stated that it does not support rushing anyone into taking drugs and that medical decisions are made in consultation between a minor and their guardians. However, the doctors’ recommendations have alarmed many people, who worry about the long-term effects of these drugs on children.


  1. No child should receive hormone blockers. That’s child abuse. It certainly isn’t any form of healthcare and I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

  2. Biden is every bit as demented and evil as these two child-molesters Schvey and Lawson. Leaders of the military are entirely justified in refusing to accept orders from such people.

  3. The Pentagon should stick to their sole purpose of keeping the military strong. Hormone blockers to young children will only weaken the prospects of future soldiers. Oh, that’s right. It’s in their commie plan for the downfall of the USA. China will not have to fire a shot.

  4. Exactly why the services can’t get new recruits. It appears the Service Chiefs are anti child and probably Anti-American.

  5. It is EVIL to give children puberty blockers ! We need to speak up in our society and quit calling evil good. Children should be encouraged to accept the sex they were born with—PERIOD!

    1. Young children should not be concerned about sex at all, they should be learning how to play kids’ games, not adult games.

  6. If what these demonic “healthcare experts” say is true, then 7-year-olds should be allowed to marry, vote, get driver’s licenses, and commit assisted suicide (“gender-affirming” treatments are just very slow suicide).

  7. Following this premise : can the parents disown these children and put them out on the street ? How about abortions being legal until they become teen -agers ? If we are going to follow a woke /ignorant /self-sufficing path > then there are so many stupid actions that can be embraced ! >>>ONE Problem that needs to be corrected related to our children is to NOT allow the “School Boards & Teachers (Unions ) ” to become the Parents of these KIDS >> The German program that promoted an environment for children prior to World War 2 should NOT be allowed >>>>

  8. Are these people trying to brainwash and destroy our children as stupid as their statements make them sound? There is no why a seven year old knows what they are being guided towards when it comes to transitioning to a different sex. They have no clue when it comes to sex and the different aspects of it. If this is being forced on our children while they are in school then who ever is doing this brainwashing needs to be arrested for child abuse and taken to jail and locked up. Those people pushing this sex transition business are destroying our next generation by mutilating our children and making them into something that goes against human nature.God help us if we can’t rid ourselves of these people trying to destroy our children.

  9. This has to stop and be destroyed. The demonrats are destroying childrens lives with this transgender propaganda. Bad enough they enjoy murdering innocent babies still in the womb. We need to destroy the party of hate before it’s too late

  10. The LGBT Q,. Whatever has inculcated and brainwashed these fools thoroughly to the detriment of this nation

  11. I hope that each and every one of these “so called Doctors” who advocate for this, will be personally liable for every child who can never reproduce and for the majority of those who will go on to regret being transitioned, who are given these castration drugs – should be able to file a lawsuit against these Doctors for their recklessness. They are shortening the lives of these children and creating a generation exposed to unknown experimental hormone therapy.

    They can’t enter into legal agreements.
    They are NOT adults.
    This is ridiculous. And this, sadly, is what our horrible traitorous leaders in the Pentagon have brought us to.

  12. Since when does the Pentagon deal with children? I thought they dealt with adults who are ready to give their all for their country. Children are not supposed give their all for the purpose of experimentation by a bunch of frankensteins. These frankensteins need to be shot out of a cannon if they can’t leave kids alone.

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