Photo edit of former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Following her defeat in Tuesday’s election, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attributed her loss to her identity as a “Black woman in America.”

Lightfoot, who finished in third place among eight challengers and failed to qualify for the runoff election, was questioned by reporters on whether she believed she was subjected to unfair treatment during the campaign.

After her defeat, when asked by reporters about the reasons for her potential loss, Lightfoot responded by saying:

“I’m a Black woman in America. Of course,”

“Regardless of tonight’s outcome, we fought the right fights and we put this city on a better path.” 

Lori Lightfoot was ousted as Chicago's mayor during Tuesday night's election. 

Leading up to her loss on Thursday night, those who were discussing the election pointed to the possibility that Lightfoot may lose due to the surge in crime and homelessness in Chicago, something she did not help with as she was largely behind progressive politically motivated attacks on the police, including “defund the police efforts.”

These efforts were made at a time when Chicago experienced its highest number of homicides in 25 years in 2021, surpassing similarly afflicted cities like New York City and Los Angeles, and even children are being murdered in the city on a weekly basis. However, Lightfoot disregarded the deaths of hundreds of Chicago residents, insteading opting to aim her efforts at limiting and hurting the police that Chicago so desperately needs.

As Lightfoot has been eliminated from the race, the upcoming April 4 runoff will feature Paul Vallas, CEO of Chicago Public Schools and city budget director, competing against Brandon Johnson, a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Neither candidate managed to secure the necessary 50% of votes to win outright during the initial election, though Vallas came closest with 33%.

Lightfoot’s election night comments to reporters largely were the same comments she made to the New Yorker this weekend, saying:

“I am a Black woman,”

“Let’s not forget: certain folks, frankly, don’t support us in leadership roles.”


  1. you lost because you are incompetent. – and did you forget you were once elected. That horse is dead, stopped beating it.

  2. You were elected BECAUSE of your gender, race and lesbianism, you were a horrible mayor, racism and sexism had nothing to do with it.
    Always the “put upon”, “woe is me” pathetic excuses.

  3. Lightfoot lost because she is a Crime Lover who under reported Crime in Chicago just to make herself look good. As for her being Black well she should have helped black communities more. The woman part can be argued against without a DNA test proving her female. What she lost for is she DID NOTHING to stop Crime and in fact she made things FAR FAR WORSE. She FAILED to Lower Crime in the way that mattered. Many more Blacks DIED because of her defund the Police actions and not enforcing Laws as she should have. She did not count crimes that were black on black just to make herself look good especially during election times.

  4. The author allowed her to drop the real reason she lost by allowing her to drop the TOTALLY and WILLFULLY INCOMPETENT as well as IGNORANT black woman and that last part of being a female I doubt without a DNA test proving that she is at least quasi-human. She looks like a cross between a human and the Admiral from Star Wars.

  5. So how did she win a few years ago? Was she not a black woman then, too? These leftists and their racism are truly amazing. She lost because she was incompetent. Period. End of story.

  6. She lost because not only is “she” a damned freak, but “she” did not know how to SERVE the people of Chicago. If someone got killed (on her watch) she didn’t give a damn!

  7. Actually, this concept that this half-ghoul espouses indicates how removed from reality she actually is. She WON because she is a black woman, back at the beginning. She LOST because she is so incredibly incompetent, that she was electorally crushed, even as an incumbent.

  8. It has to be color! It can’t be the fact that she is a terrible Mayor and person. What percentage of Chicago is black?

  9. no it is because she is part of the commie democrat marxist fascist racist woke pedophile cult party that has been destroying America for the stipends they get from china.

  10. Stupidity starts and ends with Lori Lightfoot! Her head in the sand is a democratic issue…hopefully, she’ll just go under the nearest rock where she belongs! singlehandedly ruined a beautiful city and turned it into a hateful mob stronghold! Votes do make a difference!

  11. Yes I agree that certain people don’t want you in office because your incompetent, ignorant, and a narcissistic clown who’s policies do nothing to help the people who voted your useless butt in! Go away and cry your progressive diversity, inclusive garbage to the other useless believers!

  12. So, how did you get elected the first time? for being a white man? geesch some people can’t see the forest for the trees.

  13. Her/he comments are incredibility stupid! Was this NOT the same black, lesbian, person that was voted into office 4 long years ago?

  14. The voters rejected here for being an idiot and incompetent, Her ethnicity had nothing to do
    with it. Her first election didn’t hurt her and it got her elected. Sadly she proved that it was
    not the color of her skin but her total incompetence that got her fired and her record of refusing
    to make the city of Chicago safer for the citizens. All she did was promote criminal activity and an increase in the murder rate.

  15. Lightfoot lost due to progressive ideals which includes racism and bigotry. Time for her and her ilk to go to another country and spew their ideology. Oh! Wait, other countries would have already jailed her or executed her.

  16. That’s such an odd claim considering when she won her original attempt at being elected mayor, she was then also a black woman in America. She won’t admit she lost because crime went up a great amount since she took office.

  17. She has it backwards. She won because she is a black woman, And she lost because she is an incompetent one.

  18. If “folks” don’t support people like you in leadership roles… did you get in a leadership role in the first place. What a crock!!!! You lost for all the reasons given in the article. Stupid is as stupid does

  19. You lost because as a Black Woman you had no concept of running a city, that’s the real reason. You lost touch with the people of Chicago, especially other Blacks, you did not protect any resident of your city.

  20. I think she got half of that right….but she left out the “DUMB” Part in the front…She is a DUMB BLACK WOMEN…

  21. So I guess it was racism that got you elected because your gay and a black woman. You make no sense. Your policies suck. You did nothing but give your self a raise. Get criminal thugs roam free. Did nothing for decent people to defend themselves against these criminals. Had nothing to do with your skin color. You just suck at being a mayor. Grow up and stop using the race card every time it your own fault.

  22. Obviously, you are a Black Woman so what do you want from We the People?
    You Reaped what you have Sown, and it looks like you want a “Pity Party”
    You are blaming the fact that you are Black and a Woman in America and that’s why you were elected in the first place, and I think there was a box ticked for “Gay” so how about a bit of Sympathy for all the Black kids
    that were killed on your Watch? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  23. What an idiot! What has changed since the last election that she won? Wasn’t she a black female lesbian then also? So she can’t blame it on discrimination, being black, being a woman, being a lesbian. She doesn’t want to accept the fact that it could only her her awful record! I can’t say it enough…what an idiot!

  24. cutting the Police budget, watch crime result in Chicago being the most dangerous city and having your “private protection” and flaunting your power by disobeying laws and flaunting your power as Mayor, I suggest as reasons ahead of your gender and color.

  25. that is what they always say when they can’t respond intelligently – the racist or sexist card covers it all

  26. So when you got elected the first time you were white male? Did you ever consider that being incompetent, stupid and obnoxious may have had something to do with your not being reelected?

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