Photo edit of Joe Manchin. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta
Photo edit of Joe Manchin. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia may be facing a rough re-election attempt in 2024, as current polling data shows the moderate Democrat may be replaced by a Republican in this upcoming election.

West Virginia is a lock for Republicans in presidential elections, as Donald Trump won 68.5% of the vote in 2016 and 68.6% in 2020, and it was the state that he won by the second highest margin in these two elections, only having performed better in Wyoming. If Trump’s success through the past two presidential elections in the state can materialize into Senate Republican votes, Sen. Manchin will be in deep trouble in 2024.

According to Politico and shared by @Politics_Polls on Twitter:

2024 West Virginia Senate GE:

Jim Justice (R) 52% (+10) Joe Manchin (D-Inc) 42%

Joe Manchin (D-Inc) 52% (+10) Patrick Morrisey (R) 42%

Joe Manchin (D-Inc) 55% (+15) Alex Mooney (R) 40%

Polling data shows that Republican Jim Justice, the 36th governor of West Virginia since 2017, is the strongest Republican candidate in this upcoming Senate race, as he has a 10-point lead over Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. While Republicans had a weak showing in the Midterm elections in November, 2022, hopes may be higher for this Senate race, as West Virginia is considered a lock as a red state for the majority of elections.


  1. I don’t understand how Joe Manchin has last this
    long in such a Red State. He should have switched
    parties years ago; now he deserves to lose to

  2. Joe Manchin is a jerk who has shadowband the West Virginians way to long! He has hoodwinked the voters of WV with his double speak – he’s pretentious and plays both sides of the street! But in reality, he is a Biden guy who votes for the radical legislation just like the rest of the socialists, Marxists clan! Hopefully he will meet his waterloo comes 2024 and the mask will come off – then and only then will the WV constituents finally wake up and vote this joker out of office!!! He’s like Graham of the Repub party – he’s a chameleon and changes his underwear as much as he does his positions.

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