Photo edit of John Fetterman at a campaign event in 2022.. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III edit/Pop Acta

Questions surrounding whether newly elected Senator John Fetterman is fit to serve his position have resurfaced due to his lack of interviews since winning his election on November 8th. Now, nearly two months later, Fetterman has been absent for interviews, and his communications team has done the majority of speaking for the newly elected Senator.

Fetterman suffered a serious stroke that had the potential to be fetal earlier last year, and many fear that the optimal window for stroke recovery has been passed – leading to fears that Fetterman may never fully recover.

According to Fox News:

However, even with all the media attention and acting credits he is getting for his November win over Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman has yet to give an intervivew — even as questions remain about his physical fitness for office.

Fetterman’s campaign did not respond to Fox News Digital’s questions about the sentator-elect’s low media profile.

While Fetterman himself is not giving interviews, his communications team and wife are not shying away from the spotlight.

Democrat Senator-elect John Fetterman got a spot alongside his wife, Giselle, in Christian Bale’s new move “The Pale Blue Eye” for his “face that fits in the 1830s.” (AP/Gene J. Puskar)

Fetterman’s’ fitness for office after his stroke was a key issue during his campaign to the U.S. Senate, which saw the Democrat leaning on transcription technology in order to debate Oz.

Fetterman has been seen obviously struggling multiple times, including this CNN interview with Don Lemon, and his infamous debate performance against Dr. Oz.


  1. More dead wooden D. C. that’s all we need. “Uncle Fester” will just take up space, probably not serve(?) long, and then draw a pension/medical for life.Make the dem-o-rats happy, but no one else.

  2. It must be awkward for Fetterman to have to have an assistant with a computer dragging around a teleprompter on the Senate floor so he can figure out what’s going on.

  3. To be honest any lawful requirements for holding office such as citizenship were removed when Obama became POTUS. Any mental functional standards were removed when Biden was placed into the office of POTUS. Fetterman is just following a path that has been created by the Democrat party and the electorate (albeit perhaps fraudulent electorate, or elections).

    The amazing thing is the striking division in our country over the fitness of such candidates. The bar has been set so low by putting these people in office, it is difficult to imagine that to many voters any standards exists or matter whatsoever.

    It was once assumed that average health and especially average to above average mental functions should be standards for holding an elected office. Not anymore. Candidates who would never and most likely should never have been considered for office are being nominated and elected. It is obvious that for a large portion of the voters in our nation being physically and mentally fit for office is being overruled for other more political considerations.

    The purpose of a Republic is to elect ones betters to represent you. Smarter, stronger, and even of higher moral character. People who lead by example and not just speech. It is obvious that these kind of standards no longer rest in the minds of those who vote the basest examples of the human race to rule over us.

  4. you gotta be kidding me!! this guy couldnt debate a drunk crackhead!! Pennsylvania must have the DUMBEST people in the entire world to go out and elect this drunkass fool!! Good job Pennsylvania!!

  5. The junior Senator position from Pennsylvania will in reality be filled no doubt by the Fetterwoman (behind the scenes for now; perhaps later, he will resign and the PA governor will appoint her to fill out his term).

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