Keith Olbermann




  1. Applaud her!!!!! Showing some guts!!!!!way to go girl!!! Let them throw a hissie fit!!!!
    A few more should follow your lead. The left is destroying our country. I was a little
    upset when you went along with Manchin……you have come back and tried to do the
    right thing!!! Don’t let the left bully you!!!! Stand fast……so the Demo’s try to bull-doz
    things through that should not be allowed for the good of our country!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Promote Manchin and 2022 appears as a great election year . McConnell and his cabal can have their power diminished !

  3. Sen. Manchin needs to switch from democrat to republican and keep industry alive in West Virginia. The EPA needs to go away to keep American manufacturing in America!

  4. Why have you quoted Keith Olbermann in the article, definitely one of ‘the worst persons in the world’, as he would say. He is qualified as nothing, not particularly bright, massively intolerant and simply nasty.

  5. Good move Kyrsten!!! Don’t let them beat you up over it!!!
    Gained respect for you doing this!!!! Hold your head up high!!!
    We need more of folks like you!!!! Thank you very much as
    Elvis would say!!!!

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