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With 1.7 million migrants coming across the border since President Biden took office, drugs and crime have come across the border as well. With large fentanyl busts, and other drugs coming along too, the more open the border is it can be assumed that more drugs are able to freely slip through with whoever comes across. President Biden has decided to reverse Trump’s efforts to clean up the mess at our border wall, and then has decided to look the other way about the issues that our lack of a border and moderating agencies has created.

The number of migrant encounters at the southern border has smashed through the two million mark this fiscal year, breaching the already-historic 1.7 million encounters last year – but those numbers by themselves do not state how have been released into the U.S., or account for hundreds of thousands of others who have slipped past Border Patrol.

There have been more than two million migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in FY 2022, as Border Patrol agents deal with a migrant crisis unprecedented in U.S. history and one that the Biden administration has so far failed to slow, despite its claims that the border is “secure.”

However, the encounters can include multiple attempts by the same migrants. Additionally, nearly half of the encounters have resulted in an expulsion under Title 42 — implemented in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of those expelled will make multiple efforts to cross the border, resulting in multiple encounters with Border Patrol.

About a third of those are being monitored under “Alternatives to Detention” – which typically includes checking in via a cellphone app, but can also involve ankle bracelets or in-person visits. The ATD program has been touted strongly by the Biden administration, but Fox News Digital previously reported on a Trump-era draft report which described the program has “little value.” 

The hysteria that surrounded ICE agents and the separation of children at the border that the media harped on for months on end during Donald Trump’s presidency, then the action taken by Democrats and President Biden have left our border protection in shambles. President Biden has discussed fixing the issues at the border, however, he’s done nothing to actually materialize anything having to do with our border. He’s reversed Former President Trump’s policies, and hasn’t replaced them with anything comparable, and we’re seeing the predictable results, with now almost 2 million illegals coming across the border.

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