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A bill allowing specially trained nurse practitioners to perform abortions without a doctor’s supervision was approved by the California state Senate on Tuesday. The bill, SB 1375, would permit nurse practitioners who have received particular training to carry out abortions “by aspiration procedures” in the state without being under the supervision of a surgeon or a doctor. Aspiration abortions, often referred to as machine vacuum aspirations, involve a doctor using a vacuum to remove the contents of a pregnant woman’s uterus and then using a suction device to remove the unborn fetus from her body.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Manual vacuum aspiration is another form of abortion performed in early pregnancy. In the procedure, a syringe is used as the suction device.

“As judges and lawmakers across the country continue to throw pregnant women into impossible and perilous positions, I am proud that California is resolutely moving in the opposite direction,” Senate President pro Temper Toni Atkins said.

“Abortion is health care—period. And like other medical decisions, it is a private conversation between patients and their health care providers. By expanding the number of nurse practitioners who can perform first trimester abortions, SB 1375 would give more people the ability to get the timely, essential care they need from a provider they know and trust,” Atkins added. “We need to do everything we can to ensure abortion care is not only protected, but expanded in California.”

The bill is now ready for signature by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Additionally, the bill aims to increase the number of opportunities available for those who perform abortions. Women from other states whose home states forbid the practice are now anticipated to being coming to California in greater numbers.


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