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China is now vowing that it will take ‘targeted military action’ after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday.

As Yahoo News reports:

BEIJING (Reuters) -The Chinese military has been put on high alert and will launch “targeted military operations” in response to U.S. House Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China’s defence ministry said on Tuesday night.

Separately, the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command said it will conduct joint military operations near Taiwan from Tuesday night.

The exercises will include joint air and sea drills in the north, southwest and southeast of Taiwan, long-range live firing in the Taiwan Strait, and missile test-launches in the sea east of Taiwan, the Eastern Theatre Command said.

The defence ministry did not provide details about what the targeted military operations would include, or if they were separate from the exercises announced by Eastern Theatre Command.

China had previously warned the U.S. of serious consequences if House Speaker Pelosi visited the island nation.



  1. Keep Pelosi over there, All they wanted was to start a war so allow her & company suffer the Consequences of her actions

  2. All these countries including the U.S. antagonize the shit out of each other with these war games in each other’s back yard. It’s a big ocean play somewhere else.

  3. The U S and Taiwan could be justified in doing the same thing at the same time somewhere near by. Could result in the biggest sea battle since the battle for Midway Island. Just the threat by the communist Chinese should be considered as an act of WAR!😡

  4. Wok the CCP! As Patton said to no avail let’s fight them now. We have already sustained a bio attack but no one wants to admit it. It only takes one side to be at war.
    Note to Xi: ‘If you want breakfast in bed, please put two eggs on the nightstand.’
    Sunrise will be a bit early today.

  5. Pretty irresponsible of Pelosi to taunt the CCP. How would she like it if Xi showed up in Cuba? Do what you want, Nancy. But China has a record of not welching on their threats. Tough guy Biden sent her over there as a test balloon. That’s weakness to Asian cultures. Sorry to hurt some feelings, but it is.

  6. If the Chinese want to make the Americans suffer they will provide a military escort to insure her safe and guaranteed return to the swamp.

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