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Notorious left-wing Billionaire George Soros attempted to deny that the massive recent surge in crime witnessed across America over the past several years has anything to do with the radical ‘criminal justice reform’ pushed by his organizations in a recent op-ed he published in the Wall Street Journal.

As MSN reports:

Soros acknowledged in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Sunday that crime was on the rise around the country, but he said it couldn’t be attributed to the policies championed by liberal prosecutors that he has invested over $40 million throughout the past decade to help elect.

“Some politicians and pundits have tried to blame recent spikes in crime on the policies of reform-minded prosecutors,” Soros wrote. “The research I’ve seen says otherwise. The most rigorous academic study, analyzing data across 35 jurisdictions, shows no connection between the election of reform-minded prosecutors and local crime rates.”

Contrary to Soros’s claims, many prosecutors that he helped elect have overseen massive crime waves under their watch and have lost the support of their constituents.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who received $4.7 million from a Soros-funded political action committee, saw a 46% increase in homicides in his city during his first year in office, the Washington Examiner reported.

In addition to Los Angeles, cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia also saw major surges in crime after they elected prosecutors who had been recipients of Soros’ money and shared his radical ideology.


    1. Why hasn’t this man been arrested as a traitor to this nation? He’s stated his goal to bring the United States to it’s knees. He’s demonstrated his ability to do exactly that to other countries in the past and he’s continuing to support and fund anti-American people and activities in this country for decades.

  1. Facts don’t lie! liars’ figure! I’m sure he still has his S.S. uniform hiding in a closet somewhere. Amazes me how such evil people live so long. I guess the deal with Satan lets them bring Hell to the rest of us. Sure, is ugly sucker, but evil always is. Always wondered what thrills or pleasure he gets out of destroying the world! What’s in it for him?

  2. George Soros IS the reason we have crime in American!!! He single-handedly has bought all the black woman AGs of each state like Kim Fox of Chicago! He is a very evil man who hates America and would like to see us become a Stalinist nation like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela ! Someone needs to take him out by any means! He has personally poisoned the waters of our once great nation! He has destroyed our Republic!

  3. Soros is a globalist, he wants the U.S. to be like Europe and Eastern Europe. He wants us all to be sheeple and hang on his every word, and feel thankful for morbid leadership.

  4. Soros can deny all he wants, but the proof is in the real data. California across the state is experiencing huge increases in crime due to his funneling of money into his favored DAs and candidates.

  5. Soros is evil and the lowest form of a scumbag can ever be. I wish him a very agonizing death when he passes which is not soon enough! The world needs to be rid of these evil subhuman meddling in other countries affairs with his tainted money from the devil himself! I hope and pray he burns!

  6. KICK HIM OUT!!!!!! Just like Putin did! Soros owns Anti-Fa, the DEM party PRESENT LEADERSHIP, and pays for way too many politica TV ads for the Democtratic party, that no-one else can afford to do! I thought there was a limit on how much one could spend on candidates! And when did he become a legal US citizen… how does he have the right to even vote/// Did he go through the immigration practice that all immigranyts hav had to do for the many years it takes as well????? and he owns all the forced control we are experiencing! He was a Jew , rised by Nazis in WWll and from what I read he turned in his own Jewish people to the Nazis. He has no clue how different the United States is from Hollywood and the corrupted easily Dems, compared to rural and small towns in the states and the strong family values , the lowered economic situations without care for the glitz and money compared to the love of God and country that exists in MOSST of the UNITED STATES!

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