Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says he will bring the House-passed bill to the floor this week.

The controversial bill would create special offices within the government to investigate and monitor so-called domestic terrorism, according to The Hill.

Many in the GOP compared it to the recently suspended disinformation board set up by the Biden administration.

“It’s like the disinformation board on steroids. Another way to look at is the Patriot Act for American citizens,” Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said.

Other Senate conservatives are concerned the offices would quickly shift to federal policing of political speech that would disproportionately target anti-government and anti-immigration activists than extremist left-wing groups.

Hawley noted the Department of Homeland Security has taken a “very different tone” against leftist groups that threatened violence against the Supreme Court.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said he’s “wary of the political motivation” behind such legislation.

“I get a little concerned when people want to pass new laws to supplement laws that are already in place that would be used to charge people with crimes. I don’t necessarily believe we need a new law to convict people who have committed other crimes,” he said of the bill.


  1. Just another way to take away our first amendment rights?
    So what will they take away next. Will America survive ?????

    1. They have already taken away alot. People are just oblivious and asleep at the wheel.
      Our chances of survival are very, very slim.
      Look around and see what’s going on here with the crazies????? I fear for what’s coming down regarding abortion. Look at the crime. Criminals get a pass, law abiding citizens must give up their guns if they have their way. I think you get the point.

    2. In order to take away our 1A rights they first have to take our 2A rights. After that, we will have no rights at all.

  2. So, here the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, are again, inching in closer to the 2nd American Civil War.
    Why are we waiting? Why, these scum do not deserve to live/

  3. Why does this bill specifically name white surpresist groups but fails to mention black supremacists groups.

  4. For the last 15 months I’m trying to find a difference between American DemonRat party and SUCP ( Soviet Union Communist Party, probably the same applies to CCP but i only have direct experience with the first ) and can’t find a single one ( maybe there was one at the start of 2021 since stores still had plenty, but now even that disappeared). I don’t see any other paths back to true free democratic America other than second civil war. Big question will be – which side line soldiers will take ( i’m not concern about those seating in pentagon, we know which side they will be, but they will be irrelevant, important will be ones with guns)

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