It’s not a new idea that we live in a terrifying dystopia in America today, but it gets worse.

According to documents the Convention of States obtained from Motherboard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bought a year of private citizens’ cell phone data for $420,000. The CDC used that data to track compliance with curfews

The federal agency argued that the data is “critical for ongoing response efforts, such as hourly monitoring of activity in curfew zones or detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring.” The agency also essentially said they can also use it for whatever they please. The CDC stated that it will also be sued for “agency-wide use and will support numerous CDC priorities.”

Although the type of data the CDC bought was aggregated – designed to follow trends that emerge from the movements of groups of people – researchers and other critics say such data can be used to track specific people.

Not only has Joe Biden established a “ministry of truth,” but they are also likely tracking your every move. We look with distain on countries like China for being draconian top-down dictatorships, but are we much better these days? We’ve allowed our government to lockdown cities, manipulate election laws, and silence dissent in the public square. We’ve allowed angry mobs to burn down businesses and attack innocent victims in the streets from one side while the other’s actually mostly peaceful protest is dubbed an “insurrection.” We’ve allowed twisted sexual ideologies to be taught in our 5 year old children. Enough is enough.

America used to be a nation where individuals pursued virtue from youth to old age. It wasn’t without it’s demons, but there was a moral fiber that truly united our nation and distinguished it from other any in history. We were the land of the free, and it’s time to take back that freedom. Let’s no longer allow comfort, fear, and complacency to stop us from taking action. Petition, speak out, inform yourself, and be prepared with a defense however you can. If we all do our part, we can get this nation back on course.


  1. Aggregated data can not be broken down to specific users as you claim the CSC is doing.

    1. Yeah, right. And there was no way for the Japanese to mount an air attack against Pearl Harbor. No way the sound barrier would be broken. No way the space shuttle would fly…

    2. Just because they say it is aggregated doesn’t mean it is. The CDC has been lying to us for how long now? And you still want to believe anything the CDC says? Pfft.

  2. one thing I can say is, I dont take my phone with me , usually its on the table or in the garage, I don’t call on it unless im looking for a part

  3. I don’t know why the damnocrats claimed that Trump colluded with the Russians and that was bad. But them making our country in Russia’s image is good. Go figure

    1. It’s actually in China’s image. I believe the Russian people are more free than the US now, but we are still not quite as bad as China. Not yet anyway.


    1. I don’t fully agree. I’m sure there are some, lower level…flunkies, shall we say who don’t agree with the CDC.

  5. Joe Biden is not accountable as there is no majority to account to. That is why Biden operates as a person who doesnt care.

  6. Every day ODumiden is said to do this or that. Then why is everything that is being pushed through, reek of Ohussein’s moist dreams???

  7. They have been tracking us for years! This is how they are keeping us under control. They

    Just drop an atom bomb on us. We are done for.

    and…for any and all Republicans that knew what was coming, may you all burn in hell. You belong there right next to all DEMOCRATS that have allowed this travesty to happen. You have destroyed AMERICA. You are traitors of the worst kind.

    Those of us that are still left that wish to die for our country, get ready, because we will have to die for our country to save it for our families.

    If we all don’t start standing up for what we believe in, we are effed!

  8. No, the CDC is not above the law. They are not supposed to have special privileges, especially when it comes to breaking the law. They are no longer trying to help the people, it seems like they are doing just the opposite of what they were put into place to do. Everyone who is in a position for helping the people seem to have gone to the dark side and are in it for money and power for themselves. We live in a messed up backward world.
    It’s getting closer and closer to Jesus’ coming back.

  9. They have been building for this moment for decades, since the 1930″s, now the noose will be quickly drawn tight. That’s why things are happening so fast, and most likely not reversible. To change this condition has always required a massive social upheaval – and the communist Democrats control everything necessary to prevent that. We have closed our eyes to evil, sold our souls to the devil, and will now be his slaves.
    Remember in 1984 the Ministry of Truth created its own truth where black is white and white is black. But that couldn’t happen in America – welcome to 2024!
    Jesus said “My disciples will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free.” But we kicked Christ out of our society and adopted the lie of evolution, sexual perversion, and all false “gods.” What could go wrong with that . . .

  10. So if they’re tracking your every move…stop moving. Think more old school, really old school

  11. OMG! that’s the third time you have censored me! Do you know why? One word that will probably be added to the dictionary this year and doesn’t mean diddly squat! Now censor that!

  12. I see the CDC story is still playing. With the imagination of a walnut, even I can cook up more red meat to share.

  13. Why would anyone want to listen to my phone calls with my friends? All we talk about are our dogs where we live, the weather and whether or not we are still having hot flashes! Get off our backs!

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