Army Spc. Angel Laureano holds a vial of the COVID-19 vaccine, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md., Dec. 14, 2020. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

Remember in 2021 when Pfizer wore “95% efficacy” as a badge of honor? Well, some of their own documents tell a very different story.


In 2021, Pfizer-BioNTech MRNA vaccines stirred arguments all across the country. Were they safe? What did clinical trials really say? What were the side effects and risks? Even back then, data indicated that COVID-19 vaccines weren’t exactly harmless. According to the CDC’s own data, these vaccines led to more deaths and ill side effects than every other vaccine combined over the last 30 years in just 1. Dr. Fauci himself admitted that vaccines didn’t stop anyone from getting or even spreading the disease either. Still, the Biden Administration and businesses forced mandates on the masses.

We know it was a lie that vaccines were perfectly safe, but what else didn’t they tell us? Let’s look at their records.

The Document in Question

An FDA briefing document from December of 2020 is quite revealing. Pfizer used PCR tests in order to gauge their vaccine’s effectiveness. But PCR tests have a laundry list of issues that make them perfect for producing convenient errors.

First, PCR tests are extremely prone to producing false positives. The linked study by Rita Jafaar and others demonstrates that PCR tests are thoroughly unreliable. When running them for 35 or more cycles, accuracy dropped to 3%. This means that 97% of positive results could easily be false positive.

When forensic investigative reporter Sonia Elijah dug through the buried Pfizer documents, she found even more. The actual vaccine efficacy rate (that Pfizer claimed was 95%) was likely as low as 12%. The following is an excerpt from the document itself.

“Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group. Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group”

What’s the Damage?

In November of 2020, a Portuguese court ruled that PCR tests were “unreliable” and that their use for legislation would be “unlawful.” Still businesses, states, and nations all around the world enforced vaccination mandates based on this faulty data. So many people lost their livelihoods and 2 years of their lives to draconian mandates driven by this data.

The worst part of all of it is that Pfizer’s own document showed those numbers you read. They know that PCR tests were ineffective. They knew that they were lying through their teeth about vaccine efficacy.

Don’t get too distracted by Dobbs V Jackson. Wicked bureaucrats and power-hungry doctors need to be held accountable for their neigh unforgivable crimes.

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