By Daniel X. O'Neil from USA - U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush at the Bud Billiken Parade 2015, CC BY 2.0,

Former Black Panthers co-founder and current Congressman Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill) has now reportedly decided to join 24 other House Democrats who won’t be seeking re-election this year.

As The New York Post reports:

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) will announce Tuesday that he will not seek reelection to a 16th term in Congress this November, he told the Chicago Sun-Times Monday.

Rush, co-founder of the Illinois Black Panther Party, was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1992 and famously bested then-State Sen. Barack Obama in the 2000 House Democratic primary, making him the only person to defeat Obama in any election.

“I don’t want my grandchildren … to know me from a television news clip or something they read in a newspaper,” Rush, 75, told the Sun-Times.

“I want them to know me on an intimate level, know something about me, and I want to know something about them,” he added. “I don’t want to be a historical figure to my grandchildren.”

Rush has served 30 years in Congress, during which time he cultivated a reputation as a far-left partisan.


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  2. Congress ,house,senate,house speaker, vp , president should not be in office if thy found,support,lead terriost gangs ..and brag thy bailing them out, member of etc

  3. Here is a man that has been a terrorist organizer, The Black Panthers, he has been behind all kinds of shenanigans and is a far-left democrat! He has had 30 years at the trough and people in his district have seen fit to elect him for these 30 years. There are many in the House and Senate who have overstayed their welcome as I see it, maybe now, in the 2022 elections the people we elect can bring the TERM LIMITS BILL TO THE FLOOR AND PASS IT? WE ELECT THEM AND THEY RIP US OFF FOR AS LONG AS WE ELECT THEM! WE HAVE LOST OUR VOICE FROM THOES WE ELECT TO PROTECT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!

    1. What is hilarious about it all, that the people of his district chose him over Obama, showing that while the Media pushed how ” Popular ” Obama was, the district threw him out of office after one term, as they would rather have the founder of a terrorist organization representing them than Obama ( Much like the Media’s push of how popular Biden is while the polls show the opposite )

  4. Graft machines now fighting each other, Another democrat fxxx up, the democrat Chicago teachers union strike.When the Chicago policemen wanted more safety Mayor lightheaded, fired them yet the Chicago teachers “both receives and gets tons of money” from the democrats, why are they not fired? Their contract does not allow strikes, Yet again, Mayor lightheaded does nothing. When are the tax payors, people of Chicago going to step forward, and take back control of their city from democrats, who allow murder, crimes, riots, reduce police safety, and now the teachers union to run all over the tax payor who pays their salary. Say it again just another Democrat fxxx up. Democrats can’t govern, are you not tired of being told to go fxxx yourself from the democrats???

  5. The writing on the wall theses far left liberal behind liberal socialist democrats have been the main cause and. Focus of the Dysfunctional and delusional liberal democrats. American are sick and tired of all these Destructive failures from unsecured borders and failure to enforce immigration laws. Destructive consequences of systematically destroying the American oil industry and killing exploration. Runaway inflation with no solution or end at in sight. Then there’s the Fantasyland delusion of of repairing the Ecosystem without eventually understanding the adverse consequences of Implementing action without understanding economic time required to complete this process. Many Latinos and blacks are having to suffer for the democrats lawlessness and crimes and a justice system that free Willy Attitude.

  6. Think about it…a former gang member beat a shyster wanna-be for public office in the state of IL. You can’t make this stuff up. And, the shyster wanna-be publicly destroyed his dimwit opponent and his family in order to step into the IL Senate race…unopposed. That’s IL politics…ugh!

  7. LISTEN UP…..The DEMOCRATS are Going DOWN. Their WAYS are NOT GOD’S WAYS. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  8. This is great! Another demorat off the table as who needs them! How you like that Nasty Nancy Pelosi! Your going down in flames!

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