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There are few things Democrats love more than attacking Republicans, and one of them is attacking each other.

And it appears they are set to do just that this week as battle lines have been drawn between the so-called moderate Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and the more radical ‘progressives’ over exactly how big the already massive Infrastructure and Reconciliation bills will be.

With their grip on power held by only the slimmest of majorities Pelosi’s Democrats have little room for error and even just one or a few rogue progressives could scuttle their entire planned Trillion dollar spending spree.

Here are all the Radical progressives most likely to ruin the Democrats’ Trillion dollar spending bills:


  1. I am all for building back better and tha building requires to get rid of the dead wood which in this case is all of these dems and many politicians period.. hell with throwing good money after bad…

    1. I hope the Build Back Better includes VERY SMALL PRISON CELLS for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, MadMax, Bernie, Comey, Strock, Page, Bill Barr, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Jon Koskinen, General Milley, Obama, Hillary, and every other subhuman scum under the DC bigtop!!!

      And give them NOTHING but bologna sandwiches and water. Pelosi will die within the first week since she will no longer have access to alcohol to keep her innards “pickled”.

      1. You are correct. Almost all you mention are CATHOLIC. Say it like it is, the invading force are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. Pelosi and Biden and McConnell and the SCOTUS are all CATHOLIC and will stop nothing. Vote accordingly.

        1. They need to be thrown out of the Catholic faith, they believe in killing innocent babies right up until the moment of Birth, they advocate using Abortion as a means of Birth Control. Their second language is English, their first is lie after lie.

      1. Just remember that Biden is CATHOLIC. . Get to basics. Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” anything that is not corrupt? Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” anything that is not crime ridden? Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” anything that has honest elections? Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” anything that is successful? Look south, see a hundred nations, a thousand years, all CATHOLIC “C” and all failed forever. This is 100 % proven failure rate. Vote accordingly.

    1. pray to god to start blessing America the same ways he blesses his; globalists and their demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

      1. RINO is CATHOLIC. And now for the past 5 years the congress and senate are in a big heat to legalize the 50 million illegal ALIEN VATICAN “C” invaders. I think this is sufficient to be alarmed.
        Vote every “C” out and save the nation.

    2. Prayer does nothing, Vote for a traitor and that is what you get. The invasion from the south are all ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. Pelosi, Biden, Mcconnell, AOC Murkowski, the SCOTUS are all CATHOLIC and support the invasion. NO CATHOLIC is an American. Vote accordingly.

    1. I guess the Dems and the Globos want to be fully and financially prepared for the financial/total collapse they’re preparing for us/US.

      1. We’re tottering on the edge of default on our massive debt. When that occurs, we’re going to see interest rates rise, inflation on a grand scale, and shortages of just about everything. That will prepare us for the regime now assembling in Washington and the states. They’ll be quick to quell dissent, and nip the bud on any attempt to either criticize their cabal, or throw them out. I wish Americans would learn history, and how such regimes were formed in oppressed nations long before we installed ours.

  2. 🗣WTF all “We The Idiots” are going to get out of the DeMONcRAPic Party & their Liberal Establishment Assholes are “Deeper In Debt” the “3B’s equal the 4C’s” (Build Back Better) = (Chaos Crisis Confusion Conflict) with so many irons in the fire who can really keep track on whatever the Hell they are doing?🤔💭🏁

    1. Dumb Americans that keep on electing CATHOLICS. The Vatican has deep pockets for advertising thanks to the SCOTUS, (CATHOLIC).

  3. The R and D parties are now controlled by the CATHOL1C TRAITORS. (This is a third party of CATHOLICS, and they are a third of all of congress and senate)
    From the research I have done (lots), I have found not one successful “C” nation. 
    Now, in the USA, for the past 30 years there has been a concerted effort to install the CATHOLICS in govt (In the past 20 years they have gotten 6 of 9 SCOTUS judges to be Catholic. This says a lot. In the past 30 years they have gotten 30 percent of the congress and senate to be “C” (only 20 percent of general population is Catholic).When the US was formed (1776 or thereabouts, 1.5 percent were Catholic. They are flooding away from the places they trash and come to the US to trash it. (You are free to verify my statistics.). And now for the past 5 years the congress and senate are in a big heat to legalize the 50 million illegal ALIEN VATICAN “C” invaders. I think this is sufficient to be alarmed.
    Vote every “C” out and save the nation.

  4. President’s agenda my a** — who’s agenda is it really with the pedophile biden just repeating it — the scum obama,soros,the witch clinton,the so-called global elite or maybe all of them.

  5. Never happen. Pelosi is a CATHOLIC. The ‘dissenters’ are CATHOLIC. The ‘argument’ then the ‘discussion’ then the FOLD to Pelosi and Biden CATHOLIC. Lots of smoke, no fire.

  6. Considering the damage that an alcohol impaired Pelosi has done to the House, the DemonRAT party and to America, it seems to me that, instead of killing the infrastructure plan immediately, killing the power that Pelosi wields by electing a new Speaker immediately and THEN reworking or eliminating the infrastructure bill would be a far more productive long-term strategy.

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