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The Mississippi Department of Health warned residents that they must isolate themselves for 10 days upon testing positive for the coronavirus or face up to five years in prison.  

The order came down on Friday after the state’s 7-day average for new cases soared to 4,316, more than twice as high as the record set during January’s second wave of the virus.  

State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said that anyone “infected with COVID-19 must remain in the home or other appropriate residential location for 10 days from onset of illness,” and failure to abide could cost as much as $5,000 in fines and five years in prison.  

He added that after completing the ten days in isolation, patients do not require a negative COVID-19 test to rejoin society, but do need to be “fever free for at least 24 hours with improvement of other symptoms.” 

Dobbs clarified that isolation meant staying away from people that live in the same household and keeping visitors from entering the residence.  

“Please stay in a specific room away from others in your home. Use a separate bathroom if available. If you need to be around others in your home, you should wear a face mask,” he continued.

Mississippi has only managed to fully vaccinate 36.8% of residents, which is one of the lowest inoculation rates in the country. Their hospitals have the highest surge of patients they have ever had during the pandemic, with 1,660 patients admitted as of last Wednesday.



    1. Isolation assume this virus acts like a normal virus. It doesn’t. I have tested positive montly for a year now and am completely asymptomatic. Technically, I don’t have the virus, but my doctor assures me that I am a carrier and can spread it to anyone who comes close. Since I don’t have to test negative, that’s cool. My doctor doubts I ever will. I am just enjoying myself giong to Trump rallys and other conservative functions where people don’t wear masks.

        1. Or the saliva test? Likely not as telling as the fish mentioned above but still another diagnostic path.

      1. ok, so let me get this right. You “enjoy going to Trump rallies and other conservative functions where people don’t wear masks.” Is that to ‘purposely infect’ others? Just wondering about your motivations.

        That being said, the PCR test has been recalled (and admittedly has never worked), so there is no valid test for Covid or any “variant,” right? For that matter, “Covid”, and by extension, any “variants” of “Covid” have not been isolated, cannot be tested for, and you continuously have “positive” tests. And these so-called tests have been known to be tainted with nanoparticles. Why are you subjecting yourself to these fraudulent, dangerous “tests”?

          1. The “virus” refuses to attack Nancy Pelosi because she is a direct relative. Probably the MOTHER.

          1. Go to Jon has a Covid archive FULL of proof that will back what was said here.

        1. The best part of “Vlad’s” statement that he enjoys going to Trump and conservative rally’s where people don’t where masks. He, in essence, is stating that he is purposely attempting to infect as many conservatives as possible. Since the DemonRats are calling this a deadly virus, (we all know it’s not, but they are trying to make it sound like it is), I wonder if Vlad is aware of the fact that attempting to purposely infect as many people as he can is a felony. A deadly virus would be attempted murder. Assault with a deadly weapon. And every person that came down with Covid at one of these rally’s would be a separate count. So he could easily spend the rest of his life in prison. However we all know that Vlad is a liar. No One gets tested monthly for covid. No One has been diagnosed as a “carrier”. It is ALL made up, and a Lie, just like all left wing democrat nut jobs. Vlad’s a perfect example of fake news, dumb, twisted liar, the typical DemonRat.

      2. Damn and I do wish you would wear a mask… You know why. First, you idiot, masks don’t work and there akk kinds of really good side effects. You should wear a mask 24-7 for at least a year. Prefferable te same mask. Oh but if you are wearing a surgical mask maybe change it at once a day. No matter what happens it can’t hurt your brain or you. Let us know how it turns out, no on second though don’t….you and biden show many of the same “brilliant” thinking procseese

      3. There is no medical history of being asymptomatic. Birx and Fauci made that up. We know when we aren’t feeling well! Dont need to be controlled by these satanic monsters

      4. If your doctor is telling to that you will always be a carrier of the COVID virus, I suggest you change doctor, because that is idiotic! A virus does not remain alive in a body forever, and you will not remain contagious forever.
        You will only test positive if you come in contact with the live virus every month!

      5. Good man, Vlad! We are in the same boat. Those who believe all the virus brouhaha from de Guvvah-mint, maybe they should receive the ANAL flush.

    1. Your ignorance is showing! While “breakthrough” infections have been documented, they are a very small percentage of the populace in these red states, which is EXACTLY why the virus is running rampant everywhere the antivax and anti maskers live. The UNvaccinated are putting everyone in their communities at risk, PERIOD.

      1. Facts don’t support your opinion or assumptions. Of course data supporting your views can easily be manipulated to do so and has been. COVID is going to be here indefinitely. Just as influenza has, despite flu shots being available for decades and pandemics as well. Spreading hysteria without verifiable scientific proof, is as productive as selling snake oil. Maybe the virus is running rampant where Biden is trafficking his illegal immigrants, that’s just as plausible as your rhetoric.

      2. I lay the surges across the country squarely in the lap of the feds. With the tens of thousands of illegals surging across the border every month this year, they aren’t even being tested, much less vetted and since there isn’t room to detain so many people, they are being transported all over he country and just dropped off for the local and State agencies to deal with. Do you see how Covid is being seeded everywhere?

      3. at what point do you wake up get a clue and realize that Fraud u lee, CDC, NIH etc.. are lying to you from the start

      4. You may think that, But my wife’s heart Dr was forced by the hospital to take the vaccine or loose his job, he brought my wife twice from the grave and later we found out he was going to die, because he needed a kidney, which one of my daughters gave him one of her kidneys. We became very good friends with him, well guess what, he died from the virus vaccine, this Doctor had a legacy of saving over 10,000 lives, so don’t fool your self, these vaccines are still unsafe and further more, too close to the mark of the beast. I am not willing to sacrifice my salvation without knowing just what in the vaccine. This smells too much like like the mark of the beast. It starts off with a lengthy jail sentence. This virus and the vaccines are in the infant stages and be warned in what the Scripture says about those who receive the mark can not enter into the Kingdom of God, so is it worth gambling on whether or not this is it, or just a forerunner, I surely don’t want to take a chance on loosing my salvation, even at the demands of our present corrupt government. I have already had the virus and if it means getting their updated manufactured virus, I’ll take my chance with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and die if I must. Too much is at stake to do anything less. How many of these boosters do you think they will require and which one will contain that most deadly consequences, which will mean being lost for all eternity in the lake of fire, where there will be no more hope, think about it, after billions of years of our time you would still be there, where the smoke of your torment will be continually. If this sounds horrible, yes it is and God does not want you do go there, that is why He made provisions for us not to go there by the way of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who was the only sacrifice for us, that was acceptable to our Heavenly Father. If you have not asked the Lord to forgive you, all your sins and become your Lord and Savior, you can ask Him now and be sure of where you will spend eternity.God loves you and does not want to see anyone lost, but saved, as it is written in the book of John 3:16 and 17. Please! WE ARE ALL ONE BREATH AWAY FROM ETERNITY.

      5. What is a vacine??? The jab is Not A Vacine… tell me what are the ingredients in your Jab… you dont know do you just blindly accept a lie and want to believe your govt is telling you truth …well why dont you just get another blanket squaw it will keep you warm while you die from small pox.

      6. You don’t find it in the least peculiar that many senior Democrats wander around without a mask unless they know they’re on camera? You are being a globalist tool in my opinion.

      7. And please tell us, we who had this virus in December 2019 and now have the best immunity of all, need to wear a mask and get a bioweapon jab… or have you conveniently forgotten or maybe never learned that natural immunity is greater and more effective in protection against COVID-19 and all the varients, or could it be you don’t care about the people who have died and will die from the jab, and those whose lives are destroyed by this bioweapon and can barely function…and considering there are real protocols outside of the hospitals that actually work and are very effective as preventatives and also protocols for those who get Covid and can get over it quickly. Guess all that doesn’t matter. So much easier to ignore the real science and the fact that without the jab most of us have a unique and wonderful immune system. Guess the mainstream media has forgotten all that. Yep, let’s heap more illnesses, more suicides, more hopelessness on the world instead of telling them the good news. Oh, and amazing there is no flu or colds anymore or did you not know that the flu and a cold are also a version of coronavirus. Hmmm, it’s been around for a long time, it’s not novel, cattle and other animals get it and guess what we have had in our fridge for years. That’s right Ivermectin. It works.

      8. Pure BULL CRAP , vaxxed are the ones spreading all the crap . Just think about all the Different shotz that ,’POpulation ZERO PHARMS CONTROL’. HOW DO U KNO what’s in any shot.. u’re supposed to believe that they are saving ur life , butt, all they’r doing is making money, there is no cure from BIG PHARM!!!!

    2. Yes…as they shed their replicating spike proteins. Cases were trending downward everywhere a month after the first round, thus mandates started lifting & the economy recovering. But then, OH!, it’s time for your second round! And ZOOM! a few weeks later, replication begins again and shedding peaks = case totals sky-rocket YET again! (this last month..We’ve been told because of ones who are not protected or non-maskers.) And when cases plateau again after this first necessary Sept., round, I suspect cases will cycle again (either with healing or deaths?) And the powers-that-be already say that is what we will see happen…heck it was named early on! Then, there will be a NEW variant announced, and the cycle will repeat over and over and over…and so it will go…What better & simpler way to rid millions of citizens globally, over a fear-based, but prolonged course, and all without direct warfare? With 26 letters in the alphabet, the same # of “cycles” should probably be enough to reach the desired goal.
      And people are questioning why so many doctors and nurses refuse this? Remember they take care of these terribly ill patients, day in and day out..maybe their exhaustion and burn-out is from the toll of doing so seeing the absolute waste and disgust over lost lives and from what they see and suspect? Professionals aren’t stupid. They refuse this product for themselves. They didn’t get to their level of critical care expertise by being idiots! SO they just refuse!
      Hhmm….And So they get unjustly fired? Employers can/will be dealt with later legally, be sure of it… And remember there WILL NOT be enough staff to care for you should you end up in hospital with so many having been let-go in a stand0off of Will. Maybe the PUBLIC should defend these healthcare workers’ right to choice, so you too will have someone to care for you if/when you fall victim to this?? Those fired nurses and docs? they can/will ALWAYS find another position, might not be WHERE they want, nor the SHIFT they want, NOR even doing what they would prefer to be doing, but they WILL find a job – the beauty of a Nursing or Medical License! They can be used in a vast variety of settings/fields! So THEY will not starve. There is ALWAYS shortages in the field. Especially after the Employer’s discrimination, HIPPAE violations, and disregard of the FDA’s own requirements that all MUST willingly give informed consent for medical treatment, NOT be ordered to do so – as a matter of equal treatment, under the law (see Constitution and FDA requirements). Also the public is to be provided, IN WRITING, ALL documented side effects observed and reported during clinical trials, even if said reaction ONLY occurred ONCE – it MUST be reported by law! Except, HUH – those trials were never done! The first premise of Medical care? First, Do No Harm…And OH YES, with a “Gotcha” announcement today, the FDA “approved” these preparations – No doubt by current Administration and CDC ‘advisement’ … One must ask, “Approved?” Based on what? Steps to get drugs to market happens only after several years of monitoring cause and effect with documentation of noted side effects, and/or hopefully, the lack thereof, & along with the numbers of deaths and from what?, giving testimony to the drug’s safety. But other than seeing the MANY horrendous and sudden reactions/deaths post-experience, the lack of informed consent re: long term side effects STILL does not exist – cause not enough time has passed (usually 3-10 YEARS!) to allow adequate observation and documentation! Come on People… Aim your fury where it rightfully should be directed, not at those who will not participate based simply on being told to do something or out of fear! NONE of this follows existing law nor rule of Science – give it some serious thought… I, neither, want anyone to be sick nor harmed (an RN of 40 years), while I’m also allowed to protect myself too! Medical people have FOR YEARS, gowned, masked, and gloved-up, using Isolation techniques to care for TB patients, Smallpox pt’s, ANTHRAX pts., HIV pts., etc., – most often WITHOUT detriment to THEIR own person. Be that due to Standards of Care in place or, as I’ve often thought/wondered, perhaps the dear Lord affords some special protections to those who WILL CARE FOR ONES THAT everyone is afraid to even interact with?!? Just thoughts to ponder… Americans make their own “NORMAL!” Wishing everyone could stay happy and healthy.

      1. Very good. And two days ago I was listening to Crowder I think…anyway, there’s a video of Gates a few years back saying 8 billion people need to die to save the planet and all its resources. He’s a Humanist, just like Ted Turner buying up millions of acres of land in Nebraska, Colorado, New
        Mexico and other states…he puts Buffalo on the land. Why? To go back to the days when there were fewer people and Buffalo roaming the plains. If only people would do their research. I’ve seen these ranches and driven through one of the largest in Nebraska because a county road goes through it. I still sometimes can’t believe how blind and stupid people have become.

        “Deters Law received and read nearly 10,000 emails from Tri-State healthcare workers who provided information used in these lawsuits, said Eric Deters, the law firm’s spokesman.
        The suit alleges the workers’ rights were violated and accuses the hospital groups of “criminal coercion,” fraud, tortious interference, criminal and civil conspiracy and more.”
        Healthcare workers in Cincinnati and KY are suing the major hospitals over the vaccine mandate. Keep up the bravery!

  2. Governor Reeves and administration just forfeited their rights. Starting with freedom. CITIZENS OF MISSISSIPPI DEMAND FIRING SQUAD.

    1. Along with the NAZI STATE OF. New York..!!!!.. DEATH TO POLITICIANS THAT REPRESENT THEM SELVES & PARTY FIRST..!!! NEVER – Commie biben..!!!

  3. Next they’ll have to get a tattoo showing they were vaccinated, and wear a red star on their chest.

  4. Doesn’t ANYONE in the libtard & governing camps know a damn thing about “herd immunity?!?” Those who contract the virus incur an immunity that is more effective than ALL the vaccines put together!!

  5. It is a very small wonder that this state has a very backward, illiterate image with knee jerk reactions like this one. Wake up, not be f@%king woke! If you ever wanted to move your state into the latest decade or even century do your own research, don’t rely on the likes of Poloski and Biden! They only want control over everyone…oops, did I just expose you as well?

  6. Just another sign of the failure of red state governors trying way too late to now get a handle on this pandemic. All your “faux patriot” reactions threatening “firing squads” is such B.S. Are you listening to all the stories of Republican anti-vaxxers whose last words before they get intubated is “I should have gotten the vaccine”. Will they also be your last words?

  7. This is all well and good but what about the virus infected illegals Biden is planting all around the Country?

  8. Mississippi govt: back off! Your citizens are tired of being isolated and controlled! Don’t become their wardens, become their friends and “SUGGEST” do not “Demand”! They will remember who NOT to vote for when it’s your time to be elected!

  9. Everyone should be forced to be vaccinated. No exceptions. The government knows what’s best for us. We need to thank God for President Biden and great leaders like Nancy Pelosi. The sooner that they take total control the better off we will all be. And Vice President Harris is prepared to step in when needed.

  10. FYI: The CDC is changing their testing procedures in 2022 because too many FALSE POSITIVES are happening! There is another commenter on this blog that has tested “positive” for 12 months and has no symptoms!

    Come on people! The testing “swab” is bogus and easily can be compromised with any germs being exchanged at the testing site. Also, the numbers you are seeing are being inflated because of the FALSE POSITIVES! Do NOT let any Govt convince you that the numbers are going up. It’s inflated MEGA NUMBERS OF FALSE POSITIVES and nothing else!

  11. Mississippi doesn’t have a right to say anything. Smart people will stay isolated if they care about others. This disease is highly contagious and should be treated like any other disease. Stop threatening people. It’s bad enough that they are forcing people to have that poison injected into everyone. That shot doesn’t stop the spread of the disease. Masks don’t work either. If you’re sick stay at home as common courtesy. Face the facts people this disease isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s all take our probiotics and vitamins and eat healthy. The CDC, FDA and the US Surgeon General who is trying to force everyone to get vaccinated which is against our rights. THIS REGIME NEEDS TO BE GONE.!!!

  12. How dare these paranoid idiots dictate to people? Its pure common sense if youa re not feeling well to stay in bed and rest. You dont need Draconian threats! Whoever said that needs to be locked up for at least 5 years. Firstly, there is no test for Covid, you cannot isolate a man made virus. The testing is fake and Thats what Reinhart Fullmaich (spelling) is taking to Nuremberg

  13. Why not, the communist democrat cult party has been releasing violent prisoners from jail , the safest place would be being locked up.
    5 years for sneezing, 10 years for coughing, just follows in line with the communist democrat cult party plans!

  14. only 25% of blacks have been vaccinated according to news reports!but sending in the gestapo won’t never happen because it’s racist!

  15. Look at how idiotic and against common sense this is. IF there is an extra bathroom use it. IF you need to be around other folks in your home cut your oxygen supply off and breathe in some extra CO2. And since when did “health officials” make law? Is there a LAW in MS that backs this? if there is, anyone who voted for it needs to be outed. “He added that after completing the ten days in isolation, patients do not require a negative COVID-19 test to rejoin society, but do need to be “fever free for at least 24 hours with improvement of other symptoms.” WHAT? Am I the only one that sees a MAJOR contradiction here? WTF is wrong with these people? They have some MAJOR psychopathic control freak issues!

  16. So does this mean those who have the vaccine, and test positive now are hauled off to prison???
    Ok, sure let me get right on it, wake up people!!

  17. All the Tests are Fake False Tests the prove nothing. NO Test determines if you have coronavirus. It is all LIES and TYRANNY. That is what 1000s of doctors have testified to. Get your 2nd Amendment vaccinators ready to vaccinate these NAZI Liars and sue them for Criminal Assault and Battery and violating your Constitutional rights with Lies. If the police will really arrest people for some Fake and False Test and Fake virus we need to group together to defend each other to have large groups of 2nd Amendment people ready to stop Communist Nazi criminals and murderers.

  18. Are they tagging everybody that dies as a covid death? What idiots….instead of five years why don’t they be honest and say the real reason why. Every single person could stay home and the covid results would be the same.

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