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The Texas Supreme Court has now voided a state district judge’s order which had prevented the arrest of renegade Democrat lawmakers who had fled the state to try and sabotage legislation they opposed.

The path is now cleared for authorities to arrest the renegade Democrats.

As The Texas Tribune reports:


  1. Too bad the court couldn’t find them guilty of the treason they committed and have them sentenced for their crimes!

    1. They did prove that “vaccinated” people do harbor and spread COVID while 100% asymptomatic…

      …without the superspreader and actual”news” the event would have been buried, but now they admit that the vaccines DO NOT protect you from getting OR spreading COVID

      Vaccine passports ONLY purpose is to show selfish behavior…here’s my card that says I can spread COVID without guilt

      1. The “vaccines”, which are bio weapon gene therapy concoctions … actually spread spike proteins and create additional new “variants” …. it’s all by design to kill off as many people as possible. BTW, re-think your plans to fly … you don’t want to be at angels 35 when the flight deck crew throws massive blood clots.

    2. Too bad the Court didn’t finish the job and find that these Democrats had resigned their legislative offices by failing to perform their duties and order replacement elections.

  2. Way to go Texas. It pains me to say having been a former Demarcate that party has been taken over by the Marxist . Changed my Party affiliation in 1968 after returning from RVN. I’ve always heard the saying “Don’t mess with TEXAS”

  3. What is this crap we deal with that the criminals cannot be jailed? Time we end this kind of injustice. No wonder it take a drowning to put a dam in jail.

  4. Publish their names, phone number and home addresses and let the Good Citizens of Texas take care of their Communists ass

  5. They should be given some punishment. No wonder our country is getting so bad. No one is held responsible for their own actions. Just pitiful.

  6. Who paid for the chartered jet to take them to D.C.? Who is footing the bill for their hotel and food bills? I certain hope it is not the Texas tax payers. Whatever all this is costing should come out of THEIR pocket.

  7. Bring them back and make them pay the money they were payed not being there and at the transportation fees back to do the job they were elected to do

  8. 🗣WTF why can’t they simply be replaced for deserting their positions or fine them the amount they would be paid so that would ensure they would not be paid for their treasonous actions!🤔💭🏁

  9. Fire every single one for job desertion…..they are being paid for ignoring the responsibilities to the Citizen Taxpayers of Texas, who are funding this stunt…they are disgraceful for stealing money, which is what it is when they are not doing their jobs.

  10. Some will continue to fight at district court level.They dont understand that Texas Supreme Court is over district. How stupid are those democrats.

  11. This is good news for Texas. I just wish Gov. Abbott would act as forcefully on the TX southern border to mobilize the TX National Guard to protect the state and the TX economy…and our nation from the invasion of TX, and the entire USA, by all the illegal, and potentially Covid infected immigrants being allowed into our country by the Biden administration. Gov. Abbott’s efforts in this matter belie his “conservative” reputation that he is reputed to have, IMHO.

  12. The jobs that I have worked required a legitimate reason to leave the job. Walking out without a good reason and notifying the boss would have meant that I quit on the spot. Lawmakers, no matter what party should have the same standard. Losing a gas station job during my teen years taught me that lesson.

  13. Too bad we haven’t the judicial equivalent of a court martial for desertion of the Republic. Sentence: Fort Leavenworth (at least).

  14. I wish people would stop posting about charging people with treason. No, the Texas Superspreaders are not committing treason. I’m sure the AG of Texas could come up with a felony of some kind to send them to prison. Hollering about treason just makes one sound ignorant. Look up the definition.

  15. These and ALL elected officials are to represent their voters not run from their duties. This pity party should not be paid for by tax payer money, If any taxpayer was spent, it should be refunded and they charged with theft.
    This was very childish, do they have kicking & screaming fits?

  16. If they can not face criminal charges or be arrested then why worry about it. Just stop their pay and give them a hefty fine for being CHICKEN SHIT TO DO THEIR JOBS! It’s not rocket science!

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