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According to new reports, more and more high-powered Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned that Vide-President Kamala Harris may not have what it takes to beat even the weakest Republican candidate in 2024.

And as The Hill reports polls are showing her popularity continuing to sink at an alarming rate:

In a trio of recent surveys, Harris earned a combined unfavorable rating of 46 percent, according to an aggregate average compiled by RealClearPolitics. That number is 3 points below Biden’s 43 percent in the same category.

In an Economist-YouGov poll conducted from July 24 to 27, Harris’s unfavorable figure reached 48 percent.

A midterm visit by the vice president to a congressional district is generally a way to create crowds and win attention for candidates, but Harris’s polling numbers are raising questions about how she might be used as Democrats seek to hold on to slim majorities in the House and Senate.

“As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates,” said one Democratic strategist. “My sense is she’ll probably raise a lot of money and maybe she’ll go to some specific districts, but they’ll have to be really strategic with her.”

With Kamala’s numbers continuing to circle the drain, will Democrats be forced to pull the plug on her candidacy before a potential 2024 run for President, or will they be left with no choice but to support her? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Computer terminology works when you install a totally inept administration Too.
    “Garbage in- Garbage out”

    1. Problem is, we have to wait another three years to take out this garbage. And it already stinks to high heaven.

        1. We’ll survive to fix this catastrophe if the GOP grows a backbone and realizes that when the liberal Democrats say ‘compromise’, and ‘bipartisan’ they mean ‘shut up and do it our way!’

          1. We need to do a thorough cleansing of our party. We need to put strong conservatives in place of the treasonist trash

          2. There are several who know why they are there, and fight to save our founding documents. But there are also too many who have been there so long, they also have the ‘swam fever’ of the Dems, and should be put out to pasture, and replaced with good American blood.

          1. The Military have the correct Official ballot count. Dont Worry, President Trump never left, he is still Commander in Chief . Just very well protected from the evil forces trying to take him out

      1. We can put a stop to the parade, in 2022, by taking back the House and Senate. From that point on nothing democrats want or try to do will pass. Biden will just be the same puppet but without teeth and Harris on the sidelines waiting to be dumped. Biden, or rather the democrat party, should never have picked her becuase she was alose in her opwn campaign and dropped out for complete lack of support

        1. The only reason the Kameltoe is there is that she is a woman and she is of color. The idiots got what they ask for with both of these tool heads.

      2. These two have no idea what’s going on. In my 63 years, I have never seen two people so inept. They’re worthless.

      3. Mikey, I agree that the current administration is the Garbage. Frankly, that is what happens when we allow the irregularities that brought them to power. But we do not need to wait for three years. We can start with the 2022 elections. I am a Conservative as opposed to a Republican, but I plan to vote straight Republican in Every 2022 and 2024 election.

  2. I didn’t think she had any support to begin with hence her dropping out of the primaries before the first one.

    1. Your right, nothing changed. Trouble is, she will be President soon and Pelosi VP. Then watch them turn on the money printing presses.

      1. The U.S. Constitution disallows POTUS and VP to hail from the same state, so the nightmare, all-California Harris/Pelosi Administration is a non-starter. We can put our minds at ease regarding that worst-case scenario. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris remain their own worst enemy, frequently speaking without thinking and causing their own approval rating to plummet. Remember the old adage, Don’t interrupt your opponents when they are making fools of themselves.

        1. and you actually believe that Pelosi and Harris would be concerned about something as irrelevant as the Constitution of The United States?….Ha, those rules are for the little people, not for people as special as they are. Democrats just see the Constitution as something to either be ignored, to to be interpreted to their liking, it’s never an obstacle. They’ll be happy to tell you what it is supposed to mean, not what it says.

          1. You said the magic word: “Obstacle”. That’s what the Framers erected to keep our government in check. The Constitution is an Obstacle to Tyranny, but stupid people–liberals, to be specific–consider our charter to be the product of racists, xenophobes and extremists. Once our nation is subjected to the form of government the Constitution was supposed to prevent, those people will understand just how stupid they are.

          2. Catholics do not care about any stinking Constitution. They have already made the bi-babble supreme to the Constitution. They have instituted the taking of the oath of office on the bi-babble. This makes the bi-babble supreme to the Constitution so they can ignore it.

        2. Justice Johnny sometimes has trouble reading his copy of the Constitution. Maybe he has a different translation.

          1. Johnny is a CATHOLIC. Catholics do not care about any stinking Constitution. They have already made the bi-babble supreme to the Constitution. They have instituted the taking of the oath of office on the bi-babble. This makes the bi-babble supreme to the Constitution so they can ignore it.

        3. You’re forgetting, Piglousy has to vette and approve of the installment of Heels up and she is not constitutionally eligible to take the POTUS seat. IF she does not approve, that seat is temporarily HERS until they deem a SUITABLE replacement!

        4. A new VP is to be appointed by the current VP if something happens to the President. The Speaker of the House is not automatically in the line of succession.

          1. Your Absolutely Wrong! Learn the political system. If you didn’t learn it in school at least do the research!!! Stupidity comes from unlearned people. Please get Educated.

      2. Pelosi does not automatically become VP if Kamel replaces Biden. Kamel would pick a new VP subject to Senate approval. Pelosi would only become president if something happened to Kamel before a new VP was chosen, of course that is always a possibility.

    2. Silly me,
      Of course – she had no support – she was boosted by the damned Clintons and Pelosi – anything to keep trhe Progressives out.

    3. South Carolina democrats promised they could deliver the State to a slipping Biden If he picked a BLACK WOMAN. It was supposed to be Michell Obama, But I heard she declined.
      Then the democrats campaign were panicking. So they picked unqualified Harris. .
      At that time I am guessing No one knew how bad Biden’s dementia really was. But WALLA , they were stuck with him .
      Remember the list of those campaigning . NOTHING that the electric democrats would accept,
      What POLOSI forgot that the USA already did not want Harris But they needed California

  3. Unfortunately, emotion without reason has its consequences. The unbridled manufactured hatred for Trump was well orchestrated. The left could have nominated Bernie and probably won. Very few understood Trump as not being a typical politician. He tackled the presidency in the same manner as a large business. See a a problem, consult with your staff, come up with a solution and implement it. It is called pragmatism. The “feelings” of others take a way back seat and he Pissed off a lot of politicians. Harris/Biden play to sentiment of the left, have much of MSM licking their boots.

    1. The problem with Trump was twofold: He was definitely NOT a politician, and he was not bought and paid for with PAC money and private donations. Thus, he was a free agent, who could pursue agendas counter to the Globalist campaigns we’ve witnessed with previous (And current…) politicians.

        1. Old Donald was a breath of fresh air compared to that Commissar we previously installed. America dodged a 105 Howitzer round when Hillary was put out to pasture.

  4. She’s still popular among dead voters, illegal aliens and house pets. Oh, let’s not forget those ‘voters’ who were programmed into the electronic voting software…

  5. If we can just keep elections fair democrats will be out of office ASAP.Problem is keeping elections fair-democrats are bound and determined to destroy America and they are loading up new voters in large numbers as we speak.

  6. She had no support & was the first candidate to drop from the field of 20+ in the primaries. She talked a lot by had zero support. She was first in & first out. She was a surprise VP selection, but obama liked her because he could control the Presidency with her. You know the saying untrainable, “you can’t teach stupid “, that’s harris.
    Dems didn’t think that through very well. Just like their agenda.

  7. Republicans are portrayed as sexists and racists, but for the last election, the Democrats vice presidential candidate could not be the best candidate available, but had to be a black woman. What is more racist and sexist than that?

  8. She couldn’t win 2% of the Primary votes when running for President herself. What made anyone believe she might be a popular Vice-President?

  9. Harris needss to go for she isn’t president material and I am a democrat. GOOD LUCK whom you guys pick for Democrat we have no change for what biden and Harris did to this country. Sorry true

  10. No surprise to me about Harris’s polling numbers on downward trend. She’s pretty much useless as tits on a boar hog!
    I hope she does run for President in 2024; President Trump will mop the floor with her (provided of course, the Dems don’t come up with more underhanded maneuvers in the vote count again).

  11. When u have a large field of presidential candidates in the Leftist side, you don’t pick up to be VP to a number one choice (who may not be alive in four yrs much less mentally competent), when that back up gets less than 2% against the field. She’s not fading, she never was. Not a has-been but simply a never-was. Ain’t that right, Willie?

  12. Will the unionized and indoctrinated election workers decide the election for us? Once ballots come out of the envelop the worker can clearly see how the ballot is marked. There is plenty of time before the election to fill suitcases full of extra ballots with the right mix of votes to look real. We actually saw the suitcases come out from under the table in the last election, when they forgot about the surveillance cameras.

  13. Harris is totally corrupt which was clearly seen when she was A G in California and continues as VP of US.

  14. I would say “good.” Except that if the democrats throw her under the bus and the senile old fool goes Pelosi becomes president. God help us then.

  15. She was placed at the insistence of BLM, remember she was dead last in her presidential run, even the demo vomits didn’t want her

  16. Anytime you have a candidate who defended our laws and our justice system and then denounce our law enforcement and belittle our constitution and border state and interstate laws and humanitarian issues, then jump ship just to be a follower and a vice president tells me one thing and that is she has no morals or respect for my country or our constitution and our founding fathers. When I hear her laugh to avoid answering a question concerning an important issue and her head weavin and bobbing, SHE CANT BE TRUSTED. THERE ARE WOMEN THAT COULD RUN THIS COUNTRY BUT DEFINITELY NOT THIS ONE. SHE HAS TOO MUCH GHETTO IN HER AND FRANKLY SHE MAKES OUR COUNTRY LOOK WEAK. SHE COULD ONLY WIN THE WAY BIDEN AND HER WON AND WE ALL KNOW THAT WAS A FLAT SCAM AND A SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  17. Kamala’s legacy begins prior to her stint as SF DA…name one positive accomplishment in SF. Her focus was letting hardcore criminals out if jail.

    As Calif AG, she put an exclamation point on criminal release. The filth in the streets began under her term.

    Let’s move on to US Senator. Other than her rude & nasty behavior with Kavanaugh, what did she ever do?

    And so, as VP, she can’t even do what Biden asked her to do…go to the border and resolve the massive influx of illegals.

    Be clear, she is Indian-Jamaican & not African-American.

  18. I think she is a disgrace to the party and to women every where the whole Democratic Party is a waste of taxpayers money

  19. I know she’s a total LOSER, I’d like to know her covid status after going to Walter Reed Medical Center for her “routine” Dr appt, after her aide tested positive.

  20. What we should be asking is, who voted for either positively. The sky is literally falling, the economy is a dumpster fire, the virus Wuhan crap is a hoax pushed daily, ignoring NATURAL immunity from having wuhan cov-2. The mandates are going AGAINST ALL SCIENCE, but yet you have someone who would say, yep they are doing great! What freaking rock are they under?

  21. Talk about Piglosi becoming President if the first two continue to go down in flames….won’t be much different than it is now….she’s basically running the show at this point already and doing everything and anything she wants….that’s why she hated Trump…he was the only one that would take her on and get in her way…..she struts around already like she’s queen….nauseating….

  22. America remove the biden administration for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

  23. Get ready folks the Democrats will just cheat as they did in 2020. Joe Biden is not our president. Trump is still my President.

  24. I can’t understand why she got selected for VP, only because there wasn’t any other women that Biden thought was qualified. I’m all for diversity, but believe she is not the correct candidate to lead.

  25. What do you mean sinking numbers? Amongst democrats in the Primaries she barely made 1% amongst her own?

  26. I think the Democrats have burned to many bridges with the American people and hopefully they will not be competitive for years if ever again. They have really shown their Azz’s and America doesn’t like what they saw

  27. The squatter at the WH where not voted by anyone BSanders won the primaries and TRUMP, Harris didn’t even get 2% of votes , and now has 48% of approval 🤣😂 among 3 people that were waiting to greet her in California…👍🏽🤣

  28. Why would they care ? The DemonRatz cheat in elections and the Republicans don’t do anything about it

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