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Democrats have now started an online donation drive to send ‘care packages’ to liberal Texas lawmakers who are currently on the run from their home state in order to try to extra-legally obstruct the passage of a bill touted by conservatives.

The Democrats in question are asking for: “Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/ or $ to pay shipping.”

GOP Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the lawmakers may face arrest and prosecution upon return to the state due to their conscious and coordinated decision to neglect their sworn duty and undermine democracy.

Meaning anyone donating to their cause is likely supporting a group of wanted criminals.


  1. And they dont have enough money to buy their own shit! Disgraceful! Anyone who donates to this is a real jackass and deserves what the Dems are dishing out to America!

    1. Little children trying to get yet more attention. They are disgusting. I hope Abbott throws the book at every one of them. And dock their pay!

  2. Just give out the address to send it and we will be happy to send them something that is floating in my toilet!

  3. I don’t think them Democrats that left Texas Deserve any Donations from the American People or Sympathy they left there sworn Duty’s I think they need to pay back the pay they have received al ready they Deserve to be Locked up

  4. Round them up and put them in Jail . After they have been AOL, also does this not also break there Oath?

  5. Care package’s , ain’t that the liberal way ? Neglect your elected duties , go on a little holiday then expect others to pay for your stuff so you can avoid arrest . They made their choice now they need to pay the concquences . Why do they expect others to pay for their choices ? Any one of them makes more than enough to go out and butt and sanitizer , shampoo toothpaste , and other items . Better yet , take your raggedy butts back to Texas and face the music . Or perhaps they expect to be kept forever ? Living off the taxpayers .

  6. Look ! They are not true politician’s wanting to help the people in this country and their own state, they’re just a bunch of low life greedy punks and not worth the time to spit on them.
    If the people in that state re-elect them again , then they are just to stupid to get out of the Texas sun!
    Oh, after thought: The Texas governor said Texas would finish building the wall that Pres. Trump started. Well, since he made that comment over a month has gone by! I see Illegal people crossing every night on t.v. , I don’t see any worker’s building the wall or any heavy equipment around , WHAT THE HELL is this Governor WAITING FOR! Waiting for all the Illegal’s to cross!!??
    Just more blah-blah with nothing being accomplished.(National Guard Engineer’s could build it)

    1. It Is Being built, Not a Bollard wall, just sensors and Fence but better than ANY AND ALL Democrats have done

  7. they should be asking for an enema to get their asses back to texas and do the damn jobs they were appointed to do !!! screw these idiots !!!!

  8. Why is this being allowed online? These people are fugitives and any support system for their criminal behavior should be removed immediately!

  9. Never EVER vote for a democrat no matter what! Democrats are trying to get people to like their candidates with double talk and lies-everything they’re famous for. They’re experts at it. Don’t ever vote for a Democrat and always research Republican candidates yourself. Don’t fall for Democrat lies. A Democrat is a Democrat.

    1. A Democrat is a communist. Self serving not people serving. They have forgot it is “Government by the People for the People”.

  10. Maybe they can get unemployment benefits O l forgotten you left your jobs your not doing anything for welfare section 8 or fool stamps? Keep up the good work your In your minds sooner or later your dumb assets will have to return another day the voting will continue on your return morons you charge nothing but a dog and pony show.

  11. Are you kidding me! They should be exiled for leaving their jobs to party inanother state om the pretext od doing something good!!!!! Fired!!!!!!!

  12. Recall/impeach these Democrap Texas legislators!

    Then impeach Democraps sleepy Joe Biden, cackling Kamala, crazy Pelosi, crying Schumer and the squad!

  13. Gov. Abbott, Even though I’m not a resident of TX, I emphasize with you being forced to work with such low life individuals. I ‘ve sent you a little help in the only way I can—small donations to help your campaign and with your efforts to stem the tide of illegal aliens. Although You know your job infinitely better than I; I have to wonder why you are even engaging in chit chat with these low life grifters. I’m assuming that you have stood by your word and cut off their money stream as you indicated you already indicated you would Why don’t you take things one step further, and just process all the necessary paperwork and fill in the names of all the worthless pukes that ran to DC and as soon as they step foot in the state of TX, arrest them and deliver them to the House to perform the duty for which they were elected, regardless of the time of day or day of the week and lock them in. As soon as the bills that are waiting to be passed are completed, bring forth the bills to expel them from the TX House of Representatives (for as many charges that you can createfully muster), with new quorum schedules included in the bill and your problems are partially solved. Then uncover the bills that will give you the authority to appoint their replacements immediately. Of course, you will already have the list compiled and ready for immediate appointments. Basically, I think that it’s time to stop playing around and get serious! Now, Get’Er Done! You know in your heart, that you can’t treat any Demoncrat with civility or respect; the only thing they know how to do is lie, and obstruct, so stop trying to treat them as actual humans beings, because they’re not!

  14. I guess insan-ity is a slippery slope, especially when the insa-ne have no ethics. It just gets more unbelievably cra-zy and people speak up but it’s not stopping. When will we get to the bottom of the swa-mp or is it botto-mless?

  15. Shame shame shame on those politicians shirking their duties!!!
    The citizens of Texas are the ones being hurt by their reckless abandonment of their obligations! They need to have their legislative jobs taken away!

  16. THEY CAN USE THEIR OWN MONEY, after all, it is a VACATION FOR THEM so it is on them, ” NOT US “!

  17. Get this straight, dems, you’re not victims–YOUR CONSTITUENTS ARE THE VICTIMS OF YOUR STUPIDITY!

  18. They must be kidding. Not only have some on the left called for defunding of the police on hand but on the other hand some brazenly are asking for private security to oversee them when they are not in a secured location and are out an about. They have become a big joke and have lost contact with reality and the struggling grassroots whom they were elected to service and not paid big bucks with all sorts of perks because of who and what they are as public servants. My care packages go to my local food bank serving those most in need and at 100% poverty level.

  19. I would like to give them some help. Help them go to jail where thy belong. They take our money for a job they don’t do and only vote for the things that help them. They don’t work for the people, they work for their wants and things that help them get rich at our expense.

  20. How much longer are we going to play this charade that dems won the election and biteme, Pigloosi and heels up are really elected?
    HOW LONG? The best I can tell Trump won 3-1 and every minute these treasonous idiots are in office destroys this country even more! Call me for the frogwalk out of the WH and congress to gitmo! your care packages will have fresh clothes with stripes and rations!

  21. Send them NOTHING. They shouldn’t get paid for their time away from their jobs either. They have fam. Let them support their dumb relatives. What happen to people going to work every day. Doing their jobs

  22. Go home and do the job you were paid to do, Biden would not see you and he can not save your ass, Mental diaper changes keep coming, There is no Presidential blanket pardon for those who break the law, Blanket executive immunity does not exist, executive orders can not be legal if they break the law. If you were part of or assisted in moving illegals around the Country, virus ridden or not you have violated established laws, Biden’s disregard for the laws of our land will not provide you immunity from prosecution. The forgiving mood of States, Citizens, who have suffered will not be there, if citizens have lost loved ones, money or property abuse, you will be held accountable. Biden administration does not have the authority for blanket forgiveness, for violation of established laws they are considered crimes, you will be charged, best to get out now before the sxxx hits the fan. The law suits are moving forward soon they will completed, then individual assessments will begin.

  23. This is not their first time. This just another Dimocrap SOP. This is WHAT THEY DO! Doesn’t anyone remember the Killer Bees or their more recent trip to Oklahoma? Stop electing these fools and this crap will stop. On another topic, Robert Francis (BETO) O’Rourke is NOT Hispanic. He merely wants to confiscate your legally owned firearms.

  24. Are there no retail stores where.they.are? Why can’t they buy their own personal.stuff? It’s not like they are being held hostage. Get up off of your lazy asses and go to Walmart and spend your own money and buy what you need.

  25. Stop paying their salary, since they are not doing the job they were elected to, and fine them their daily pay for each day the are AWOL I’m not sure if they can be tried in absentia, but if it can be done, it should be. Also if the TX state constitution provides for their being AWOL, they should be removed from office and new elections held to replace them.

  26. These blood suckers are working the public for “Care Packages?” They are so naive and stupid that they don’t realize that nobody wants to support them or participate in their TREASONOUS, childish stunt! They all belong in jail without ANY paychecks! We are fed up with their illegal cheating, lying and disgusting antics….Grow up, move aside and let the ADULTS run the country!!

  27. AMAZING, but I am sure there are people who believe these folks are heroes not zeros! I find it astonishing that they can leave their post and not fulfill the obligation that their constituents sent them to Austin to do! Anyone who sends a CARE PACKAGE should be fined for AIDING AND ABETTING a criminal. This is not the first time the Democrats have staged this type of activity in Texas THE DEMOCRATS walked out in 2003 as well. It is time that they pay the price for their lack of representation to the constituents.

  28. people will give money too. Why? Becuse thee people giving money are just plain really stupid and they need to charged with aiding and abetting then fined heavily and locked up… but those idiots still would not figuer out that they are wrong. The dems asking for this supposed “handout help” should be arrest immediately and if they re in office relieved of thier duties, then locked up and maybe evn have thoer wealth confiscated….

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