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A  former Democrat contender for D.C. city council, Addison Sarter,  is expected to unveil an insane new ballot initiative to create segregated ‘autonomous zones’ for black people within the city which would have their own mayor and operate under their own separate legal code.

With the radical left ascendent will it only be a matter of time before more ballot initiatives like these make their way to communities across the country, paving the way for a return of segregation in the United States?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure-blooded Negro.) He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his furry-padded head. for shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable. Before the white man came to make civilization, the black would immediately kill any born that was not pure black. This is discrimination at the ultimate!

      1. Actually, it’s you who is wrong. Eli Whitney, who invented the cotton gin, was very much white. Google him and you’ll see. Some historians, lacking proper research, have painted him as a negro but that is not true.

        1. There was another Eli, Elijah McCoy who was black and did invent the automatic oiler for trains in the 1800s. There have been other Black Americans who achieved significant science and engineering inventions, look up Lewis Latimer and of course George Washington Carver, born into slavery and a bone fide creative genius.

          The tragedy of our times is, lately? The NASA engineer who came up with the Super Soaker is just about it. A black child won the spelling bee this year–low media turn-out though because…she was HOME SCHOOLED.

      2. No, You’re wrong…Source… You can view his picture there too….totally white!

    1. Alfie is generally accurate in his evaluation, although I am not sure about one or more of the specific “inventions” he mentions. In addition, it is well-known to the psychological community, world-wide, that the average sub Saharan Negro always tests quite a bit less intelligent than Western Europeans and their descendants (as well as any member of any white race), all Orientals, and all mixes of these two groups. Excluding the ancient Egyptian civilizations and the northern African civilizations the human beings of the African continent (sub Saharans) are intellectually the most backward human beings on earth. Of course, the reader should understand that this is the “average” sub Saharan, since all races of humans have exceptional members who exceed the normal of their groups by a large margin.

      1. Having been to Nigeria, I was surprised to find that they population is highly educated. Nigerian engineers that I worked with are excellent. I think their country is held back by tribal culture and government oppression (the government is mostly Muslim).

        1. All the Nigerian MDs want to come here. It is damaging their health care.

          Culturally way too much Nigerian collective intel goes into criminality. As soon as the internet dawned… the Nigerian emails. Their government facilitates it and is criminal in nature.

      2. The average I.Q. of a Sub-Saharan African is 66 , which is lower than 70 which is the highest level achieved by morons…So…

    2. Let’s see…the black Africans domesticated cattle and goats, cultivated a number of different grains (including millet) and completely skipped over the bronze age and went straight from stone to iron. The black empire of Mali (from c. 1235 to 1670) was once one of the wealthiest in the world, rich in gold and ivory. You should really take off that pointy hood – it’s not letting your tiny little brain get enough oxygen.

          1. all of the slave trade, no color was exempt from salve trading, some countries use a different term for it,

          2. See the book “White Gold” which is still for sale on Amazon though most university libraries will not stock it. Never saw it in a corporate bookstore either.

      1. What a joke-historic tests that “people” like yourself have subdued show the negro brain has smaller frontal lobes than the Caucasian brain.Its a shame you cannot admit the truth-people are different-not the same. If the black brain were ever going to excel at building a country it would have been Africa.We would not be seeing pictures on our tv of starving african babies that they continue to have even though they will not feed them-they beg the WHITE MAN’S COUNTRY to feed their babies just as we do here.

      2. There has long been a dispute over the spread of metallurgical technology, the BC-era Caananites role is at the root of this–how far down the coast of Africa did they make it (history books refer to the Phoenicians who are credited with the spread of the spoken alphabet).

        Machine tooling in Africa? The Afrocentrists can only claw at some mythology about the Black Pharoahs who were real but came in after millenial decline. The Kushites arguably achieved their own fine stone masonry but the connections between them and the earlier Egyptian dynasties remains undocumented. National Geographic concluded it was derivative, not independent.

    3. I always wondered if it was due to the proximity to the equator. the closer to the equator civilizations got, the less the need to strive for survival. Necessity is the mother of inventions. Civilizations further north had to invent things to survive. (then there’s the warfare aspect of it)

      1. There are all-white areas or “de facto” as such. Palo Alto where Zuckerberg the Great lives, Lake Tahoe where one of his vacation homes is; Los Altos HIlls is another Silicon Billionaire abode and there is no affordable housing there, nor will there ever be. Marin County where Gavin the Glamorous came from is another Whitetopia.

        The whiter the area the lower the crime. Which is why rich non-whites want to live there; they trust the whites not to steal all their stuff more than they trust their own. While howling about Systemic Racism?

    4. It’s true that albinos in Africa (that genetic mutation does occur there) are sometimes killed or shunned.

      But arguing over thousand of years ago accomplishes nothing. The ful-blown cult of “Afrocentrism” blew through higher ed 20+ years ago and produced no useful results.

      THE issue today is the mis-education of Black Americans. The urban schools are ineffective at best and outright sabotage at worst. The CRT scam needs to be seen in this proper context–it’s a diversion to change the subject and avoid any accountability for this; it is in face mainly black-run, left-wing dominated urban political machines that are at fault. Chicago with its UNELECTED school board is the “poster child” but it’s true all over the nation, Baltimore and DC itself are the worst of the worst–spending 2 and 3 times the national average per pupil and getting the worst NAEP scores in the nation. The response is to denounce the tests as “racist” and demand that all testing be suspended.

  2. Yes there is a difference in color! Yes, there is a difference that must be acknowledged! Look at history for the proof! In Africa there is all black and not one successful nation. In S. America it is all brown and not one successful nation. In Europe it is mostly white and almost all successful!
    Now, where it the ‘argument’ for the blacks?? Where is the ‘argument’ for the ‘browns’?? They may be able to jump, not think! They may be able to reproduce like fleas, not make science.

      1. No one invented plasma, you dumbass doofus!!!
        Everybody’s blood has plasma!!
        It’s the separation where plasma is found, you dumbass doofus!!

        1. God invented us all, he also blessed us by our gifts and talents that we all have, we have to do the work and apply ourselves to whatever task that we are given, but God gave us a brain and a heart to develop our self, and all races were given these gifts along with his unconditional love as well!

          1. One thing God did give blacks is rhythm but that was to make up for the mess He made of their hair.

      2. Again, Doofus, Dr Drew invented how to preserve blood plasma. He was from England, I believe, not from the Great African nation. He was educated at some great institutions where Dr Drew lived.

      3. No I do believe that blacks have done more than what is being said from some of the above but… the truth about the africa in countries is somewhat true also. I knw many very smart black people that have done very well and desreve it. I also know many blacks that deserve nothing. Oh, kinda like whites.
        The issue her is when ylou have idiots like this moron like martin, well you truely see racist in him. But then he is a democrat and dems have historicslly and seem to be today, very racist. But the dems have the big money in back of them and because of the big money the dems can basically brainwash masses of people. Now many of these masses of people being brainwashed are really stupid anywaymso thier job is easy. These brainwashed, no-think peoples will be crying the loudest when left by the wayside as every dictatorship does once the gain power and these people are just plain to stupid to see this even though it is right in front of thier faces.
        No I don’t care what color, religion, culture, whatever you are, as long as your a good person who dorsn’t hurt others.
        Many of these ashamed whites becaause they are white I would have nothing to do with them because I am ashamed of them too. So I guess they are right and they should be ashamed of themselves as I agree with them but my agrement is for other reasons than theirs but hey the same end result.
        No we need to stop this division, actually look at what causes problems and how to fix the causes so hopefully we can fix problems…

        1. I think many whites are ashamed of you.Whites never should have had blacks forced into their schools and neighborhoods and now illegals are forced upon us . (Think Kate Steinle.) And why is that? Because blacks have been manipulated and controlled by democrats, largely with freebies, for decades.Only truly stupid people could be so ignorant.When the multi family high rise buildings come to your neighborhood ( they have plans to get around the building codes) remember what race votes for democrats overwhelmingly.Ninety+ per cent of blacks voted for Obama and this administration is here to complete his “fundamental transformation” of America.

          1. The Biden administration is flooding the country with Covid carriers from all over the world. Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed a mayor from the border area who related Cuban gang members released in the interior, illegals from Ghana, Haiti, the middle east, Africans who came here after going to Europe first.

        1. The joke goes, when God was handing out brains, you thought you heard “pains” and said you’ll pass!

          1. Not to jump on to agree with Alphie being a true racist, but he stated where the black wasn’t educated in White schools, built and taught generally by WHITE MEN!

        1. So was the inventor of the surgical technique that cured “blue baby” syndrome. There is a quite beautiful movie called “Something the Lord Made” about this.

    1. That’s why obammy flooded the safe and successful white countries with brown skins-can’t let whitey have it better than the blacks do even though the whites built it all-just like America where they plan to bring high rise multi-family buildings to the middle of the suburbs and houses.They say that your neighbor may have an acre lot-will be offered a ridiculously high amount of money for it from the government ( our money used against us) and will sell. They have a plan to get around the building code and they say there will be nothing you can do about it-more force on white society.Thats all blacks have ever been.And they wonder why there is “white flight.”

      1. Having been born in New York City, when I hear about high rise multi-family buildings, I think of Park Avenue and Central Park West, where the price for apartments start in the millions. In fact, I think the Trump family may still own one of those apartments (you know, high rise, multi-family) in Manhattan. So living in a place like those millionaires is really bad how? And the only color that matters is the color of your money.

        1. Elissa, try visiting neighborhoods perhaps in Harlem, or any number of multi family , GOVERMENT subsidized or completely paid “welfare” rental apartment housings. Typical egotistical smart alec, not realizing the REST OF AMERICA is FED UP with freeloaders, and paying these idiots to do nothing but game the system to not work.. They really have been taught the SYSTEM OWES THEM SOMETHING because they are black.. Collecting WELFARE used to be a dishonor and embarrassment. Now it’s a badge of honor and an accomplishment, that you’ve gained a source of income and can do NOTHING but hang on a corner drinking 40’s!

    2. There were indigenous monumental civiliations in MesoAmerica. Culturally they were into human sacrifice, had no conception of “rights” and were ruled by Absolute Patrileneal regimes. Power could not be shared. Not a female-friendly culture either, which remains the case to this day. Web search for “femicide” and see where that term connects to.

  3. I thought segregation was a bad thing! What’s with these regressive Dems? Guess they see their power slipping away and the only way to regain control is to divide and conquer!! Kick ’em all to the curb in every future election!!

    1. The way the blacks, and blm, have been acting out- I’d like to segregate the country. Asians will be safe, whites will quit being harassed and not be victims of their crime.

    2. Segregation is bad, it divides, it un-unites. They can’t stand us loving one another and getting along. They can’t stand us being “The United States Of America”. They can’t destroy our country unless we are divided and at each others throats, because if we are united and love each other and love our country, they could not destroy us from within their powerful offices that they are weaponizing against us.

      Dear God, wake up our beloved citizens, and bless OUR America, again.

      1. I agree with you, Jeff, Dear God, wake up our beloved citizens, and bless OUR America, again.

      2. Dear Lord God :
        You know how long it took to integrate people,Black, Hispanic, Orientals and American Indians. You know well the Black did on their own communities in Tulsa, OK and then a group of stupid-ass people went and attacked them, men , women and children and burned up their community and they probably robbed their bank too. I don’t know why YOU allowed it to happen, but the people in government want to segregate again and God Forbid what happens next. Please don’t let it happen again!!! There are Evil People in this world who just want the land to themselves and You know who it is.
        In Jesus’ Holy Name, I Pray and I Thank You Holy Father up in Heaven.
        AMEN !!!

        1. Tulsa has to be seen in correct context–there were 7 years of race riots all over the country. More often than not they started with blacks attacking whites. The books usually leave it at the “Red Summer” of 1919, there is a book about Chicago called “A Few Red Drops”.
          The most clarifying thing that exists remains the 1964 Moynihan Report “Crisis of the Negro Familty”. It’s downloadable for free from many sites, a remarkable site called TheBlackPast has the best summation. The racial mess we live with is the product of federal government policies–and not the ones the leftists howl about—black social statistics were better in the 1950s.
          Social critics still cite indicators of wealth but they leave out income–effectively a black middle class of government employees was created even though the federal government fully funded the worst possble welfare policies. These people work for the federal, state and local governments and have gotten preferential hiring and promotions for 50 years. They are well-compensated but they spend too much of their incomes thus have indadequate wealth.

          In the 80s I saw Southeast Asian refugees who started out poor but wound up rich in 10 years because they saved and invested in small business and real estate.

      3. Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole-IT WON’T WORK.How much misery must there be before people admit that it’s easier to “love” people who are different and live differently from yourself from a distance? God put those who were different in different parts of the world because He knew that mixing those who are different will cause misery.Our Dear God knew better than to think everyone is just going to LOVE one another when there is absolutely nothing alike about them.Desegregation was forced by man-not God.

    3. The only way to cure the troubles this country is currently suffering…….. do not cast votes for demoRATS or rinos these are the true cause of America’s troubles…… they all need to go

    4. I think segregation would be good and I don’t know why blacks did not want it as they hate whites and their laws, etc. so much. Blacks could live the way they like, govern themselves, etc.Whats wrong with that?

      1. but, who would work and pay the bills? not me. you want to live apart, that’s fine, but don’t look to the members of society that dont rob, steal, cheat, kill, etc to support your sorry selves. you want an example????? DETROIT MICHIGAN. the whites moved away due to the rampant crime, killings etc, and what was left? NOTHING BUT SLUMS… no one worked and paid taxes, but the folks that moved out were blamed. now what Einsteins?????

        1. Whites and all other races left due to Taxes. The Unions wanted more each year- every time they got a raise the City raised Taxes. I worked with people from Detroit back in the 70s, My boss was one – he said when he left his property taxes where higher than his house payment. Detroit has been under Dem control for ages. Wonder why the water isn’t safe to drink ? lol Corruption , plain and simple.

    5. The Great Paradox remains, as it has been, how the deranged intellectuals of acdeme and the lawyers who are the “civil rights establishment’ scream for “integration” even as they condemn whites for “systemic racism”.

      Why to they want to move next door to whites and have their kids go to school with them if they are so racist? Logic would suggest the solution would be what the article’s DC politician wants.

  4. I’m not convinced that the average black person even knows or cares about this crap. Most just want the same things every American wants – freedom, privacy and peace. I say let the liberals (mostly white jackasses) try their idiot segregation ideas. I don’t think it will fare very well.

    1. That’s not fair at all-whites we’re not allowed to be segregated.If blacks want peace and fairness then allow whites to be segregated also and that would be fair.You cannot allow one race to do something but not another race.

      1. @Daisydukes are you for REAL?! I cannot believe your comments are honest – they are so moronic and incredulous that after reading them I am just shaking my head. Lord child, move way out to Wyoming or Idaho and leave civilization. Your heart must be dehydrated.

  5. They want an Autonomous Zone. How about areas on the Continent of Africa. They
    can have all the Zones they want. They have for the last 50 years been bemoaning their
    ancestors being kidnapped from Africa, well here is their chance to rectify that
    situation and move back.

        1. I want reparations for all the white European slaves in Africa before there ever was black slavery in America. White European men, women and children were forcibly taken from their homes in coastal towns and from ships and were worked, tortured, and murdered.The white slaves were never freed.Their lives were precious and valuable and I want reparations.Whites need to demand reparations.

          1. Daisy…that statement is historically accurate. But it was Muslim slave traders, not Africans, who did the kidnapping and enslavement.

    1. Then their benefactors ( whites) would be gone.I’m all for the idea because blacks do not want white history to exist, white laws, etc. so blacks could make their own historical monuments, laws, etc. It would end a huge amount of welfare, crime and misery for white society.

  6. Well, as long as their taxes are all their own too, excluding taxes from white citizens, its okay. See how long that lasts.

  7. No wonder the dems want to destroy all of history and our statutes and memorials of heroes memorializing our history – they want to bring back Joe Biden’s Jim Crow laws.

    1. You do realize that will NOT be an option?? What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s YOURS is theirs, too!! Got it?? That’s what they are aiming for – not equality, but SUPERIORITY!!

  8. Jesus Christ can it get any crazier you idiots got a racist in the whitehouse now piece of shit

  9. How stupid can anyone person be after working through years of hatred we were working together for the better of our Country and now they want to have segregation again. A total jackass of sorts. A jackass has more brains then this turd face.

  10. thats crazy an totally rediculous an shouldnt ever be allowed an need squashed asap this is america an no atonimoes zones should ever be allowed we are all americans here an should all live by the constitution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I don’t believe in segregation, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they would actually have more law and order, more accountability of people, they want to be safe , if I lived in NY I might even move to their city in order to be safer !

  12. YES! Blacks have never been any help to the white man in any way or form. Pres Lincoln knew this would happen is why he knew after they were freed they needed to be put the hell out of this country!!! I could’nt agree with him any more. If he hadn’t been assassinated that is just what would have happened.

  13. were all from GONDOR LAND before it became segrated and the tetonic plates seperated and segration began

    1. I don’t want white taxpayers supporting them though.If they segregate go all the way and support themselves.

  14. Like I’ve been saying, the democrat party mafia is taking us BACKWARDS “OUT” of civilization. They have divided us with their hateful race card for a reason, to do exactly what they are doing now. They are insane! What are they after, another civil war? Why do they want the blacks to hate the whites? They know that by doing this that they are forcing white people to defend themselves! Their scheme is obvious, and I pray to God that both blacks and whites can see this evil. This insanity must end. They are putting nails in our country’s coffin.

    1. Dems are after communism, that’s what.Equity-take from those who “have” and give to those who “have not.” STEALING you say? Yes they admit, but it’s for the greater good so they will do it whether you like it or not.In communist countries you WILL be “HAPPY” because if you are not you are a dissenter.If you are a dissenter you will be dealt with. Our heritage is being removed because they plan to rebuild it the way they want it. Watch Mike Lindell’s Frankspeech website with Brannon Howe’s to see what is really going on.

  15. ‘A former Democrat contender for D.C. city council, Addison Sarter, is expected to unveil an insane new ballot initiative to create segregated ‘autonomous zones’ for black people within the city which would have their own mayor and operate under their own separate legal code.’

    I think they are close to that in the south side of Chicago.

  16. They already have that it’s called AFRICA when you live in the USA you should assimilate and when this doesn’t happen it causes what’s going on all over this country today!!!!!Crime corruption looting burning destroying everything 👎🏻👎🏻🔥🔥👹👹

  17. Isn’t that what DC already is, an area with overwhelmingly African-American population with its own mayor and its own laws? The only difference would be the exclusion of certain people from certain areas solely on the basis of their race. Wait…Isn’t that the definition of racial discrimination? Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that we fought against in the 60s and 70s – racial segregation? Or am I the only one who remembers such ancient history and thinks it is relevant to the present day?

    1. I was around then-I saw what happened starting with forced desegregation.Before that life in white society was soooo nice.

  18. If you want equality what’s with the Black Autonomy Act. Do they want Autonomy Equality! This whole thing is a real stretch…no sense at all.

  19. [DC Democrat Announces Plans for Black ‘Autonomous Zones’.]

    That’s right, divide us even more. Does this mean that we can also have White ‘Autonomous Zones’, Hispanic ‘Autonomous Zones’, Asian ‘Autonomous Zones’, and Native American ‘Autonomous Zones’?
    What was the matter with “Economic Zones’ that Ben Carson set up, which were very successful for all low income people?

  20. From Wikipedia!!!! “George Washington Carver was a black American agricultural scientist and inventor who promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion. He was the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th century”. Wikipedia

    1. Would he have made the same discoveries in Africa or was he influences by he white invaders and this great developing country. Oh wait, he’s an Uncle Tom.

    2. How did the country built by white men enable his accomplishments? What would he have accomplished in Africa? What research did he use from white people? He had opportunity because of white people.

  21. The only thing that would do would be to take those crap hole ghetto sections of DC and remove their crime numbers from the DC numbers. Crime in DC would drop as a result, but those sections would take over immediately right where they left off. Except if I’m guessing correctly, crime would go UP since they won’t want any police department interfering with their anti-societal efforts.

  22. Almost every major city in America that has been run by black officials has had to suffer under incompetent & corrupt leadership. I predict it won’t go well if they try it.

  23. Can we build a fence/wall around it to keep the animals inside this zone? Don’t forget, no feeding the animals!

  24. racist segregation is now coming back where is the blacks who stopped this form of segregation

  25. Starter is a racist, plain and simple. His proposals are racist concepts that need to be “outed” as such.

  26. I thought autonomous zones were illegal in America. If these folks want separation from the U.S by all means give it to them…….. there is plenty of land on the African continent just waiting on one of these geniuses to lead his following minion to and really show the world just how being a modern day Moses is supposed to be done.

    1. White Europeans were slaves in Africa before there ever was white slavery in America and Africa never freed the white slaves.Africa worked, tortured and murdered the white slaves.We never hear about that though as if the lives of those white people never mattered.

    2. That should read “before there ever was black slavery in America.” To this day african villages raid other african villages to procure slaves.Slavery has existed in Africa since prehistoric times.

  27. This is a bunch of crap–We are all Americans, this Communist idea trying to divide our country. We have come a long way in the last 50 years–where all colors of people get along same govt.–United States of America. We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that brings all colors together under one God, One Constitution, equal to all.

    1. I don’t know anywhere where all colors get along.If that were true there wouldn’t be “white flight.”

  28. All that protesting and MLK’s assasination to rid the US of the Dems’ Jim Crow laws only foe the Dems to bring back segregation. Besides, Dems already made black autonomous cities in Chicago, Baltimore, St Luis, Oakland, Minneapolis.

  29. Just another stupid, racist, divisive idea. What’s he plan to do when I cross the line? Arrest me? Beat me? Oh, wait; D.C.? Where I can’t even defend myself? Nor can you? Or he?

  30. This ignorant man wants to undo 50 + years of desegregation. Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave. He cares nothing about black people.

  31. Just curious. Would it be racist to have an all white Autonomous Zone that is governed by all white and no blacks could seek office?

    1. Of course not.It would be FAIR.White people have been and continue to be discriminated against and they sit back and take it.Sickening.

  32. I am just so confused by all of this segregation talk. I have grown up in Alabama and I have lived through REAL segregation. I do not believe in my heart that my black friends and neighbors want to live independently of us white folk. I lived in DC for several years in the late 80s – 90s and it had much greater sense of racism than Alabama. But I guess that is just my ‘blind whit eye’ and white privilege talking. 🥱

    1. They do not want to live separately because that would sever the taxpayer funds.They will change white society to their liking instead.

  33. So the communist democrat cult is making way for more ghettos! Just like in their created jim crow days!

    Make Mexico a state before even thinking about making dc a state.

  34. I thought they all ready had this, with the GHETTO/HOOD, and gangs on the street corners, running rough shod over the good citizens caught up in these GHETTO’S. And with elected mayors painting on the city streets , political sayings. So what do they want now ??? Their EFFING CAKE and EAT IT TO ?

  35. Oh my reading the comments make me gag at the un loving un caring ignorant responses.In the new world there will be no place for that kind of thinking. everyone has their talents. God gave some of us the ability to See them.

  36. How Black Zones in the Pacific, Caribbean area, Cuba, West Africa, outside UN Hqs & near DNC

  37. I thought blacks already had their autonomous zones, like parts of Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and every other major city.

  38. So you want to go back to segregation after all the civil rights activity to get equality? Are you folks insane? Want to go back to not letting them eat at certain restaurants and bring back slavery too? Are you planning on having white autonomous zones too? It seems like you want to go backwards instead of forward. Why not just give them a whole state instead of a city – then they still have full representation in congress and make all of them move to that state? I mean, just how stupid are you going to get?

  39. This is a total crock. Checking the UN resolution that this idiot quotes provides the justification for his “autonomous zones” one finds it refers to endogenous people – – ie. in the US that would be American Indians, not blacks.

  40. Sooo…..the truth finally comes out. DemonRats are going for Jim Crow segregation of blacks but trying to make all white people the bad guys. Only the white demonRats are the bad guys and I can’t understand their black members going along with this….MLK fought for years to end exactly this. The Rats have come full circle and are backdooring new segregation (and don’t forget Plugs’ welfare payments to keep them on the plantations once again)…

  41. I thought we already had those zones. They are called demonrat controlled inner cities! Show me how I am wrong!

  42. “Black Autonomous Zones” already exist. Two prime examples and they both suck at the whole civilization thing.



  43. Oh Goody, does that mean that whites can have these kind of areas too? Right back where we started thanks to Democrats desires to destroy this nation!

  44. I’m confused, doesn’t DC already have a black mayor? Not sure of the rest of the city’s government racial makeup, but it could be a safe bet it’s mostly African American.

  45. I believe the Nazis tried something like this with the Jews in Poland They were called Ghettos. If the Dems try something like this, I hope the black population doesn’t get injured again.

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