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San Franciscans looking for brooms and bleach to clean the city’s growing piles of human feces and used needles will need to get them from Target before 6:00 p.m.

Target announced their San Francisco locations will now only operate from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., citing an “alarming rise” in shoplifting after liberal voters approved a ballot measure downgrading most theft from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Most Target locations nationwide open between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m.

“For more than a month, we’ve been experiencing a significant and alarming rise in theft and security incidents at our San Francisco stores, similar to reports from other retailers in the area,” said Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo.

“Target is engaging local law enforcement, elected officials, and community partners to address our concerns. With the safety of our guests, team members, and communities as our top priority, we’ve temporarily reduced our operating hours in six San Francisco stores,” said Harper-Tibaldo.

The change in San Francisco law, pushed by leftists and “Defund The Police” activists, created an explosion in crime and viral videos of thieves openly loading bicycles and bags as people record them.


Walgreens and CVS drug stores also report skyrocketing crimes in their stores.

“Representatives from Walgreens said that thefts at its stores in San Francisco were four times the chain’s national average and that it had closed 17 stores, largely because the scale of thefts had made business untenable,” The New York Times’ Thomas Fuller writes. 

CVS stores are even pulling back security guards, despite the rising crime, because the decision to downgrade shoplifting emboldened thieves and made them more violent.

“ORC (Organized Retail Crime) rings are recruiting juveniles, homeless to steal items and turn around into bigger crimes like human trafficking,” said California Retailers Association President and CEO Rachel Michelin.

“That is what we are trying to stop. It’s a growing problem in our stores, online marketplaces, and communities and we need elected officials and law enforcement to help the retail industry fight this issue,” said Michelin.

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  1. I drove through that city each night, and the visible decline was palpable. The streets were lined with homeless tents, and the last stop on my route would have someone sleeping under the roof of the building. San Francisco was a beautiful town. Now it’s a city eroding into squalor and blight. Liberals do this to their constituents. They hike up the costs of living, decimate the culture, impose more and more laws upon hapless citizens, and clean up on graft, corruption and legalized vices such as gambling, drugs and prostitution. As demoralizing as these scenarios are, there are still means available to reverse this trend. We just need to focus our resolve to implement those means.

    1. Unless control of all the “blue cities” is wrestled out of marxist Democrat hands, they will continue rapid decline until they look like and are like the lawless uncivilized burned out cities portrayed in science fiction apocalyptic movies! Science fiction will become REALITY!

      1. Science Fiction? Have you seen Detroit, Seattle, Portland and Venice, CA? America is inexorably declining toward mass impoverishment, hyper-inflation, shortages of staple products and homelessness on a scale to match third world countries. Numb Nuts and his girlfriend will only accelerate that process.

  2. LISTEN UP….GOD’S BLESSING is NOT with the DEMOCRATS. THEIR WAYS are NOT HIS WAYS. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  3. Have the woke politicians and social workers patrol the streets and make arrests. I suggest that the corporations close all their stores in San Fran since the socialists do not want capitalism and see how long they last.

  4. These woke retailers are way too stupid to figure out that the criminals will reschedule their Democrat approved looting activities.
    As many criminals are armed, the best way to reduce crime is to execute armed criminals, and lock any survivors in mental hospitals until certified with liability that they are cured.
    Hanging was very effective at reducing horse theft.
    Anyone killing a criminal should consider this action a Godly warranty return. Jesus did not recommend swords, which were military weapons, to be only used in parades.
    The Second Amendment documents the right to keep and bear military grade weapons, arms, as may required in dealing with larger criminal gangs.

  5. So goes the leftist liberal socialist communist operation of illegal immoral fake residents of our government. The party of Harry Truman no longer exists. They are Satan’s agents!

  6. Target sold their soul when they decided to play Sodom and Gomorrah. Why quit now? Are they or are they not pro left? They are hypocrites. The people reaped what they sowed by voting for their oppressors.

    1. Your comment is “spot-on” but I would add that the people seem to be too stupid to understand cause & effect.

  7. SF is now a Pelosi CATHOLIC TRAITOR hellhole. Look south of the USA to see that CATHOLICS bring exactly 100% failure to anything they inhabit.

  8. During the Obama administration, Target was one of the most enthusiastic companies in pushing for transgender people to use whatever bathroom they wanted in their stores, men’s or women’s, until people starting shopping elsewhere.

    When the Left finally began pushing criminals’ openly stealing them blind, well, I guess that was just too much. I hope not many of their employees lost their jobs over this corporate fiasco.

  9. No S>IT. no police and more crime.. what a f…… surprise. who’d thought. mean people will not do right, really…oh, observation, guess when your taught everyone owes you stuff, you’re not responsible for your actions, you know, no accountability, This is anotheer things these “supposed gods” ypu knpw soros and buddies want, but they want this world wide and taking down america iss the key point in thier take down and control of the world. so now what is your move?.

  10. I have lived in CA since 1966 and can absolutely tell you it is quickly turning into a third world shithole. I’ve also in my time lived in some of those so I do know what I’m talking about. Without good people and law and order you can have nothing.

  11. This city is the dream of the communist democrats for everyone to give up their freedoms to live in feces!
    The cult of communism needs a vaccine!

  12. 2005 was the last time I was in SF and was getting creepy in places. I loved going there in the past but that time is past.

  13. I hope every retailer in SF closes shop and moves to a red state. Lets see how the citizens like having no food and no supplies. Reap what you sow, idiots.

  14. The Marxist Commies agenda is to put this nation under siege! Sole purpose is to lessen our resistance to defend and thereby possible to control us. This is just another ploy for those commies to use to that end. I say RESIST! or we are already dead as a great nation.

  15. The liberals are stupider than a box of rocks in my books. Pelosi is a piece of trash and that is why San Francisco turned into trash. That is what will happen all over the country if we don’t get rid of those loser liberals. They have ruined our great country and will continue. Stolen votes cause stolen merchandise.

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