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An ongoing criminal investigation into former President Trump will almost certainly be taken up by a Soros-funded prosecutor.

With ballots still being counted, former federal prosecutor Alvin Bragg leads the Democratic primary race for Manhattan, New York district attorney, which is tantamount to winning the seat in overwhelmingly Democratic Manhattan.

Bragg was backed by the “Color of Change” PAC, which was funded by a $1 million donation from Soros weeks before the election.

“Bragg, should he go on to win the general election in November, would become the first Black Manhattan district attorney and take over a high-profile investigation of former President Donald Trump’s businesses, as well as other major inquiries,” POLITICO notes.

The current Manhattan District Attorney, liberal activist Cyrus Vance, gave Trump’s attorneys until Monday to explain why he should not criminally charge the Trump Organization, Trump business executive, and possibly Trump himself with alleged tax violations.

Vance, who chose to not run for re-election, is widely expected to announce a criminal indictment of Trump or his business before leaving office.

The job of prosecuting that case will almost certainly fall to Bragg, who campaigned for the job claiming that as an attorney in the New York state attorney general’s office he sued Trump “more than a hundred times.”

Bragg’s New York Times endorsement cited his suits against Trump in the second paragraph, noting such experience would be needed to secure a criminal indictment against Trump in the Manhattan DA’s ongoing investigation.

Bragg’s campaign and the apparent narrow win were backed by the “Color Of Change” PAC, which seeks to elect black liberals.

The group received a $1 million donation from Soros on May 14, six days after endorsing Bragg.  

Soros, who has publicly vowed to stop Trump, listed his residence as New York when donating the funds and lives in a lavish Manhattan apartment.

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  1. Wait six million seconds: Weren’t these people in some sort of HOLOCAUST?! Aren’t they a sainted, martyred, victimized religious order who hide in caves, and only protrude from those shelters at night to forage for (Kosher..) food?!

  2. Dumbocraps have tried everything to take Trump down. Their hatred is of epic proportion. The best analogy is good vs. Evil

  3. Why is this horrible man still free to spill so much evil and pain in America! Isn’t there a way to prove he interferes with our justice system?

    1. There’s a whole cabal of these people vowing to dissolve our borders and subordinate U.S. Citizens to foreign, unelected administrations. They’re called “Globalists”. Americans have been conditioned for many years to accept such concepts, and we’re reflexively installing politicians who know which cultural buttons to push, and which politically expedient solutions to issues they orchestrate will effectively advance their Globalist scheme with our votes. That’s why every time there’s some liberal talking point to ponder (They whine more than they talk..) the issue is invariably Global in scale. It would behoove Americans to understand that our sovereignty is at stake, and we should focus our voting preferences toward candidates who emphasize U.S. Energy, Economic and Border Security .

      1. This is true. This has been going on for a long time and has taken alot of money and work to get here. Soros is the face of the problem. He hates us because we beat his beloved nazis. He should have been taken out of the gene pool back when the other nazi criminals were tried and given appropriate justice, that is of course, the nazis that the US deemed that were unneeded. Anyone who could help the US was spared their just rewards or punishment, in the real terms. Soros has been a chicken s..t, was of air since his father was born. He is in need of justice. What happened to the FBI. OH wait that organization has always been political. Boy tsalk about false good front to make an organization look good. Remember hoover and how all the libs were communists he had that wrong as these entertainers are truely nazis (ok now again, in reality, there is now difference between those groups as any one who disagrees with them is prosecuted and typically the regular person suffers greatly in all one man runs everything systems.
        The damage has been horrific as we now have a couple of generations of non-critical thing people. People that are afraid to stand up on thier own two feet, that can’t express them selves if it goes against precieved general perceptions that are supported by teachers/professors, media, entertainers/sports personal/musicians who don’t know the difference from their a.. hole and a in the ground, andthese big company/ big tech sell out but wipes not to mention the corrupt politicians that are easily bought and paid for. Now realize we have been voting these corrupt, trators into office becaue we listen and believe what they say and didnot pay attention to what they were doing (actions).
        Now getting our country back will be interesting. How far will everyone actually go?

  4. LISTEN UP…GEORGE SOROS Can JUMP into a LAKE with CROCODILES. HE Can Take HI S DIRTY BLOOD MONEY with HIM. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  5. Seems the investigator needs to be investigated, racism on twitter, black face, homo or transphobic comments, black money contributions, foreign money contributions, sexual harassment, child payments and alimony none payments etc…


  7. George Soros is not going to stop buying politicians and political offices untill death or bankruptcy. He has more money then most medium sized countries and some of the larger ones, too, so he isn’t going to run out of money. We can only hope God, or more likely the Devil himself, takes Soros soon. I truly do not like saying that about anyone, even enemies, but that Soros a## ho#e is either mentally I’ll or evil, maybe both. He is a prime example of too much money and power in the hands of one person corrupting that person way too much. What is the old saying? Ultimate power corrupts ultimately or something like that. Well, George Soros is the guy they we are talking about. America, heck, the whole world, would be much better off without people like Soros.

  8. Dumbocraps are scared to death of the truth, they are so evil,that it will come back to haunt them, and destroy them, the truth will set u free. and the the lying dummycraps will become irrelevant.

  9. is there any legal governing available anywhere in usa? everyone knows un-payrolled subcontracted employee is not legal enough for most and to odd-even lifestyle for long term financial success for many. democratic republic is not the same as fully staffed democracy as far as I know…any dictatorship will not work in the on top of it successful usa or good solid household within it, businesses vary widely

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