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GOP firebrand Marjorie Taylor-Greene clashed with former secretary of labor under Bill Clinton Robert Reich on Twitter, with Greene calling Reich a communist and Reich claiming green was ‘promoting hate.’

As The Hill reports:

“Can we all agree that Marjorie Taylor Green must be expelled from Congress?” Reich, former president Bill Clinton‘s secretary of Labor and a veteran political operative who served in the administrations of Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, said in an initial tweet.

Greene responded: “Don’t know you, but when I saw Berkley in your bio, I got it. Just put the hammer and sickle with it.”

After pointing out her last name is spelled with an “e” on the end, Greene told Reich: “Being a communists professor, you’ve never done the real hard work that builds the economy, you just teach ideas that will destroy it.” …

Reich shot back at Greene, saying “All you do is promote hate.”

Though both parties traded insults, only one accusation was really convincing and it likely wasn’t the one made by Reich.


  1. Getting quite sick of these two faces Liberals! AOC and the Squad can spew all the hate they want but let a Conservative say something they don’t like and Oh My God!

  2. I agree with Marjorie Taylor Greene. The demonicRats hate American citizens and support illegal immigrants. DemoncRars are funded by $0r0$ and other illuminati members whose goal is a One World Socialist controlled Government. We are seeing it with the vaccines. We are seeing it with the “stimulous” checks. Equal $$$ for everyone is Socialism. Free college is Socialism. Everything “Free” is funded by taxpayer money not money from illegal immigrants.

  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not wrong… Robert Reich is a communist. And, as usual, he came back with an accusation which is not only unfair rounded, but typical of an Alinsky radical. This is what is being allowed to teach in our institutions of Higher Learning.

  4. Marjorie Taylor Greene is what we need in Politics. But, I fear along with the rest of the useless lifers, their politics will be nothing but useless breath. Have you ever looked how these Politicians live. Rich life living while the rest of us struggle. I back Greene a 100% except for money wize, I am poor and ole. I like her strengths, she reminds me of me when I was young, strong minded. I wished we had more Marjorie Taylor Greene and less AOC!

  5. Actually she expels the truth ! If she were a Democrat expelling these things about Republicans she would be loved .
    Why is it Democrats can say anything and everything about a Republican but when they fight back they are the haters.
    Hate was invented by the Democrats to use against Republicans !!!

  6. These politicians are not conservatives. They don’t do anything but project some contrived image of being Pro-Something-That-Pisses-Off-Liberals, while the liberals counter with a rather tired litany of opprobrium, ad hominem and righteous indignation. It’s all a dog and pony show. It’s time to cancel this series, and get the American people back to work, out of debt, out of wars, restore our Bill of Rights, our Sovereignty, Borders and Security.

  7. I’ve heard more HATE spewed from the left for over 4 year’s, so Democrat’s need to stop being Hypocrites.

  8. Robert Reich is someone who LOVES THE CLINTON’S! He as DIRTY AS THEY ARE! He’s nothing more then a little tiny man with wrong idea’s nothing good for The United States!

  9. Reich is a communist along with every democRAT in office! No one wants to know the truth any more. They would rather have smoke blown up their bum!

  10. These treasonous people all need to be tried and sent to prison, only after prison, send them to palestine!!! COMMUNISM is NOT legal, here in AMERICA, it is an ATTACK ON OUR FREEDOMS, FREEDOMS PAID FOR ON THE BACKS OF OUR BRAVE VETERANS!!! (some gave their lives) and TODAY, our ,”leaders” who said NOTHING ABOUT MEMORIAL DAY!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE TREASONOUS AND NEED TO BE CONVICTED AND HANGED BY THE NECK TILL DEAD!!!

  11. 🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwensGreene and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥🥰

  12. I have had to put up with Robert Reich’s detestable op-ed columns in my area newspaper for many years now. All he ever does is spew venom against Republicans and Conservatives. I know that we embrace freedom of speech, but Reich wishes to silence those who oppose his own point of view; for this treasonous act, he should be banned from all media outlets. Yes, I know that by saying that, I’m living in a world of fantasy…..but I’m not banned from dreaming – or am I?

  13. Is Robert of the Third Reich? I never heard any hate from MTG, only patriotism and deep disdain of the totalitarianism people like Robert seem to prefer.

  14. Communist rained dummies cant handle truth or disagreement with their sick Godless policies. Marjorie Taylor Greene is speaking truth and facts. Doesnt suit the Commie narrative. She is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a very stale environment

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