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The Biden Administration now finds itself under pressure over the state of the economy as several inflation indicators have come in much higher than anticipated, potentially putting much of Biden’s future agenda at risk.

As The Hill reports:

A surge of consumer demand unleashed by government stimulus, improving vaccinations and fewer pandemic restrictions is putting a strain on global supply chains. Manufacturers and other hard-hit industries are struggling to get back up and running after a year of lockdown measures, causing supply shortages and raising costs.

All of those factors combined to push the consumer price index (CPI) up 0.8 percent in April and 4.2 percent over the past 12 months, the fastest annual rate since 2008, the Labor Department reported this past week. When stripping out the more volatile prices for food and energy, the index registered the biggest monthly increase since 1982…

Biden and Democratic lawmakers are attempting to pass trillions in infrastructure spending after enacting a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill in March. Though GOP lawmakers are open to a deal on core aspects of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and waterways, they’ve dug in against Biden’s broader agenda and insist it will spur inflation even higher.

“You have to stop the reckless spending,” Scott said. “The federal government’s got to start living within its means.”

Should Republicans do whatever it takes to oppose Biden’s massive infrastructure bill and reduce inflation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. People should know by now that the old fool couldn’t run a circle jerk unless he was the pivot man

  2. Absolutely. These damn communists. No longer Democrats want to destroy our economy. So they can say the govt will handle everything .. Rotten ass people. Americans need to stand up and vote these assholes out. Get rid of the anti American assholes. Like this squad bullshit

    1. Every one better be pull there heads out of the south end in 22 or this clown show will rule

    2. again these politicians are just the dupes that are figure heads. The real bosses are the super rich. Now we do need to get the bought and paid for politicians out. We really need to fix this super rich boss thing.

      1. Politicians that take Lobby money surrender their power. They go to D.C. and lobby for their lobbyist to get more lobby money for reelection. 

  3. Biden isn’t the problem; he’s too far gone to know the damage he’s doing. He has his handlers telling him how much he’s loved, and everybody is just so thankful he’s President. They tell him what he wants to hear, and all his “speeches” are scripted, all his notes are written by somebody else, and he can almost actually read things off a teleprompter without stumbling too badly. But the reality of what he’s doing is being driven by the far left liberal socialist Democrats in the house and senate, and by the remains of the Swamp, and of course Obama and Jarrett….they are the people destroying the Country..and our best hope is we can vote as many as we can out of both Houses of Congress in 2022, and shut down the stupidity…..then Biden or Harris or whoever pretends to be President for the remainder of the term can not do much more harm…and in 2024, get somebody competent back in the White House that doesn’t RULE by Executive order but rather believes in Good Goverement and works with both houses of Congress.

  4. First, you can stop the inflation. It is already here! Look at the price of things. Gas. Lumber. General goods. EVERYTHING costs a LOT more than it did 1 year ago! And Biden can NOT BLAME PRESIDENT TRUMP. This is ALL BIDEN, ALL THE TIME!!! #CircleBackToTrump

    1. . All done in 120 days? You are likely too young to know what real inflation is like. Hope those 15% a year cd rates from the 1980s return, and I don’t mind my house going up another 10%. There is good and bad from inflation. Adjust.

  5. Is it even POSSIBLE that a worse human being could have become president this year? The recent evidence says NO! Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter – without the intellect. How in the world could the sorry, corrupt Democrat Party have foisted this piece of garbage off on the American people? Don’t they have any honor – at all?

    1. Yep Tony, since Reagan I’ve suffered under the republican trickle down economy that has cut tax rates from 90% to half that. And promised full employment and rising wages and a booming economy. Instead the Internet bubble and the great recession and now two steps backwards. There have been so many tax cuts I should be a millionaire by now. But in the last 30 years since Reagan under the Republicans the economy always does worse, yes it’s a fact, and the middle class is disappearing as the billionaire class earns another trillion dollars a year. At least the spendthrift Democrats will provide a safety net, because bad things happen to good people. Something my fellow Republicans, many profiting from the safety nets, don’t yet get in their heads. We have to stop this trickle down nonsense. Our tax cuts have not been paying for themselves.

  6. Anyone who voted all those lousy demoncrats in are definitely traitors. They’re all causing the inflation. Biden opens his mouth and nothing but pollution comes out of it like poop out of his behind.

    1. A newly elected government cannot cause inflation in four months unless they order a complete lockdown of the economy causing shortages to increase the cost of everything. Sound familiar? Go learn your economy 101. When bugs start destroying the forests in Canada years ago (climate change !) the price of lumber started to increase, and then shot through the roof when the pandemic disrupted shipping and distribution routes. Just one example. Also, go look up the definition of traitor.

  7. When businesses can’t get people to work they will go under; when the government is paying them more than they can earn; especially after draconian taxes, why should they work.
    Mr. Biden believes his tax plan will off-set his spending; any business math student can tell you, not happening!

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