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Congressman Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a former victim of the 2017 congressional baseball shooting which left 5 people wounded and was carried out by an unhinged left-wing gunman, is now demanding. a new investigation after the shooting was reclassified by the FBI to ‘suicide by cop.’

As Fox News reports:

One of the Republican congressmen who survived an attempted mass shooting at a Virginia baseball field in 2017 is demanding the FBI reassess the attack after he revealed during a hearing last week that the bureau had designated the incident a “suicide by cop.”

“This conclusion defies logic and contradicts the publicly known facts about the perpetrator and the attack,” Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray. “The shooter had an extensive social media record highlighting his hatred of President Trump and Republicans.”

The gunman, James Hodgkinson, fired well over 100 rounds at the congressmen, their aides and others present on the ballfield.

He had asked whether the ballplayers were Democrats or Republicans before opening fire and was carrying a list of GOP lawmakers and their physical descriptions. The GOP team was there practicing for an annual charity baseball game in which the two parties had squared off annually since 1909.

Rep. Steve Scalise who was also a victim of the attack blasted the FBI’s, seemingly inexplicable decision, stating: “I was shot by a deranged leftist who came to the baseball field with a list of congressional Republicans to kill…This was not ‘suicide by cop.’ End of story.”

A spokesperson for the FBI declined to comment other than to acknowledge that they had received Wenstrup’s complaint.


    1. Yes, and they can no longer be trusted to function as a Law Enforcement arm of the People, they are populated by Left Wing indoctrinated robots.

        1. Defund all of them! Only a fool would say the shooting at ball field was “suicide by cop”!
          News alert: we have common sense

          Chris is a joke!

          1. It was obvious to all, that this was a hate crime, even if it didn’t go along with the leftist ideals of one.

  1. Suicide by cop? Is the FBI continuing to disgrace itself on purpose? Politically speaking, perhaps FBI has its own death wish.

  2. Swamp denizens in FBI need to be removed when we win in ’24. If they can’t be fired, send them to Alaska or International Falls.

  3. This is incredible. The FBI under Wray is worse than we thought possible. The FBI needs to be investigated from top down and abolished and some new organization established.

  4. Totally corrupt, don’t defund police, disband the FBI! Lacking candor all the way back to Hoover, nothing new!

  5. The FBI needs to be totally dissolved and brought back a year later with new leadership and all new hires. The political games they are playing are rampart through out the bureau. Let the facilities and equipment sit idle for a year. The Justice Department can fill in the one year absence.

  6. FBI is doing the democrats bidding. Calling it death by cop is a cover up means a radical leftist, which numbers in the tens of thousands did not do the shooting. Instead its just a deranged individual with no political affiliation even though the shooter wanted to know who were the Republicans..

    1. We have all had enough. To whom do we turn to fix the problem? There is no one person ( except for Trump and people don’t want to give Nancy, Schumer and their sick ilk another chance to repeat everything against him again) or office out there to correct the ongoing, deliberate and systematic destruction of America by the Left, the mainstream media, George Soros’s money, the power-hungry Clintons, the total Muslim supporting Obama, the frightened wimps in industry, the power-hungry, self-centered corrupt politicians who are on the take from China and who will say exactly what you want to hear while they secure their financial futures by grabbing more of your hard-earned money as quickly as possible before the ship sinks. All we get is great rhetoric followed by a demand for money to “fix” the problem but with no plan on how that will be accomplished. It’s all BS. To whom do we turn????? You tell me!

    1. We will become the next VENEZUELA and all you need to do is read what happened to one of the most prosperous countries and after the socialists took charge the people are starving. This will happen here if “WE THE PEOPLE” dont stand up and fight back.

  7. Guess the FBI are now the New Nazi police coming to kill and take away our guns and ability to reason truthfully. They are a robot arm of the democratic party and the leftist thugs. A civil war is looming. Pelosi,Waters,AOC and that ilk will pay,soon.

  8. The FBI, like so many of our once trusted and highly respected institutions, is clearly now just a political extension of the DNC. They will obstruct and spy on a Repub administration, but do the bidding of and cover up misdeeds for a Dem administration. We thought the pass given to HRC over her illegal unsecured and unauthorized server in her basement was a one off; now we know it’s the common m.o. starting at the top. We are witnessing a slow, plainful death of our country by a thousand cuts, and the Repubs in a position to do something are simply wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth and DOING absolutely nothing effective to stop this travesty. There should be a hundred lawsuits already, with more in the pipeline for every EO and Dem House overreach bill as they are introduced. Jam them up the same way they jammed up President Trump!!

  9. And people still question whether or not every institution in society helped cover up the fraud that was the 2020 election.

  10. Time to replace the FBI with something more responsible, credible, apolitical. Here the Deep State is really full throttle. They don’t have our trust at all.

  11. Whoever designated the mass shooting on a Virginia baseball field in 2017 a “suicide by cop” should be immediately dismissed without any possibility of rehire or payment of any pension amount.

    Additionally, each and every individual without exception who approved this designaion, should also be immediately dismissed without any possibility of rehire or payment of any pension amount.

    This is a disgrace and complete embarrassment to the FBI, its traditions and its history.

    1. Someone needs to remind the “geniuses” at the FBI that Suicide By Cop has the perpetrator actually point the weapon — often unloaded — at an actual Cop. This was an identified Bernie Sanders supporter ticked off by the results of the 2016 election and out to get him some ‘Publicans…..PERIOD! The very definition of a mass shooting hate crime.

  12. Terrorist shootings by Bolshevik like groups have cropped up in Seattle and Minneapolis with one guy getting shot by “anarchists” for wearing a red hat . Scalise dam near Killed by rifle fire while playing baseball . All terrorist activities all across the country were called “peaceful demonstrations” by the Democrats and they are still lying to the American public. Defund the police, politicize the FBI while the CIA invades all citizen’s privacy. The Constitution says a citizen shall be “Secure in his person and posessions against unreasonable search and seizure” ( i.e.Stone ). This is just another attempted whitewash to cover the very lies we are being told also by the FBI. The elites decry that the police should serve and protect and evade saying that they are also mandated to discipline and regulate. When the police come DO NOT RUN or object. DO NOT carry a weapon such as a knife or gun. These are considered deadly weapons. Say yes sir and no sir and survive to “Splain it all down at City Hall” folks.

  13. We have laws in the book I don’t know why the laws are not followed instead of listening to an old decrepit idiot that thinks he is President He needs to step down along with his sorry administration

  14. It’s time to do away with all the FBI, CIA, DOJ, we need to clean house, they all follow under the deep state operatives or CCP. They are even writing reports that that are false. Saying it wasn’t a leftist Democrats, but a police officer. Why do the leftist so against the police, is it because of the United Nations wanting to police the world.

  15. FBI has been corrupted . AS many of the Governments Agencies . Because of 1 unscrupulous Person who has defiled the Presidency and America .

  16. Further indication of the weaponizing of federal agencies by deep state forces focused on the seditious overthrow of the USA.

    IRS, FBI, CIA and NSA have all had upper management make decisions that can only be described accurately as “Politically Motivated” and investigation likely would indicate their orders and motivation to act were driven by high ranking deep state actors [Obama for example.

    You look, You decide.

  17. It is sad to see a once reputable section of gov become so off base and so out of touch with how they should be. They used to be a group we could rely upon in times of turmoil. Instead they have added to the turmoil and become part of the turmoil affecting this country. I have no doubt that they very well may continue to have members who were selected or approved by our prior President Obama. Unfortunately his Admin. Continues to remain one of the worst I have seen since 1960, when John F. Kennedy was elected President. President Trump”s has been one of the best since Ronald Reagan, also a true and Patriotic American.

  18. I hate that an organization I once respected has sunk so far. They are not a LAW ENFORCEMENT ORGANIZATION but are another arm of the Democratic Party that can no longer be relied upon to enforce THE LAW.

  19. All evidence goes against the fbi’s narrative. They are evil and are covering up for the democRATS. We no longer have justice in this country because all intelligence agencies are corrupt as the democRATS in charge. They have the fake news, intel agencies and the RINOS in their back pocket and are turning against the people that elected them along with any and all conservatives. JMO!

  20. They need to be disbanded and done over by honest law enforcement who doesn’t care what Party is office

  21. What the hell is going on??? FBI is now part of the biden,harris communist regime!!! Each day I awake to more & more bullshit, from bidens cast of character’s. ALL OF HIS PEOPLE are acting like kindergarten kids, actually the kids are much smarter! biden,harris and the rest of the IDIOTS MUST BE STOPPED!!! The LIES are NEVERENDING AND I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. Now our FBI under the commie c. wray has been drawn into the biden regime’s poisoned agenda!!! SOMETHING HAS TO BREAK AND SOON BEFORE PATRIOTIC CITIZENS ARM THEMSELVES AND TAKE BACK THE GOVERNMENT!!! biden/harris, waters, pelosi, schumer, aoc, swalwell, ALL OF THE LYING DECEITFUL COMMUNISTS need to be imprisoned by REAL AMERICANS, REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, THEY HAVE BEEN PUSHING, AND HARD, TIME TO PUSH BACK HARDER!!!

  22. It would make more sense to say ‘suicide by cop’ when it involves criminals who got shot because they resisted law enforcement. Every single death the left riots about could have been prevented had they cooperated with police . Every single death could be considered ‘suicide by cop’.

  23. The FBI is a criminal organization of its own! Trying to overthrow a President and never any punishment. And covered up by their leader Who us as weak as they come. People have lost all respect for them ,

  24. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice. .

  25. Just like Democrat Joe Biden, the FBI is “no damn good”. And the only solution to that is the wholesale replacement of all FBI personnel above the level of special agent. This will take a Republican president (or else at least someone who IS NOT a Democrat) who has the “huevos” to do the job. No swamp Republican will be able to do this. The same solution should be applied to the C IA – which used to be more powerful than the FBI (by far) but is now on a more even level. But to do ANY of this, the next president must, FIRST, clean house in the administrative bureaucracy. And by that, I mean – blood must run in the streets.

    SO! House cleaning on several levels is required, and no colorful pansy can or will do!

  26. All during those investigations of the FBI and CIA while President Trump was in office….the news people such as Hannity and Gowdy…kept reiterating how 99.9 percent of the agents were “good guys”….it was just some like Strzok that were not….I kept wondering then…if they are such “good guys”….why aren’t they stepping up and blowing the whistle on all this corruption….answer…because they are corrupt also….duh….both CIA and FBI….in fact…every branch of the government was…and is….filled with O’Bama people….another reason to give Trump tons of credit for getting as much done as he did….when he was smack dab in the middle of a den of wolves in sheep clothing….

  27. The FBI is the new demented leftist hit men for the dumboRats they have disgraced their status in the eyes of Americans, we have no faith in them, they might as well close their doors when your not trusted anymore it’s time to close up shop, comey drew the line and they all followed like a house of cards falling down!

  28. Just another sham organization. The FBI should hang their heads in shame. It has become so political it is worthless. Once we retake the Congress they need to clean house of all Unamerican Nazis. If this maniacal administration descends to the depths of lying and injustice the American Patriots will rise a voice so loud to be heard around the world.

  29. I have a solution to all the defunding , let’s defund and disband the FBI, get retraining for the police departments set up new guide lines and race relation classes for them, the FBI has lived beyond their usefulness now it’s just political, they do not help anyone, close down the CIA getting rid of these two depts would save Americans a lot of money, put it back into ALL communities!

  30. This shows that the Swamp has sucked everyone in shortly after they get into DC. The gunman’s own words prove this conclusion is UTTER IGNORANCE. Everything about this man proves he intended to kill Republicans and those who support them. It is SAD that first they bought off Barr and Now the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS own the FBI so America will not see Justice until after Pedo Joe and the Ho are gone even if they retake Congress from the Democraps.

  31. Christopher Wray once again showing his true colors. This is ridiculous, and everyone that was injured that day needs to sue the FBI, and name Wray as the main defendant.

  32. I have lost a lot of respect of the FBI. They’re suppose to be the premier agency, but they do NOT meet that standard. They sent a carload of agents to investigate a rope (door pull) hanging from a garage door stall at a NASCAR race. What a waste of manpower for a rope! Too, now they’re investigating the incident in Virginia where a disobedient Army 2nd Lt. was pulled over on a traffic stop. There’s another flagrant misuse of manpower. They seem to find all this time to investigate menial incidents while it has been years and still no result on Hunter Biden’s laptop with underage women. Let’s not forget their coverup of unhinged Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The FBI need an overhaul of the upper management in order to restore some integrity to the organization.

  33. Wow…. the Bureau never was much liked by other legitimate law Enforcement agencies Federal, state and local.
    They are now working hard at losing the respect from the naive general public who never really knew the truth anyway. But they are starting to see it now.

  34. The FBI is destroying their reputation with this nonsense. They are losing the small amount of credibility that they had left. What a shame for what used to be a respected institution. Director Wray is a pathetic joke!

  35. It is wise not to trust any agency seized by the Obama opposition and remolded into the Deep State. No disrespect to Russia or China, but this Deep State composed of leftist robots is among the greatest perils we face. It will corrode our apparatus from the inside. Even worse is an electorate composed of young people who have been systematically conditioned to hold an article of faith that America is evil. Tho old Soviets are cackling with glee.

  36. Wray is as unhinged as the rest of the left. Only an idiot could view this incident as suicide of any kind.


  38. Then every dangerous criminal stopped by a police bullet must be deemed “suicide by police.” That’s the precedent being established here in our Brave New Marxist World of “we drank the Cool Aid too!”

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