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President Joe Biden has now struck down a key economic program started by president Trump to stimulate the economy and jumpstart job growth: The Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program, or IRAP.

Biden scrapped the program, which deregulating apprenticeship programs and getting rid of bureaucratic hurdles, via executive order.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Former President Donald Trump’s apprenticeship program, aimed at empowering workers and employers and cutting governmental red tape, has been cut by President Joe Biden…

“The White House is discontinuing a Trump administration workforce initiative that sought to deregulate government-funded apprenticeship programs by shifting oversight to industry groups,” Bloomberg Law reported last week.

Whereas Trump’s order directed the Labor Department to lead industry-recognized apprenticeship programs, Biden’s will “instead focus on the Labor Department’s traditional registered apprenticeships favored by organized labor—which require tougher standards for program operators—as the pathway to expand the nation’s earn-as-you-learn job-training system,” the report added.

Last month, Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Trump and former advisor, praised her father’s employment efforts, namely the IRAP.


It seems that the Biden Administration will stop at nothing to stamp out the achievements of former President Trump, even if it means damaging the US economy in the process.


  1. Imagine that – a Democrat made a policy that enriches and strengthens the unions. No surprise here. What a joke this demented old swamp rat keeps proving himself to be!

      1. I was in a union several years ago. I found out from experience about the corruption. Many years ago unions were great for working people. But unfortunately they were hijacked by thugs and communism

      1. Yes they have! It’s no secret as to who the next President will be. It is a strategically well planned takeover so the
        Powers-Behind-the- Scenes can solidify their world control.
        World Control. World Order.
        Illuminati? And We are the Victims of this Menacing, Destructive World Domination
        We Sit on Our Hands and watch it. Powerless to change its direction. As a People, throughout the years, we have become complacent!

    1. Joe Biden is a big buffoon who does not know if he is coming or going. When you get rid of Joe, then you are stuck with you got Kamala Harris who is a ultra-liberal who wants to drive America to socialism and destruction.

      1. Not only would be have a call girl as a Communist President, but we would also have the Communist Witch from San Francisco. Can you imagine how much worse (if that is possible) this entire country would be in? If you are someone who prays, get down on your knees because we are in the fight of our lives.

    1. By selling America to China? By destroying jobs? By putting boys in girls sports? Is this what you call making America great? You are just a liberal zombie who probably doesn’t even have a job.

    2. If these actions against the American workers and it’s citizens is what makes America great in your eyes then you got to be dumber than dirt

    3. Let see – lowest unemployment rate for minorities, record stock market levels, highest payrate – Trump. Immediately causing 11000 jobs lost, huge increase in illegals coming over the border, admitting to voter fraud – Biden

    4. Yeah what a great job drooling old fool Biden is doing by putting Americans out of work at a blistering pace.
      You are a sick disgusting ignorant moron scum. You hate Americans and America so much you and the rest of your communist democrat scum party should leave as nobody is going to stop you.

    1. Until they figure out it ain’t “ free” by then there will not be any America left to save. I hope they enjoy eating out of garbage cans and garbage trucks

  2. He’s the most hateful SOB I’ve ever seen. I wished he would get impeached along with the entire demons on Capitol Hill. We’ve got to stop that scum bag. Come on you dumb Representatives do your job and protect our country from the likes of destruction.

    1. much agreed. the dems know all this they will get rid of him soon and look we are left with good
      old Kamala who knows what she is doing and God help us all

  3. Thanks a lot Joe. Your hatred in going to ruin America. Only 2 months and gas is up a dollar already. What else???

    1. Well so far more than 80,000 jobs lost and he is just getting started. Let be real here this drooling old senile fool has never had an original thought of his own so you know that Obama is giving him the orders and as soon as he has destroyed the country enough they will throw him out so heals up can finish the total destruction of what used to be America. While the supreme court’s rulings have been far left they will not save America and neither will the majority of so called republicans.

  4. What an idiot Biden is. The whole Democrat party is about destroying America while getting more personal power. The hell with working American citizens, we elites are the only ones who count.

  5. China joe Biden is a idiot along with his handlers it is anything that goes against the American worker I’m sure these nuts are making their family’s really proud of them

  6. This man is getting rid of everything Trump out of Haterid for Mr. Trump. And he calls himself a Christian let alone a Catholic. I think not.

  7. Dodo joe & his igneurotics will continue to destroy America in an attempt to rid any and all Trump accomplishments. Neurotic Nancy appears to have epileptic fits when Trump’s name is mentioned.

  8. He is kicking Trump and Trump supporters in the teeth. HE DOESN’T REALIZE HE HURTS HIS OWN SUPPORTERS AT THE SAME TIME. He may find out later when it comes vote time for both houses of congress .

  9. This administration is destroying the country. They don’t seem to care about what is good for the country and the american people. Simply want to destroy or eliminate any programs or policies developed by President Trump and his administration. It’s only been a month and the democrats are doing their best to ruin the country.

    1. We told everyone this is what would happen but nobody outside those supporters of President Trump would listen. They tried to claim Bimbo Biden is a moderate. Yeah right and I’m from another star system.

  10. The actions Biden is taking appear to be deliberate and intended to provoke backlash that woad allow Biden to declare an emergency and declare martial law.

  11. Just think. During WWII the Japanese knew they could never invade the US because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. Now there are 400 million legally owned guns in the country. That’s 10 times more than the 1940’s. Imagine!!!!

  12. He wants all the big businesses to make progress but he doesn’t care about the small business owner and if they go bankrupt. This makes me so mad.

  13. Joe Biden just took a vital program for apprentices to learn under the trades and become trained workers in our industry’s, Welding, Carpentry, Auto Repair, Body Work, Painting, Engine Diagnostic software, Telecom work, I am a product of these apprentice programs and had a great job for 35 years, we need this to train our workforce, period. Joe Biden just in a few weeks damned near ruined the skilled trades workers, the Keystone XL pipeline, and others.

  14. Biden does not know what the hell he is doing. Obama and other low down democrats are running the country. If we get rid of Joe then the worst of the worst will take over K. Harris a real danger to our country. We must vote in republicans in 2022 and 2024 if we have a country left. Biden is a danger to our country do not let him have control over the nukes.

  15. There are plenty of reasons why Biden is not giving a State of the Union Address; for one he isn’t finished destroying the jobs in the country; destroying churches, schools, killing people with vaccine mandates/masks. I thought Obama was bad, but Biden is worse.

  16. Backwards Joe will run into trouble if he keeps up with the actions of the mentally disturbed individual that he is. Nothing he has done improves any American’s life, or any of the taxpayers the government depends on for funds to operate. He doesn’t understand people or what it is like not to be a politician from the swamp. I see Obama in every action Joe makes.

  17. This one move shows exactly what the corrupt satanic nazi democrat biden thinks of blue collar people! He doesn’t give a damn about any of us!

  18. Joe only wants union jobs because those workers, who get no benefit from the union, pay dues among other contributions to the unions so the unions can in turn give the funds back to the Democrat politicians. In other words, we will be working for them instead of them working for us. You know…just business as usual.

  19. The American people what to know what your doing acting as a president? His frequency of blanks has increased, the inevitable is occurring more often, where is this tax payor white house doctor? Has this person been approved to serve? Are we going to leave our Country open for this? Are those who know, going to be held responsible for his mental decisions taken? No State of the Union address, and on the World Stage who is really making decisions that he can not? Where is the medical report that says he is fit to serve? Again where is the tax payor white house doctor ? Again no State of the Union speech? Propped to sign executive mandates and then what? Who are these keeping up this masquerade?

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