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Republicans in New York State have reportedly taken the unprecedented step of beginning the impeachment process against Democrat Governor Andrews Cuomo in the wake of the fallout from the news that Cuomo actively attempted to cover up the true death toll from his decision to house Coronavirus positive patients with elderly residents.

On Thursday the first step in the impeachment process began with Republicans in the state assembly announcing a resolution to convene a special impeachment commission which will have 60 days to conduct an investigation into Cuomo’s conduct and then release a report to the state assembly.

As Newsweek reports:

New York Assembly Republicans will introduce a measure to form an impeachment commission designed to gather “facts and evidence” regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s handling of nursing home deaths during the pandemic.

Nursing home deaths have plagued Cuomo’s response to the pandemic as the governor is facing heavy criticism for withholding information from legislators. Some have called for his resignation while others pushed for voters to recall him. Outside of a successful challenger in the 2022 election, the only method of removing Cuomo from office is through impeachment.

On Thursday, Assembly Republicans announced a resolution to create an impeachment commission consisting of eight bipartisan members of the legislature. The panel would have 60 days to conduct its work and submit its findings and recommendations to the state legislature.

“The Cuomo Administration’s nursing home cover-up is one of the most alarming scandals we’ve seen in state government,” Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said in a statement. “It is incumbent upon the Legislature to undertake a comprehensive, bipartisan review of the Cuomo Administration’s policies, decisions and actions on this matter and render a decision on what steps must be taken to hold the governor accountable.”

Will Cuomo finally be held accountable for his alleged crimes, or is New York State simply too blue and too corrupt for that to ever happen. Let us know what you think in the comments below.



    1. Who cares??? Those idiots elected IT!!
      Let them live in the sewer they created!!
      Ohhh, that’s right! THEY ARE DUMBOCRAPS!!
      They finally realized that shitter is full!!!!!

    1. It is only because the Dems want to eat/sacrifice one of their own by pretending to care! The state is avoiding a massive class action, and if they can pin that noose around the buffoon Cuomo, and claim “they didn’t know” broke New Yack “on purpose” will be in the clear for now!

  2. You DEMS can say what you want about our man Rush. But, today I bet Cuomo wishes he was in his place because the praises are the same from YOU!

  3. Mr. Single and ready to mingle was just eliminating his age competition on the market. Why al this (bi-partisan) impeachment garbage. Just take a vote, it worked for the House, with no due process or trial? Eff Cuomo and his mafioso spewing lies. Next lets go after Fredo with a vengeance, just like the scum bags did after Tucker, Sidney Powell, Van Der-veen and so many people just doing their freaking jobs.. it seems to be JUST O.K. for them to create a cancel culture, lets start one of our own..

  4. He needs to be fried, but the Leftist Libs/Dems and moronic media will end up covering for them as usual and the people of NY are to weak to force the issue. Pathetic!

    1. There is power in numbers. Why don’t the millions of people in New York push to get rid of Cuomo? There are enough people to sign a petition 10000 times and more. Then the families of the people who died should sue Cuomo and the state of New York. That’s what I would do. There is a special place in hell for Cuomo and the people like him!!!

  5. well of course AC has an excuse! It is really DJT’s fault! We all know that! DJT tried to cover it up by sending the Navy hospital ship, erecting triage centers in Central Park, the west side, Flushing Meadow park. Shame shame!

  6. Oh I forgot, remember when that fool and the media tried to blame this on President Trump…..I watched the moron on 3/35/20 announcing it was HIS decision! You think they will do anything now? Please! He should fry!

  7. No he will not be held accountable . He is in a high office were crooks have a pass. Just like all the rest of them . They should all be tried together .

  8. Cuomo has some of the commiecrats pissed off at him. But as the impeachment advances they will circle the wagons around him

  9. Nothing will happen to the corrupt governor he will get off he’s a democrat above the law from ordinary people may he enjoy hell

  10. Andrew Cuomo has the solid support of the public sector unions in New York. He also has the support of most corporate media outlets to spin the the issue in his favor.

    If New York Republicans and independents can get their act together behind a viable, rational candidate, 2022 could be the beginning of a turnaround for the state.

    It would be a long and difficult journey, but worth the effort.


  11. Nothing will come of it as the Demonrats run the show and they protect their own no matter how criminal their behavior.

  12. Gov. Cuomo should be held accountable if the independent study group discovers actual malfeasance in office. This should not be a Democrat or Republican matter. It is an American matter.

    1. Frank we know what should and shouldn’t be but in the real world the commiecrats are above the law. Really sad. They call us cult members but they are the real cult. The people in New York should protest just like BLM does when the police shoot a person of color. No disrespect intended. But people have sat on their asses for too long and let the assholes ruin our country.

  13. Impeachment? He needs to be convicted and imprisoned for obstruction and malicious malfeasance. He hung himself via glory and glamour of Prime Time spot light. There’s enough evidence from his Press Releases alone to convict him on thousands of counts of manslaughter. I thought Hillary was bad but Cuomo has her beat hands down.

  14. Dems lie, lie, lie…corrupt and soulless to the bone…but despite inarguable, blatant evidence against them (Clintons, Bidens ad infinitum) and now CUOMO, they always skate, get richer and rub our DEPLORABLE noses in it…us “lyin’, dog-faced pony soldiers”. CUOMO is directly responsible for every COVID death HE CAUSED. Every family should file a lawsuit against him personally. And at a minimum, he MUST be IMPEACHED AND GONE! But will Dems do the ONLY right thing? Who knows!

  15. If Cuomo were impeached and tried for murder, maybe it would send a much needed message to our governor in New Mexico, who should receive the same. Grisham has, to date, destroyed tens of thousands of New Mexico families – and counting.

  16. Me too…!!! Sign me up !! Cuomo is a dictator, not a governor..let’s get Pataki or someone like him, back as governor of New York State….maybe will have another chance at greatness…We need to end Cuomo and De Blasio….get them out of NY…BYE, BYE. !!!

    1. New York needs a complete overhaul in the state house. Replace them with life time NRA members. Gun carrying permits are only for the wealthy and connected especially in the big (rotten) apple

  17. The Republicans don’t have control of their House. However, if the truth is he did hide and lie about the deaths in the funeral homes, the Dems would risk their own political futures if they don’t do the right thing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  19. If nothing happens the family members need to sue Coumo and the nursing homes that allowed this to happen. One big lawsuit.

  20. absolutely NOTHING will happen…..these people had Bloomberg for Mayor, followed by DeBlowbag,…and elected Ocasio Cortez TWICE……….they would elect anybody or anything that is a Democrat and Democrats are above the law…so Cuomo will be just fine to keep doing exactly what he’s been doing, what ever that is.

  21. With the death count now of over 15,000 dead elderly patients in nursing homes to the corona virus, the question should be is Governor Como “either a mass murderer or a mass manslaughter killer, he has to be one or the other”??? Are they going to cover it up and bury deep the 15,000 deaths for it sure as HELL looks like it to save his fat ass???? Liberal news media guilty too for covering the story up!!! How many more good American people have to die of corona virus due to the crimes like Governor Cuomo has committed especially if he gets away with it??? OPEN SEASON ON EVERY AMERICAN THEN, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It needs to happen, but not just for how he handled the corona virus pandemic. He has destroyed New York. I was born & raised there, left 13 years ago & would never move back now.

  23. How many Democrats have been prosecuted, again? Oh thats right. 0 zero. S lets see now how many Democrats have been indicted? Oh thats right again. 0 zero. Why? Because Obama had corupted the entire justice dept. I am not knocking the man. I mean he was very good at what he did. I just dont like what he did. Andrew has the deep state watching his back. There will be a few suicides and some people having thoughts of forgetfulness and then those who will just plead the 5th. Move along, nothing to see here.

  24. the elderly as we all know as victims for the most part unable to help themselves and this thing not even human decided their fate. he should rot in h… and also be convicted of crimes against the unable. no one has that right to treat people who worked all their lives to make this nation and be shut off from humanity the way that horrible mean self ritightous beast did. orange for him in the near future. please come on man lets get it done

  25. Meanwhile, in Chappaqua… present day, Bill and Hillary at breakfast, with newspapers

    Bill: mmm… so hard to get good help these days…
    Hillary: What are you mumbling about?
    Bill: Andrew Cuomo’s top aide – “Secretary to the Governor” – and she’s a total ditz.
    Hillary: Melissa DeRosa? Yeah. Amazing what she did. Panicked and jumped off the deep end.
    Bill: She gets a bunch of Democratic leaders on a zoom call and spills her guts. Tells them Cuomo’s been hiding a 40% higher nursing home death count than what they reported last August. And what was her excuse for the coverup? – Donald Trump!
    Hillary: Trump sprayed a lot of tweets on Murphy, Newsom, and Whitmer about all the deaths in their states, in addition to New York. Threatened a DOJ investigation. 
    Bill: I see why DeRosa says they “froze.” New York had terrible optics. Trump’s giant hospital ship floating empty in New York Harbor. More pigeons in the rafters than patients in the 3000 beds at the Javits Center. All while people are dropping like flies in nursing homes and Cuomo covers up a third of the casualties. How the rats do scatter. CNN won’t let Cuomo’s brother interview him anymore. Even De Blasio threw Cuomo under the bus. Does Cuomo survive this?
    Hillary: Democrats own New York. We have Congress and the White House. Blackface Northam survived in Virginia. Surviving this is a chip shot for Mr. Emmy Cuomo. Give it time.
    Bill: But why did DeRosa shoot off her mouth? And how did she get to work for Cuomo?
    Hillary: Cut Andrew some slack. You hired a zero or two in your day.
    Bill: Yeah? I never let Huma Abedin or Anthony Weiner on my plane.
    Hillary: That’s low. Even for you. And maybe chew with your mouth closed.

  26. I hate to think New York is that corrupt but time will tell. My prayer for New York is look at the facts and vote “fredo” out of office.

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