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Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo is now reportedly under federal investigation by both the FBI and the US Attorneys Office in connection to his alleged coverup of mass nursing home deaths.

Cuomo allegedly conspired to suppress the fact that nursing home deaths directly related to his decision to house those ill with the coronavirus in nursing homes were actually up to 40 percent higher than initially reported.

The investigation is apparently still in its early days but may ultimately end up spelling Cuomo’s political and legal doom.

As Fox News reports:

The FBI and US attorney’s office in Brooklyn have begun an investigation into how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration handled the state’s nursing home crisis during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report Wednesday.

The investigation is not yet far along and is focused on top members of Cuomo’s coronavirus task force, the Albany Times-Union reported, citing a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Neither Cuomo nor any administration official has at this point been accused of any wrongdoing.

Members of Cuomo’s task force include New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa. The latter drew scrutiny this month after she seemingly admitted the governor’s team withheld information related to COVID-19-related deaths at nursing homes.

“As we publicly said, DOJ has been looking into this for months. We have been cooperating with them and we will continue to,” Cuomo senior advisor Rich Azzopardi said in a statement.

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