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The United Kingdom’s government-run health care system has allegedly ordered doctors to not resuscitate COVID patients if they have learning disabilities, the Guardian reports.

The British charity Mencap, which serves people with learning disabilities “said it had received reports in January from people with learning disabilities that they had been told they would not be resuscitated if they were taken ill with Covid-19,” the Guardian reports.

“The Care Quality Commission said in December that inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices had caused potentially avoidable deaths last year,” the Guardian reports. “DNACPRs are usually made for people who are too frail to benefit from CPR, but Mencap said some seem to have been issued for people simply because they had a learning disability.”

Data appear to back up the claim. The government-run National Health Service reports that since the nation’s third lockdown COVID was the cause of death in 65 percent of all deaths among people with learning disabilities, compared to 39 percent among the general population.

People with learning disabilities often have other health issues that make them more vulnerable to COVID, leading Mencap to ask they be included among those prioritized for vaccination.

The government-run health care system refused, and appears to have ordered doctors to not provide life-saving care.

Edel Harris, Mencap’s chief executive, said: “Throughout the pandemic many people with a learning disability have faced shocking discrimination and obstacles to accessing healthcare, with inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices put on their files and cuts made to their social care support.

“It’s unacceptable that within a group of people hit so hard by the pandemic, and who even before Covid died on average over 20 years younger than the general population, many are left feeling scared and wondering why they have been left out.

“The JCVI and government must act now to help save the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable people by urgently prioritizing all people with a learning disability for the vaccine.”

Government-run health care systems are often accused of using rationing and denial of care to “engineer” societies and eliminate undesirable populations, with taxpayer-subsidized abortions often used in other countries to all but eliminate people with conditions like Down syndrome.

Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. Socialised medicine ? asset or a liablility ! why is it all their doctors move to the USA ??? No money there , all aspects of the medical system are controled , cost , services etc. people who have money come to the USA for medical sevices !

    1. This is absolutely the truth. I have a very good friend who is a doctor in the Netherlands and she chooses to practice medicine there because all of her family is there, but when she needs to update her medical education she comes to the USA because their socialized medical programs are crap. THINK ABOUT IT!!

    1. Communists don’t believe in the value of the individual human being. They only value the collective. I don’t think you will find a “Bill of Rights “ in their government documents that protect the liberties of the individual from the mob of the masses. THINK ABOUT IT!!
      We had very brilliant founding fathers!

      1. Since the article references the UK, they most likely did have something akin to our “Bill of Rights” but these individual protections have since been abdicated most likely allowing for this evil to be promoted.

      2. Biden will make that thinking obsolete. Just give him time. He will destroy everything that America ever stood for because he loves to prove his new found power at any cost.

  2. Coming soon to the US with an expanded definition of learning disability such as republicanism and perceived white supremacy etc

  3. Population control. Extermination anyway you can and get away with it. Revelations. Only 144,000 will go with Jesus to start His new world.

    1. The JWs believe that only 144,000 will go with Jesus.

      Who are the 144,000?
      The concept of the 144,000 comes from Revelation 7. John mentions the 144,000 after describing the Lamb of God (i.e., Jesus) opening up a scroll of which no one else is found worthy (Rev. 5:8-14). When the Lamb opens the seven seals of the scroll, a series of judgments come from the unsealing of the scroll, including the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev. 6:1-8), a group of martyred souls awaiting their vengeance (Rev. 6:9-11), and a massive earthquake (Rev. 12:9-17).
      After all these events have completed, four angels standing at the four corners of the earth (symbolically speaking), and the angels hold back the judgments until 144,000 are sealed on the earth. The 144,000 are identified in verse four as those “sealed from every tribe of the Israelites.”[1] There are two primary options for identifying this group.
      Metaphorical: The number 12 is symbolic of God’s government (e.g., 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples). 12,000 x 12= 144,000. In this case, some hold that 144,000 symbolically represents the entire church, but would not hold a precise numerical value as to the number of individuals in heaven.
      Literal: In this view, the 144,000 are redeemed Israelites who are saved during the time of global tribulation after the church has been resurrected. This view is the most plausible and relates best to the text at hand. Therefore, the 144,000 are Jewish individuals who are saved during the time of tribulation and not the number of all heavenly citizens.
      How Many People Will Be in Heaven?
      If the 144,000 is not a representation of the number of heavenly citizens, then how many people will be in heaven? Interestingly, the number of heavenly citizens is given in the verses following the description of the 144,000. John looks and sees a “vast multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language, which no one could number, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: Salvation belongs to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb!” (Rev. 7:9-10).
      So, how many people will be in heaven? Only God knows. It is a number greater than any person could count. The citizenship of heaven will include men and women who are white and black, Jews and Arabs, Americans and Russians, Iraqis and Iranians, North and South Americans, Africans and Asians, Europeans and Oceanians. Heavenly citizens will transcend from points across time itself! As Cordie Bridgewater poetically wrote in her classic hymn, “How beautiful heaven must be, sweet home of the happy and free; fair heaven of rest for the weary, how beautiful heaven must be.”

      1. The two churches that GOD was please with (Smyrna and Philadelphia) Rev. chapter 1 through 3. People that are taught this. The key of David and the sons of satan the Kenites. Knowing that satan comes first pretending to be JESUS. 2nd Thess 2, Matt 24, Luke 21 and other places in the bible. We won’t be flying out of here (the ones here at that time) Ezek.13. The 12 tribes are from Jacob and many of them are us in USA, England, Europe and where ever we spread out to. The tribe of Judah is call Jews from Israel. After the capture of the 10 tribes by the Assyrians and after their King died from assyria we went over the caucuses mountains N. of Syria we spread out in different places. That is why we are called caucasians. That is some of the elect the 144 thousand. 7 thousand in Rom 11:4. And millions in heaven of all nations that has been saved by our dearest JESUS. Two hundred years after the 10 tribes was captured then the tribe of Judah was captured by Babalyon (Iran of today) This all happened because they didn’t follow GODs way. In the bible the story of this is in Isaiah and Jerimiah. I think Kings too can’t remember. Study with Shepherd Chapel on direct tv channel 224 and you can learn much. This is a message for anyone and everyone. (Trump is the man) Rev 19 (Revelations means to reveal)

  4. This it what happens when a country votes in government run single payer health care. The costs skyrocket and the bureaucrats then begin killing off what they consider are the least valuable and productive citizens; the pre-born babies, the handicapped, the elderly, and those people with chronic illnesses, (diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc).
    There are always death squads established with non-threatening names like “financial accountability and efficiency committee”. THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU VOTE THIS MALARKEY IN!!!!!!!

  5. Looks like a sneaky way to reduce population and weed out the disabled. Sound likes what Hitler did at the start of WWII. NWO want population reduced to 550 million for their sake and control the rest to save the planet. When are they going to bring out the NAZI armbands?

  6. The director of England’s socialist med should be required to personally face the parents of all down-syndrome people who have contracted COVID and tell them that the state wants those people to die because it will cost to keep them alive. I’m that will go over well. Incomprehensible to even think of such a rule, let alone suggest it.

  7. This is so obscene I can hardly speak but socialist UK and their government health care!!
    Could come here if Biden or Harris is involved—BEWARE!! We are heading down a very dark

  8. Socialized medicine. Just open your history books and read Nazi Germany’s health program. Nazi IS Socialism. What they did is EXACTLY the same as modern day socialized medicine in Britain and soon here in the USA. Never give them an inch. Fight it to the end. What they do not voice to you is that THEY know what is best. Fight them.

  9. I guess we should be shocked. Unfortunately, this is part of the promise with “medicare for all”. If people can’t figure that out…

    There is no end to the depth of the evil heart of man.

    One thing that is interesting is how science fiction seems to become reality…. Star Trek’s “communicators,” Dick Tracy’s video watch, Soylent Green will likely follow as the cost for food will be too great and the desire to lower the population will mix together.

    Be sure you are ready to meet God. Someday soon, each of us will stand before Him. Be ready today, your next breath is not promised to you.

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