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Democrats are chomping at the bit to try to once again convict former President Trump for a second time (having failed the first time).

The only problem for the Democrats?

Not only is their plan for conviction entirely politically motivated and lacking in juridical rigor but it also just happens to be completely unconstitutional.

Here are the Top Five Reasons why the Democrats’ attempt to once again convict former President Trump is completely unconstitutional: 


  1. This is why there will never be a true Republican Party. They don’t stick together like the democrats. Shame on those who voted against the President. I hope they never get elected again.

    1. My opinion is anyone who vote to harm Mr. Trump are a bunch of ignorants. they are afraid to lose the power. Ther are not good for nothing

  2. What I don’t comprehend is that the Democrats and, a few not-important “Republicans,” are obsessed and out-of-control to impeach our REAL president. However, these so call “leaders of our beloved nation”don’t follow nor obey the laws that they are sworn to uphold. We have thousands if not millions of lawyers in this country. They don’t appear to want to mount a criminal case against these criminals and thieves. Much less, arrest these thieves. My question is, if these fools do not protect America and its citizens, they must be held accountable. Stop all charades in protecting these idiotes. You know that they are guilty of NOT serving and protecting America. They’re mission is to destroy America. This is a cry for help which all Americans should be concerned and on board with. Stop looking the other way because we know what’s really happening.

    1. Your right Nancy. The problem is with the lawyers is there is nobody paying them to do anything about it. The other problem is we ( you and me and others like us) would have to stoup down to antifas level to get things done . In other words they are causing all the riots and discontent .

    2. Correct, Nancy. Now is when we should put the shoe on Democrat foot. I would like to see Schumer and Pelosi dangling from nooses. The remaining Democrats might get a lesson. The
      Democrat party is so corrupt and dishonest and dumb, maybe its too late to teach them.

  3. The media which everyone know is 99% one party propaganda outlets, they do not report bad news on d3mocrats and devote themselves to lying into order to destroy Trump. They proudly announced the senate decided the trial was legal and constitutional. Whatever happened to the supreme role in interpretation which is their sole power. How ignorant are these news outlet reporters? Look, half the nation would be5 their life on the fact the election was rigged and many agencies in the federal government being cess pools of floating human turds were in one it. No investigation allowed, no court hearing either of which would of ended the crises we are in.There will never ever be another free and fair election we lost our freedom forever on November 3, 2021 to a one party system

    1. We have to have faith that the pendulum will swing back! Never give up, that is too easy. It is obvious by most intelligent and open-minded people, both democrats and republicans, that something definitely was wrong with the 2020 election. There were too many voting changes and irregularities that needed to be investigated for a final decision instead of a cover-up or suppression by the liberals and news media. Why are they obsessed with hiding these matters of concern and so fearful of them being explored if everything is legal and on the up and up? Of course, now the SCOTUS will hear some cases. A little late judges! Where were you 2 months ago? They are all shameful. Truth will prevail and bit by bit we will know enough to determine the election had fraud and Trump had the votes to carry him to the presidency for 2020.

  4. Things will only get worse. O biden is considering restricting domestic travel, skipping over socialism directly into communism. It is not the senile old man but his communist handlers. Here, sign this sir.

  5. One more thing, the trial in the Senate must be with the Head of the supreme court, Roberts and he as much said not enough evidence no trial!!

  6. They are “totally destroying our Constitution and Bill Of Rights with this impeachment of President Trump and they do not care, period”!! They have to do it to get their “New American communist government with them in total control with millions of new illegal aliens as their main supporters”!!!!!! Food for thought for the American people!!!

  7. They should beware for what stage you set us the stage that you will have to play on and what goes around will come around to bite you in the ass

  8. Even though it is unconstitutional they will convict him. The constitution means nothing to the dems unless the Rupubs do something to them, then all hell breaks loose .

  9. It makes no difference. The Bolshevik Demon-crats never let that pesky Constitution get in the way of their rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth madness.
    I truly fear for America because of what will be required to put an end to this insanity. It may take two full generations to recover from it.

  10. When, oh when, oh when, is some intelligent human being going to describe the House Impeachment proceeding’s correctly!! The House brings “articles of impeachment”!! They DO NOT have the power to impeach. The President has NEVER been impeached. EVER! Only the Senate has that power. This process is akin to court proceedings. A grand jury (i.e. The House) brings charges. The court (the Senate) has the hearings and powers to convict. Please stop saying the House impeaches. It is WRONG!! And this is not the second time the President has been impeached. He has never been impeached!

  11. The future is for patriots versus traitors. Party politics will not play a role in a NESARA/GESARA World thank God

  12. What the dumb democrats don’t realize, the more they go after Trump, the more powerful he becomes! What a show of ignorance they are laying out to impeach him!! Turn the tables on their argument and at least half of them would have to be impeached! Disgusting waste of time!

  13. When this is over and we finally get the house and senate back they should go after Obama for his presidential order to blm to “stay the course Ferguson”.

    1. Trump is the only one with any sense and the only one who cares about america and the people in it biden only cares about what he wants and what he can do to americans

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