Office of Representative Liz Cheney via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Liz Cheney survived an attempted vote to remove her from GOP leadership in the House of Representatives Wednesday night, in spite of a major push by many pro-Trump Republicans to remove her.

Cheney won the vote by a measure of 145-61.

The vote was conducted by secret ballot, meaning GOP house member were able to cast their vote without the threat of blowback from voters.

As Fox News reports:

In a secret ballot vote by the entire House Republican Conference, only 61 members voted to strip Cheney of her leadership role, with 145 supporting her.

On the eve of the impeachment vote, the three-term congresswoman from Wyoming said that Trump “summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack.” She stressed that “there has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

Cheney was reportedly asked whether she regretted her vote to impeach President Trump, she responded with a confident ‘no.’

The most shocking part of it all was that allegedly pro-Trump House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy backed keeping Cheney in her leadership positions, in spite of her vote against Trump.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, who had given Cheney tepid support in recent days, spelled out at the meeting that he supported keeping Cheney in her leadership position.

According to multiple sources, McCarthy urged House Republicans to move past Cheney’s impeachment vote and stay united in order to take back the House majority in the 2022 midterm elections.



  1. Well, McCarthy kind of clarified that he wanted to keep the Republican majority and I respect that reasoning to keep Liz Cheney. Also it’s always good to stay on the good and positive side of things. I don’t purport being like the leftists and thinking we should just throw out and kill everyone that doesn’t think like we do.
    Besides, probably the voters should have the last word on it.

      1. Excuse me, they were there enticing violence. One of your BLM/Antifa buddy’s will be going to prison for his violence..AND there were more of you wolves there made up as Trump fans to make the Trump crowd look bad. Yes there were some bad conservative apples in the crowd but not as many as the left wing commies make their tribute to violence just as they are doing in Washington etc.

      2. We will never no if it is was leftists or a combination of Trump supporters. Actually we will never know what really happened that day!
        Of course if you only listen to CNN or MSNBC what they don’t know they make up!!!

        1. media reported nearly a million showed up for the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, yet how many invaded congress? A couple hundred?

        2. Just watch the entire Video. Military have the Video including voices. One of them was a woman well known on CNN who said “We did it!

      3. The reports I’ve seen show more Lefties participating in the violence than anyone else. Think Peaceful Protests whenever you look at Portland , Detroit, Chicago, Seattle then try to label the Capitol event as violent. Who has the right and who do not?

      4. If you read the letter the mayor wrote warning about the rally she said she got a call or letter from the leader saying that the antifa would be there not dressed in black but like everyone else so that they fit in and they are talking it blm about a way to get in the door maybe from the back of the building. I read that litter about a week before it happen .

        1. If there was such a letter that claimed antifa would be there not dressed in black so they would fit in, why wasn’t this made public immediately rather than having Trump falsely accused?

          1. Because media lie! Their CCP Bosses order them to demonize President Trump and play up the dramas to make him look bad.

      5. Execute you the fbi arrested blm and Antifa to so comealot said in a interview said they will riot before the election and after the election I miss comealot Did a bail funds

      6. It was Leftist who received a “call to arms” to attack Capital Building…

        John Sullivan narrated it in his visionary docudrama from the Leftist’s “Insurrection” attack…

      7. Oh yes it was and their is solid proof, they got the crowd all riled up while Trump was talking to supporters, demonrat PILLOUSER and schmucker are dog meat!

      8. Some BLM and antifa members have in fact been arrested in regards to january 6th. And you dont seriously think a TRUMP supporter would leave a bomb at REPUBLICAN headquarters, do you???? But it was in fact leftists who were rioting in DC only a few months before, burned a church across the street from the White house, and then refused to observe the curfew so that troops had to be called. But somehow that was NOT an insurrection???? Why, I even recall the DEMs made fun of Trump when he wand his family were moved to a secure room. Buts it’s all different when THEY feel threatened, huh?? Yeah, when the left burns down stuff its just “calling attention to an injustice”. Pelosi was correct when she said the January 6th rioters would have been treated differently if they were black. They would not have been arrested at all. Or, if arrested, I guess would have taken advantage of Kamala Harris’s fund to bail out rioters. Hey Kamala, where is that bail cash for the January 6th peaceful protesters?? Wake up to the double standard, honey.

      9. Don’t be an idiot. Before you comment, study what actually happened. The girl who was killed was murdered on camera, the sacrificial lamb. I saw it; did you? Did you see the security officers inviting the protesters in? It was on camera. Did you see someone handing baseball bats out of a basement window to the protesters? Yes, that was also on camera. Did you see security leading protesters up the stairs? On camera,
        This was a set-up by anti-Trumpers to deny him a fair chance to prove the massive fraud.

        And, yes, there is proof. Simple math:
        133,000,000 registered voters
        Trump got 74,000,000 actual votes
        Biden claimed 81,000,000
        That adds up to 155,000,000
        At least 22,000,000 of Biden’s votes were fake and in reality it would be more than that because you aren’t ever going to have 100% voter turnout

        One more point. Who benefited from that incursion? It was the traitorous left. It was a set-up.

      10. But that was exactly what it was LEFTISTS and Trump haters, and both kevin and liz have shown their colors no matter what kevein try to say..

      11. What is the evidence that the Jan 6 Capital protesters wanted to harm the Congress? They were protesting our gov denying us all a free election—which this one wasn’t by a long shot. Once the SC wouldn’t hear the Texas case, I knew America is over as we used to know it. Leftists have won….

      12. Oh yes it was! Antifa and BLM made up as Trump supporters except their caps were worn back to front. Its all on camera

      13. It was antifa and BLM and it was planed in Dec. with inside involvement . Trump was speaking 2 miles away as this bs was happening he was not involved . This was planned with inside involvement a Nd these intruders were let in, they didn’t break in !

      1. The Republican Party is dead. They just don’t yet know it. MAGA has moved to the New Patriot Party, along with at least 50% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats.

    1. I’m with you 100%. He can’t afford to lose 1 republican. I don’t think he really cares what she says, as long as she keeps her place in Congress. We’re already screwed.

      1. They were removing her from her position as the 3rd ranking repub. They were not going to remove her from office. BIG DIFFERENCE. The dims are demanding Cruz step down/resign and Greene,
        for DISMISSAL! Unlike the sell out RINO’S the dims will band TOGETHER not split and vote opposite!

    2. That’s right! Be the wimpy GOP its always been just to get pats on the back from those who don’t give a hoot about you. This is the same way it’s been thru history since the turn of the 1900s. Vote both of them out, and get a party that represents the people. Who made either of them king and queen? The fact the vote was secrete shows they do not want the voters to know.

  2. Do you remember when President Obama jumped to conclusions before knowing the facts and he called the police crazy when they arrested Skip when they thought he was breaking into his house when he just could not find the key. The Democrats are jumping to conclusions about terrorists in the USA, which supports their fake ideas that the white man is the danger to the USA.

  3. This really is just another republican doing the wrong thing….he should not back Cheney unless the governor of her state is a democrat…the governor would have to replace her with another Republican…I think….it’s been done before…

  4. The SWAMP will continue to fester. Lifetime politicians are never going to stop. ‘What was the promised price’?

  5. I’m voting against my congressman when he runs again because for all I know he might have voted in favor for her so since it’s a secret vote I’m voting against him even if I have democrat I have voted 48 years republican doesn’t seem if the republicans care what the voters want

  6. You can’t count on having a majority in two years if they’re going to pull tricks like this to save her seat lost my vote in two years

  7. No way you DUMB ASSES will ever take back the senate or the house. You back stabbing weasels will not be supported by the people, at least I hope you are not. You 145 are what’s wrong with the house and why you sorry POS lost it! I hope the people run you out of office you TRAITOROUS POS! Shame on all you UNAMERICAN TRAITORS!

  8. She’s a traitor! A RINO!
    Your a Republican or your not! You say you are but vote with the Democrats knowing what will happen is against your own party!

  9. A secret vote, really, too cowardly to stand up. Just the same old uniparty. Why should the people know who is on their side versus the same elitists that do not care about anyone but themselves and their own power?

    The GOP is just as stupid and corrupt as it has been in the past. They have learned nothing in the past four years. They think that 75-80 million people voted ‘republican.’ What idiots. The Devil wears Prada and idiot GOP wears silk stockings. Still.

    As it continues to distance itself from Trump and his policies it gets deeper into its delusion that it will have a majority in 2022. It had a majority under Speaker Newt and stepped on its own swantztooker and cowered.

    Despite itself the GOP actually had wins under Trump unwilling to its core to actually govern.

    As a dog returns to its vomit, so too a fool to his folly! -Prov: 26:11.

    Everyday I get a hundred emails – there is a crisis in this and in that, over and over they want more $$$. BS – what you need is some fortitude – no more dollars until you learn. None, nil, zero, nada – and if there is a choice no more votes for all but a few of the incumbents.

    No more Howdy Doody Time – It’s I have been primaried time.

  10. McCarthy is a sell-out political hack, and always has been He has no more honor than a modern Democrat (such as AOC_.

  11. So if Cheney is right about Trump’s guilt, where does it place all our Congress in terms of support and defend the Constitution? Should all of the members be found guilty of turning their backs on their oaths and be found guilty of treason?

  12. McCarthy is symptomatic of the rot that infects the Republican Party, sadly. To say he’s a RINO doesn’t go far enough. We need to primary ALL 145 so-called R’s that voted to keep Liz on her 3 committees. Scum sucking dogs.

  13. The gop vote was a huge disappointment and Mccarthy is a wimp. He is done as far as I am concerned. The togetherness should have been all in for Cheney to be out.

  14. Well what about holding Cheney’s feet to the fire if she wants to keep her position! What is wrong with you McCarthy?? We have enough uphill battles without worrying about a “turncoat” who pretends to be a team member and yet has proven when it counts she will not be there. I do not get it!!!

  15. Stupid of McCarthy. He fails to understand the depth and anger of his base. We didn’t send him to Congress to play BS unity games. We sent him there to FIGHT for us. Betraying his base will not help “retake the House” in 2022. It will just lose him more support. We’re totally fed up with those who won’t fight for us just because they think it’s a losing battle. Texans still say “Remember the Alamo,” even though it was always a losing battle, given the odds. No one is ever going to be saying, “Remember McCarthy” in the future.

    1. Not his base – Trump / populist base. Silk stocking republicans are now the walking dead. They are still deluded. Fools of the first order.

  16. GOP in Congress is DEAD. Good luck RepRats you are going to needed. We MAGA people, Regan Republicancs had enough. You RepRats are on your own.

  17. Washington can’t afford ANYONE who is not Swamp anymore…

    …Cheney is the Military Industrial Wing (surprised she wasn’t a Lincoln supporter)

  18. It was Harry Truman who said< "The buck stops here."
    And then there was Benedict Arnold, who was a traitor against President George Washington.

    There seem to be more and more in the Republican party. It is SAD……..

  19. I’m now 71 years old and I have voted for ONE Democrat in my life—two times. AK. Gov. Jay Hammond! Other than my own Mother, he’s the only conservative Democrat I’ve ever seen or even was worth listening to. Well, McCarthy, You’ve really turned into a RINO afterall, just like McConnell! The GOP has both of you to thank for throwing my vote away along with my monitory contributions. Do you even care what the voters of WY are telling you? I will NOT vote for a Demoncrat, so I’ll just stay home, get drunk, and laugh at all the suckers that are lapping up all the bullsh-t you guys are shoveling. While I don’t have too many years left to suffer through your crap, I have a 43 year-old Special Needs son that will have to suffer because of you and the rest of the “undercover Demoncrats” after I’m gone. Well, you have a nice Air Force day now, NOT!

  20. The voters will have the last word come elections in 2022, everyone know what the demonrats are up to, their all dead in the water in 2022 even democrats don’t like what dicktator Biden’s done so far and believe me it’s going to get way worse before the end of March! Just think about what they’ve destroyed so far 1,411,000 jobs so far, Biden’s opened the border without any type of proper entry and with covid 19 worse in Mexico their bring it all here to the USA, all Americans need to start forcing on what’s coming, President Trump wouldn’t want us to lose focus on what’s a head, were in for some really hard time, don’t lose faith stay the course and we will make America Great again!!!

  21. Wyoming will not be do compromising. We have more common sense than to believe she voted her conscience, more like her pocketbook or was it to cover for Daddy?

  22. By doing this he probably loss the house in two years I’m voting against my congressman don’t know if he voted for her it was a secret so I’m taking it as a yes

  23. McCarthy is a coward and Cheney a traitor. Neither is a leader. To get out of this nightmare we need secession of the red states from the blue.

    Let my people go! The dems think we are deplorable anyway. They should expedite our devision so that we in flyover county don’t “embarrass” them by producing all the energy and food…and funding for their failed ideology.


  24. I heard that the the GOP in Wyoming are holding meetings to Censure and possibly recall or ask her to resign! So it seems that the voters of Wyoming are none too happy with MS. Cheney! Seems she didn’t ask their opinion before leading the charge among the GOP to vote against President Trump. This came from the Leader of the GOP in the district where she is from.

  25. McCarthey spins like rino this is not the first time . He is not strong enough to be speaker . Pellossi has bigger balls then he does .please don’t trust him he will sell us out.

  26. McCarthy is my congressman but I hope another Republican runs against him. He’s been in long enough. As far as my family and myself we consider him to be a RHINO.

  27. “Smooth job kevin”, you might just have sealed your own future……..
    I do NOT believe that too many will support you “after you jump in bed with the enemy”……..

  28. McCarthy also voted against the electoral College objection, he is the swamp make no mistake about it, they should have Gaetz or Nunes being the leader of the GOP McCarthy is a fraud.
    Demand one day elections counted on site before 10pm.


  30. I am disappointed in McCarthy. He made a mistake by voting for Liz. She is NO Republican–just another RINO wanting to hold on to power.

  31. All Americans must realize that the members of the swamp look out for each other. McCarthy and the pig Cheney are tools of the globalists. Their goal is a One World Government. Brain dead Biden’s goal is to make us so weak the globalists will be able to take over without firing a shot. I am keeping watch on those I know voted for Biden and will make my moves when the system falls. Never forgive and never forget!

  32. Poppycock! Liz should have been dismissed and ousted out. That action would have shown strength in the Republican party and it would have showed that traitors to the majority of the party’s thinking and ideas would not be tolerated. Once again Republicans do not know how to unite and oust out the instigators and trouble makers of the party! So disappointed. Losing faith in this party everyday.

  33. Why is this comment needing approval?? It is a very general comment, opinion that is not threatening, not lewd, not discriminatory or using profanity? Poppycock! Liz should have been dismissed and ousted out. That action would have shown strength in the Republican party and it would have showed that traitors to the majority of the party’s thinking and ideas would not be tolerated. Once again Republicans do not know how to unite and oust out the instigators and trouble makers of the party! So disappointed. Losing faith in this party everyday. I have seen far worse comments!

  34. They are worth each other. As long as Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy remain Republican leaders, the Republicans will not be a powerful party in the Senate and Congress. The power-hungry Senate leader and the helpless congressional leader of the lesser think of a majority in the next 2022 Senate and Congress. They think only of themselves and what they can have from their positions. They are for the Republican party as overweight for a person. The sooner the party gets rid of them, the better it will be for everyone. But counting on this is useless: neither in the Senate nor in Congress there is a strong leader who could organize the rest to get rid of these two useless quasi-leaders. Without this purge, Republicans in the Senate and Congress will be a helpless mass ruled by Democrats.

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