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When the pandemic spread throughout the United States in 2020, Democratic lawmakers imposed draconian restrictions in their cities and states to combat the virus. While they willfully held up coronavirus relief funds in a partisan standoff, local businesses were forced to shutter and workers were sent in droves to the unemployment line.

Now that President Biden is in power these lockdown enforcers are opening their economies:


  1. That was no brainier. Anyone with a brain could see this virus was a joke and democracts purpose hurt the economy. Now they want the credit

        1. Nope Only about 10% President Trump won well over 80% of the Vote. Thats why they had to flood the election with fake Chinese Ballots

  2. I predicted this would happen if Biden was elected. I expected this to happen sooner. Their goal was to get President Trump out of office.

  3. Nothing has changed except the person who is sitting in the White House. He got their by fraudulent means and everyone knows it especially the Democrats. The numbers are the same, the information is the same as before but now the Democrats want to open up the country. They don’t want to check the illegals for covid before they come into our country, just let them in who cares anyway, is their opinion. It is disgusting that there is no real leadership from any one of the Democrats, they have no real plan, just do everything you want no one can do anything about it, This is their plan, don’t ask for permission just do it and back off if the courts become involved. This is a joke, no one knows what they are doing. This is worse than Saturday Night Live show.

  4. Just proves democrats didn’t give a rat’s ass about fellow democrats or anyone else for that matter. Extended and extreme lockdowns were all partisan BS. Democrats should think twice about electing those governors and mayors in office and vote them out. Naturally, it will probably take a Republican and their fiscal responsibility measures to clean up the mess the democrats have left their cities/states in.

  5. Unless you’re ‘totally libturded’ a-hole poser…you’ll know the demon(c#n+$)rats weaponised ‘kung-flu’ against America!

  6. We all knew the entire Covid Virus was launched by Democrats in collusion with their Chinese masters. And with President Trump refusing to go to War and restoring the Economy they had to act faster than planned. They wanted war so Covid was the next best thing Gates panned on killing 3 Billion people. I say just put Gates out of his misery and buy him an orange overall?

  7. What could be more insidious than what these rotten to the core democrats did to their constituents strictly in the name of politics? They destroyed their constituents businesses, they delayed childrens education, they’ve simply done all they could have possibly done all for only one reason: destroy Trump! And if these recent actions don’t open your eyes to this diabolical and sinister disgusting self serving political stunt, then just what the hell will? President Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp” was just getting too close to home for the slime covered scumbag democrats and their RINO buddy’s, to let him remain in office, so they just rigged the election! I remember right after the 2016 election, one of the Big Tech companies leaders (‘can’t remember which) said;” We can’t let this happen again!” And they, along with the democrat’s other propaganda division, MSM, they didn’t! Did they?

  8. The liberal scum never learn, they really think business will stay here and help pay more taxes to pay for the handouts that the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites used to buy votes.
    The Day that Joe Pedo was giving his speech I started loadig flat bed trailers with equipment for the factories in Costa Ric.
    I went there yesterday to make sure that the buildings were in good shape, when I got there I was really surprise, there were already 17 American factories in the Industrial park just 11 kilometers north of the capitol city
    2309 jobs in the 3 small companies I am moving there and an additional 4200 jobs in the others.

  9. They used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse for their tyranny. The latest information given is that lockdowns aren’t really effective in stopping the China Virus.

  10. We already knew that the silly/evil dems would reopen everything directly after the new so-called president was to be installed!

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