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Impeachment Trial

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The Senate oversees the second part of the impeachment process, the trial. The nine House impeachment managers, previously chosen by Speaker Pelosi will submit the signed article of impeachment to the Senate, activating the trial. The Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr. will preside while the House managers prosecute their case. It’s not clear who will defend President Trump. During the proceedings, the Senate sits as the jury.


    1. Dan…maybe it HAS come down to this. I seved in the USN over forty years ago. We would NEVER, in those days, have imagined we could come to this pass. I might be too old to be of much help. Stay safe, my good man!

  1. The President was doing his Constitutional Duty to Preserve the Constitution that is being eroded by the Left and the Dark State. As an Engineer, it is obvious that something went wrong during the election, and there was not true attempt to perform a forensic audit on the actual ballots. which was blocked at every move. Why was the left so afraid to participate in a true open audit of the actual ballots? Why was the left so open to violate the constitutional rights of those in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia? The violation of those state constitution should have been ruled on by the US Supreme Court as a violation of the States Constitutions becomes a violation of the Federal Constitution. Then whoever wins wins, but at least the future of our REPUBLIC wil have been maintained. We the people, not matter Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or whatever should be concerned, because what goes around comes around in the future. We need a system which all the people can have confidence in the election results. France has done away with electronic balloting due to fraudulent elections, South Korea now employs Block Chain technology from registration thru elections. Why can’t the Big Tech Companies participate in fair and open elections instead on hindering them. (They are making TOO MUCH MONEY) This country should be able to have a system by which every valid vote counts and all person having the confidence in that process.
    Maybe the system in Central and South America and other parts of the world should be used whereby voters need to dip their fingers in indelible ink when they vote?

    Something needs to be done, as it is getting TOO far down the line.

  2. You only think that was an insurrection just wait until you impeach. That was just a taste. Lol and look how scared the democrats are. You have a reason. Conservatives don’t attack innocent civilians trying to make their pay. We go after the ones responsible for the outrage. We know our constitution our rights and world history. We know what abuse of power is and we see it in the democrat party. And those bankers and tech folk hands ain’t clean either and not to be trusted.

  3. Number one issue: The death of all Dems. Just keep your crazy-ass pushing for impeachment, and then see what comes at you.

  4. The Marxist democrats would first have to get past the required 67 vote for conviction before they have a chance to bar him from future public office. But the charges are blatantly false and proper procedures were not followed by the House. It was basically a mob lynching. If McConnell will stiffen his spine there will not be any trial at all. I am of the opinion that a trail after the President leaves office would not be constitutional.

  5. Bullets end all people problems. These Socialist Democrats should have paid close attention to what (almost) happened to the governor of Michigan Gretchen Wittmer. There’s a lot of ex military snipers out there who may have reached the end of their patience.

  6. If the 67 senators vote to impeach the greatest President we’ve ever had, there will no longer be a Republican Party. We the people know he is being set up like the last time (Russia,Russia,Russia)& we will not forget! He said nothing wrong & did nothing wrong but Biden incited violence when he said “He wanted to take the president out back of the gym & beat him senseless!” Why aren’t you Republicans impeaching Biden for inciting violence? Why are you not getting to the bottom of the stolen election? You know Trump won! What happened to all the witnesses that signed legal documents regarding all of the fraud? Am I living in an alternate universe? Trump better run again in 2024 because there is no one else that can measure up to him! We the people have spoken!!!!!!!

    1. Many have lost hope in the voting process, the corruption is overwhelming it goes all the way to the Supreme Court Judges.
      I feel sorry for Mr. Trump, no doubt the best President we’ve had in a long time, if not ever, and Mike Pence, Sidney Powell, and so many others stabbed him in the back.
      Why, did they decide to vote against him and what laundry does Pelosi have on all these individuals.
      What will become of the U.S. after this election stealing, government corruption and etc.

  7. The Dems are AFRAID of Trump & his minions! The SWAMP is SO deep, BUT hopefully “THE TRUTH” WILL eventually be known. “THEY” HATE Trump because he’s NOT a politician, didn’t NEED to take one DIME & donated his “salary” to Charities! SCREW the lobbyists paying the Dems & “forcing” “them” to do their bidding. AMERICA is “SICK” of politics AND “AMERICAN CITIZENS” will “rise up” & say , “WE ARE SICK OF IT & NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE”!!!Biden “IS” Obamas 3rd “term”! “WE” had ENOUGH of “HIM” the last time! HOPEFULLY “the courts” will help “us” out. The ballot box is totally CROOKED. “WE” NEED TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS!! “Hopefully”, we’ll get some Dem “rats” who will spill the beans OR go to jail! PHAT CHANCE!

  8. What we all know so far is ONLY the Dem’s hatred for Trump & “they” will go to the ends of the earth to get rid of him. Their one problem is that 51%+ of Americans side with what Trump believes in, therefore “they” want us “deprogrammed”, silenced on all media formats & punished with no jobs, no free thoughts, and NO SAY in “their” Washington Swamp.There’s two forms of Justice, “theirs’ & ‘theirs” ONLY! As for “us” learning anything of the goings on in the White House, it’s “I’ll circle around on that” & NEVER get an answer for you, since “WE” don’t have to answer for ANYTHING!

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