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According to statistics compiled from Worldometers, abortion is the leading cause of death worldwide, beating out cancer, AIDS, and Malaria, to name a few. At the end of 2020, over 42,655,372 abortions occurred. 

Worldometers’ figures show that the number is roughly 300,000 higher than in 2019, where 42.3 million babies were killed during abortions that year.

The number of children killed through abortion in 2020 is 284,079 more than the number of AIDS infections worldwide, which reached 42,371,293. 

According to one source, “Abortion cases actually comprise a third of the total number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 worldwide,” per Johns Hopkins University’s year-end data for 2020. Johns Hopkins’ figure of Covid-19 deaths stands at 1.8 million.

Abortion was legalized in more countries worldwide in 2020, including pro-life Pope Francis’ home country of Argentina, which made the procedure legal on Dec. 30. 

In response to one request for comment from the Pope, he asked a group of pro-abortion advocates in a handwritten letter, “Is it fair to hire a hitman to resolve a problem?” The Catholic bishops of Argentina decried the Argentine Congress’ decision, however, they vowed to “continue working with firmness and passion in the care and service of life.” 

The 2021 March for Life in the United States will be held on Jan. 29 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to support life-affirming law and policy. Many national leaders, as well as President Donald J. Trump addressed the 2020 March for Life. “Every child born and unborn is a sacred gift from God,” Trump told the massive crowd. 

As of the writing of this article, there have been well over 524,500 babies killed through abortion in 2021, a number that is rapidly climbing.


    1. But for some reason, which the CDC can’t (or won’t) explain, the number of heart attack fatalities (annually the highest single cause, has dropped by nearly 80%.
      Could it be they’re calling heart fatalities ‘Covid 19 fatalities’?

      1. Yes, the CDC has gone public on the actual numbers of death, COVED, is the common cold a very easy virus to spread, what’s different is the spike proteins that have been added to it . Basically making it a murder weapon, All it needs is the second ingredient or third ingredient, The Killing ingredient is the vaccine. It’s just a roll of the dice as to what vacation will effect you. I’ve seen enough proof !

    1. NY governor lit up the Empire State Building in pink lights when they passed the law that allows full term baby’s to be aborted. actually celebrating the ability to kill 9 month old full term baby’s ! How did we ever elect such people ?

  1. Well I can finely pinpoint what the demonrats stand for in this country. Their have been more deaths from abortion in this country than covid19 world wide and aid in this country, so nownI know what the demonrats stand for mass murder of 42,371,391 in 2020.

  2. And not only abortion, but the harvesting of baby tissue to make vaccines to give Big Pharma including Gates and Fauci Billions! God must be very angry indeed.

  3. Abortions are a sick disturbing thing, in my opinion it’s murder, in Gods opinion it’s murder,
    It’s also the Ultimate Sin in the eyes of the creator ! I’m not actually a very religious person,
    But when you take life into your own hands ! Well you know they say about that.

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