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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has agreed to seat Rep.-elect Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) after Republicans cautioned her against setting a dangerous precedent by interfering on Democrat Rita Hart’s behalf.

But there’s a catch.

The State of Iowa certified Miller-Meeks’ victory to represent Iowa’s 2nd District. Miller-Meeks won by six votes out of nearly 400,000. Instead of contesting the results under state law, Hart asked the Democrat-controlled House to investigate and overturn the election results — which remains a distinct possibility.

The Washington Times’ David Sherfinski reports:

“Yes and yes,” Mrs. Pelosi said when asked if she plans to seat Ms. Miller-Meeks and have a Democratic majority present Sunday.

Ms. Hart’s campaign said that not all ballots were counted during a recount and that she should net at least 15 votes that weren’t tallied.

Ms. Miller-Meeks’ team said Ms. Hart ran to Mrs. Pelosi to try to overturn the election results because she knew she would lose in Iowa courts.

The House Administration Committee is set to investigate the results.

Miller-Meeks’ seating doesn’t preclude the House Administration Committee from ultimately declaring that Hart won and should replace her. 

The House of Representatives last overturned state-certified election results in 1985.


  1. Why not seat Hart instead? Democrats have called on Pelosi to refuse to seat any of the Republicans who supported Trump’s TX lawsuit. I wish she would. Then the fun would begin.

    1. Time to put this 80 year old Speaker of the House out to pasture!!!!! Then she can get her hair fixed whenever she wishes without being accused of not following her own rules. Send Eric Swalwell with her

      1. The only way to get rid of that pest is to have her “constituents” vote her out of office OR that the illustrious Congress puts her out (yes, they can actually do that).

        1. Her constituents. You mean in her SF district? The one that basically have only homeless drug addicts, living on the streets? The one where all the elite are leaving in droves? Who the heck is gonna be left to vote her back into office, as a CongressWOMAN. It’ll be a miracle if she remains Speaker. Send her azz packing.

        2. maybe God, our Father, who is so easily blasphemed, will take out the old gal soon and we the people won’t have to continue to put up with her nonsense!

  2. We are not a democracy [government ruled men], we are a Constitutional Republic [Rule of Laws]. This is a swamp lie to minimize the importance of the “Rule of Law in favor of men dictating theor own wants. So if Pelosi does it according to the laws not to her wants I guess we’re on solid ground. TRUMP 2020 EJECTION TRUMP 2020 Inauguration BOOM BOOM BOOM

    1. Kate…I would like to point out that women in this country do not have the same (equal rights) as the Constitutional changes to give them equal rights was never ratified. The bill was passed by both the House and the Senate but did not receive enough states to ratify it into actual law. It was then sent back to Congress where it died. Why has none of these women in Congress not brought that up in these modern times?

      1. What rights do women not have? I am aware of more privileges they have. But, what is it, that they do not have? Specifically?

  3. See, they have 15 votes that didn’t get counted. This happened all during tge presidential and had to trash Trump votes. I saw the garbage bag, you know if thise were Biden votes, tgeyd be running them through. President Trump won 2020.

  4. I am waiting for her to try to pull the same power grab with Claudia Tenney. Brindisi and the dems have been pulling ballots out of drawers and who knows where to keep him in office. He went from losing to an overnight near win and now nearly 2 months after the election there is still no winner. Of course we know who the winner is but a dem judge will get involved AFTER the new year.

  5. Hey crazy Nancy stop ignoring the ethics violations of fellow Democraps corrupt Omar, nitwit AOC, Islamic terrorist Tlaib and nutty Pressley!

  6. Why would you want to be vindictive that is so childish.? I don’t understand people sometimes everybody knows the election was rigged I know when I went to bed Donald Trump was way ahead and he was close to getting the 270 he need it did they stop counting the votes I didn’t think you were allowed to do that I thought that you had to count the votes so they were done no but that’s the Democrats for you sleep. Cheeks cheaters cheaters I’m just so sick of all this I am so glad that the Rapture is going to happen this year and I’m going home to heaven to be with my maker. Every nonbeliever need to accept Jesus Christ now before it is too late because when the Rapture happens it will be too late and rovera for 7 year tribulation will start which will be the worst time this Earth has ever seen the wrath of God will be strong two people who rejected him and his son. May God bless Israel we all Sinners give their life to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. May God bless Donald Trump and his family keep them safe it’s not going to be a easy time for him I’m afraid we going to go into a civil unrest.

  7. Yep that old hag is up to her rotten STINKING self tippical for something that crawls out of a swamp dead RAT breath pisslosi should have drown in that swamp

  8. It is ridiculous that the Speaker, no matter who it is, has the right to overturn a STATE election. They have had the recounts there just like they have here in GA, and unfortunately for us in GA, the results were not overturned.

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