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CROSSFIRE HURRICANE – In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the day before his resignation, Attorney General William Barr, was very clear about what he thought of how the Justice Department was used in the Clinton-crafted Trump-Russia-collusion hoax.

“The Department of Justice [DOJ] was being used as a political weapon” by a “willful if small group of people,” who used the claim of collusion with Russia in an attempt to “topple an administration,” Barr said, according to Kimberley Strassel.

Strassel added:

Mr. Barr describes an overarching objective of ensuring that there is “one standard of justice.” That, he says, is why he appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the FBI’s 2016 Crossfire Hurricane probe. “Of course, the Russians did bad things in the election,” he says. “But the idea that this was done with the collusion of the Trump campaign—there was never any evidence. It was entirely made up.” The country deserved to know how the world’s premier law-enforcement agency came to target and spy on a presidential campaign.

Mr. Barr says Mr. Durham’s appointment should not have been necessary. Mr. Mueller’s investigation should have exposed FBI malfeasance. Instead, “the Mueller team seems to have been ready to blindly accept anything fed to it by the system,” Mr. Barr says, adding that this “is exactly what DOJ should not be.”

Significantly, as I wrote earlier, based on documents recently declassified by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the CIA (despite Director John Brennan’s inclinations) appears to have been fairly solid in its conduct. The FBI was warned by the CIA in 2016 that the Hillary Clinton campaign might be behind the “collusion” claims.

As I noted, the CIA went so far as sending the FBI an “investigative referral” to look into the Clinton campaign’s apparent deliberate deception and potential manipulation by Russian intelligence in pushing the false Trump-Russia narrative.

As Strassel writes:

…Barr was initially suspicious that agents had been spying on the Trump campaign before the official July 2016 start date of Crossfire Hurricane, and that the Central Intelligence Agency or foreign intelligence had played a role. But even prior to naming Mr. Durham special counsel, Mr. Barr had come to the conclusion that he didn’t “see any sign of improper CIA activity” or “foreign government activity before July 2016,” he says. “The CIA stayed in its lane.”

This was certainly not true of the FBI. Barr who was Attorney General once before from 1991-1993 reportedly said that the FBI’s conduct during their counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign was “outrageous.” And that was the reason for the ongoing investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the FBI’s 2016 Crossfire Hurricane probe.

Regarding the Durham investigation, she added:

Barr says Mr. Durham’s probe is now tightly focused on “the conduct of Crossfire Hurricane, the small group at the FBI that was most involved in that,” as well as “the activities of certain private actors.” (Mr. Barr doesn’t elaborate.) Mr. Durham has publicly stated he’s not convinced the FBI team had an adequate “predicate” to launch an investigation.

While Barr understands the frustration of many Republicans that the Durham inquiry wasn’t finished and made public prior to the 2020 election, Strassel said Barr believes that it is being handled professionally. It is also the way to rebuild the Department’s integrity and regain the trust of the American people.

This should also mean that Durham’s conclusions will be more credible once finalized.

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  1. Durham’s findings will be more credible?
    At this point I feel like I’m waiting for my date to pick me up and she’s already 4 DAYS late. We needed the report in September, no later than October. Even if it comes out, even if it’s seen as credible Dems will go – So what. “Move on.” What they always do when they should be going to jail.

  2. So what did Barr recommend for this ‘small group of people’? The Medal of Honor? The Bush family T-O-L-D him to back off.

  3. How long will it take to bring the Clinton’s to JUSTICE it’s been 50yrs they have Raped Commended Treason at a cost of hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars an ruined thousands of lives time 4 a hanging on pay 4 view to Recover some of the money they have cost America.

    1. Most was destroyed by Mueller/Weinstein when they deleted 30+ Government Phones…


      …nothing happens

      Every case should be thrown out as exculpatory evidence was withheld or ALTERED…

  4. Barr is a “swamp rat” just like ALL the other lieing demoRats! He’s no more a Republican than my dog ! His integrity is worthless ! I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog !! Scumbag belongs in jail !

  5. Except…

    …nothing will happen to any of them (one was obama*)

    Sedition against President Trump was acceptable…

  6. As Yassar Arafat said, “Words are cheap.” And I don’t care if Barr SAYS the right words. I do care about what HE DID. And basically he did NOTHING. God have mercy on him.

  7. Can anybody enlighten me as to what these “bad things” Russia did in our election? I keep hearing this but have never heard any specifics…and of course Mueller’s report didn’t expose “FBI malfeasance”….because his sole purpose was to take down President Trump…not the FBI….and who exactly are the people in this “small group”….and will they be held accountable? And I don’t believe the group was “small”….I think it went all the way to the top…as in O’Bama. And the CIA “stayed in their lane”….really, the fact they knew this was happening and did nothing….and one more thing…..I don’t believe “most” FBI guys are good guys…..I think the FBI corruption goes deep… why didn’t any of them step up when all this stuff came to light… nothing….crickets….and as far as Barr…..bleagh…what a disappointment….and basically just a bunch of bs. Oh, and one more thing….Clapper and Brennan have to be guilty of something….they are just flat out creepy.

  8. That’s nice but no they can never be trusted unless you are able to rid the organization of every single person involved. But your not you are just going to let it go because you are a coward. Everyday democrats are above the law is a day further from justice. And why should we the people bother obeying the law if our politicians don’t have to.

  9. It’s time to realize that those of us alive today have just witnessed the death of the United States of America. I’m afraid that our country will never again be the majestic place it once was. Perhaps one day a new American Revolution will arise and once again save the Republic? I’m afraid that for me life as I knew it is over just as if we had lost WW2…
    So very sad, God please help us.

  10. The corruption in our government is akin to a 40 car pileup at the Indy 500, but everyone ignores it and keeps looking at their cell phone.

  11. So the DOJ got the investigation wrong with Mueller. Durham is investigating the investigation? They have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and we still don’t have any of the guilty in jail That my friend is what happens when political elites are investigated in D.C. Nothing!!!!

  12. We know Obama was and is in control of the Democratic party who has thrown the constitution out their congressional door. The fact that he stated the fact a small group tried to overthrow Trump, well we know the names, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Hillary and many many more high level DOJ and FBI employees who should all be indicted and brought to trial and hanged.

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