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OVERLOOKED – Outgoing Attorney General William Barr secretly appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham ‘special counsel’ to protect him from a Biden administration potentially obstructing or interfering with the criminal investigation.

Durham was picked by AG Barr to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, with a focus on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane fusion cell which spearheaded the infamous and unfounded counterintelligence probe into baseless accusations that Donald Trump was actively colluding with Russia.

As I have written, we have since learned that the entire false Trump-Russia collusion narrative was likely concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign to vilify Trump and deflect from her own email scandal.

Barr told the Associated Press, “I decided the best thing to do would be to appoint them under the same regulation that covered Bob Mueller, to provide Durham and his team some assurance that they’d be able to complete their work regardless of the outcome of the election.”

Benjamin Wittes described Barr’s move as “devilishly clever” in an essay at Lawfare, adding:

The move has the effect of saddling Biden with a special counsel investigation. Because while as a U.S. attorney, Durham can—and likely will—be dismissed in the normal course of the change of administration, as a special counsel he is protected from removal by regulations that require he can be fired only for ‘good cause’ or for some gross impropriety. He is also guaranteed a certain amount of day-to-day independence.

Durham’s investigation uncovered that former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith falsified records used to obtain a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a key witness in the Trump probe. Clinesmith was criminally charged and pled guilty.

Meanwhile, Durham is expanding his prosecutorial team and making “excellent progress,” in his investigation, according to a federal law enforcement official, tweeted Bret Baier of Fox News.

Special Counsel Durham is now reportedly focusing on former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced the anti-Trump dossier at the center of the Trump probe. Durham appears to believe that FBI agents may have mishandled classified information in their relationship with Steele.

Politico reported:

In a previously unreported move, Durham enlisted a British law firm over the summer to take Steele to court in London, aiming to compel him to turn over notes he had taken of his meetings with the FBI in 2016, according to people with direct knowledge of the episode.

The underlying context for the request, the people said, is that Durham believes Steele’s notes could contain evidence that FBI agents improperly disclosed classified information about Crossfire Hurricane…

Team Biden should realize that this investigation into the origins of the fraudulent Trump-Russia probe will continue at full speed regardless, and the results may not be what they expect or want.

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  1. Barr and all of those who think that a lawless presidential candidate of a lawless political party is suddenly going to find God and become a law-abiding President is highly deluded.

    If Biden manages to sneak into the White House, he or his replacement Harris will have no problem firing Durham, and they will have the support of the DOJ and all the rest of the alphabet agencies that have been taken over by the Deep State.

    Unless Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat, stop the theft if the elects, and reverse the sickening momentum of crime that has infected this country, we are all done for.

      1. I would support President Trump implementing Martial Law and a redo of the 2020 Presidential Election requiring in person voting using paper ballots and voter IDs.

    1. The coup against our duly elected Trump was one of the greatest injustices in US history. In order to investigate this matter with the increased powers necessary to do so, a Special Counsel should have appointed by Barr since day one.

    1. Barr has been hiding info from our President ever since his sorry ass has been in the AG office he is a Democrat in hiding. Durham has spent millions investigating and after a few years he is hiring 75 more Lawyers . no wonder our countries is in Debt . the greedy lawyers and democrat politicians are the ones becoming wealthy . it is SICK they should all be in Jail !!

  2. But Joe Bama O’biden own son is under investigation as a ‘bag-man’ for his father & other crimes…and, Barr doesn’t want to appoint a special counsel? Why? Another ‘deal’ concocted in the DC-swamp!

    1. Little Biden will never be convicted….of anything. No one does anymore in Washington. It’s all theater………..

  3. Barr is slime that soldout to the swamp. Somewhere there has to be someone that can be an honest AG and stand up to the corruption.

  4. There is nothing secret about this, it was posted at least a week ago. At least with this, he did one thing right.

  5. Horse shit. Biden’s new AG will invent a reason to have him fired. I just hope he downloads all their evidence and gives a copy to Trump and the Senate.

  6. Barr is just protecting his onw fat sorry do nothing AG he has not done one thing for our country but mutter his views which cover up what Joe and Hunter were doing now for 4 years and longer obammy is behind all this him and his crooked counterpart Hillary Swamp lady’s help

  7. AG Sidney Powell should fire then prosecute Durham and Barr for subversion and treason! Time to start executing these traitors!

    1. SILLY! Powell ios NOT the AG! Brush up on current events! But I fear, as we used to say in the USN, that the American people are screwed, blued, and TATOOED!”

  8. I am sicken by the depth of treason within our own government.. l can not believe that other than Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch we have no one that legally looks out for the American people other than President Trump and he is surrounded by traitors. This poor man can trust no one not even the people he hires, what a disappointment Barr has become, what a pansy. I pray Durham surprises us with something quickly and makes some arrests. I would love to see someone like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Swallell,Mueller, and the FBI traitors that violated Trumps rights.. they all need to be in prison. Americans want justice after all the tax dollars that have been wasted we deserve it. Now we the criminals the Biden’s to deal with in a fraud election violating our constitution and trying to enter the WH.GOD help us all ..

  9. The Deep State is very deep. No justice for the little man only the Bib Boys and the corrupt media. Only salvation is a peaceful revolution. The people must reject the oppression of the left and elite.

  10. Why did Barr appoint Durham as Special Council for the Russia Probe which is a dead deal? While he thinks that one is not necessary to investigate Hunter Biden, when he knows darn well that Biden will squash the whole thing and Joe Biden gets away with a possible crime again.

  11. Wish “they??” would hurry up and burn Hillarious at the stake so the “time to punish “Hillarious?” pop ups would disappear!!

  12. God forbid there will be a Biden adrministration! The election was stolen by Election Fraud!! There is evidence of that fact.

  13. Trump needs to fire Durham immediately! Durham is part of the corrupt traitors that have stolen true justice from the American citizens!

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