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According to the New Jersey Department of Health, more than 7,430 residents and staff at long-term care facilities have succumbed to Covid-19. That number represents 41% of the state’s death toll. The disproportionate numbers reflect the reality that residents at these facilities are among the most susceptible to developing life-threatening symptoms after contracting the disease. 

Yet, nursing home residents will have to wait another week to receive the vaccine after state officials missed a critical deadline. They were supposed to be inoculated starting today.

Per Fox News:

“In order to start on the 21st there was a deadline of the 7th … we missed that date by a day,” Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli admitted at a press conference Friday.

“We asked to start on the 21st and they said, ‘No, you’ll start on the 28th.’ It was as simple as that,” Persichilli said.

She blamed the “sheer volume of information that had to be inputted” for the more than 600 long-term care facilities, skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the missed deadline.

The mishap comes as New Jersey is also getting 20 percent fewer doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines through the end of the year.

The governor of New Jersey is Democrat Phil Murphy.


    1. I won’t argue bureaucratic incompetence. However, working in a microbiology lab myself and responsible for Covid reporting to the state, along with the idiot questionnaires that must be filled out, I can genuinely sympathize with her complaints about red tape.

    1. They (the Left) all hate us. All they want is our money 💴 from taxes to destroy us. What have they ever done for us? Check out U-tube’s Ted Cruz video about the bill they’re trying to pass. It’s a must see!!

  1. It’s not like they didn’t know that the vaccine was coming and to be prepared.
    Always an excuse and of course the “little people” suffer.

  2. Its OK, it isn’t like Phil Murphy is actually there trying to work for the people. I am pretty sure Murphy and Cuomo will be happy to have more deaths under Trump and then when Biden takes over they will start reporting Covid deaths like the Chinese government does, I believe China is up to 4,600 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic that originated in their country, according to the data on the Worldometer website!!! Joe Biden probably believes their numbers, I mean why wouldn’t he believe, he is getting good money to believe!

  3. No he probably had all of the Democrats inoculated . instead of the poor nursing home staff and residents you did see the most worthless person in the world Nancy Pelosi got her Shot so she can go to the Hair Saloon and all the Christmas parties. as well as Biden Harris and Schumer And the worst one of all OMAR and AOC !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is such a Shame what is being done to the greatest country in the world by the Democrats . trying to turn us into Africa and Somalia . Thlaib wants all Jewish people to be Gone
    No way that many people in Michigan can think that disgusting Thlaib is fighting for anything except her Palestine Friends

  5. I won’t take the vaccine. I have read that many people that have had it are having really bad side effects. It is funny that other viruses have been around for years and there is no vaccine. Now all of a sudden, in a few short months, they have a vaccine? Yea, right!!!!!!!

    1. I think if you’ll check, you’ll find out that the vaccines that take a long time to produce were made under government control, and this one went outside the government delays and errors and graft (Thank you, President Trump) and got ‘er done in record time.

    2. When the demonRATs know that impeachment failed, they went to plan B with China. China hates Trump and the release of this virus was their ace in the hole. China has no respect of life, not even of their own citizens. If you were paying attention, they were having millions of rioters burning down their country. That virus took down two birds with one stone, it ended China’s riots instantly, and it shut down our economy as China was wanting all along. And, that is what the demonRAT party has been trying to since before Obama. No one can be so stupid as to spend money like they do and give it to our enemies. This is done intentionally, they have to take our economy down to take us down. And, citizen owned businesses are the backbone of our country. The shut downs are affecting the citizen owned businesses, they are the only ones that are hurting. The dems don’t care, because this is their plan. It wasn’t just to ruin Trump, it is to ruin US, and our country. They have to do that to hand us over to the communist globalist UN and China. When Harris takes over, watch for UN boots on our soil when we refuse to give up our guns.

  6. This was NOT a mistake, this travesty was on purpose because the new world order is depopulating who they think are “useless eaters”, the aged and the sick and disabled and the veterans, who they see as the “throw away” generation. The aged and disabled are not protected, they are being eliminated because the elite think that they need to suck it up and just die. Simply because they think the aged and disabled are eating up the money that they need for their wasteful spending that goes to our enemies who pad their pockets for our government’s top secrets that will take our country down for their takeover of our country and of our citizens.

    Our country is in deep deep danger from these traitors and was our duty to vote these communists out when we had the chance. Now that the enemy has staged their final coup d’etat, they KNOW it will be impossible to vote them out because no one but Donald Trump had the guts to stand up to them. He didn’t have a chance as they ganged up and bullied him for a solid four years, 24/7, with their violent, every violent member of congress, their rioting mobs and their media mobs, their Hollywood mobs, and using the heads of all the most powerful agencies and departments of our government as weapons against him. And, every time they attacked him they attacked US, our country, and YOU and ME. He was standing UP for us and we let him DOWN because we out number them by the millions. We listened as they spoon fed us lies, we obeyed their lies. Now they will FORCE us into their submission. They will cut off our food, our water, cut off our lights, power, heat, and communications, and our medication and healthcare. This is what they are already starting to do to us if we do not obey their lockdowns.

    For those who are not capable of discerning what they are doing, the lockdowns are the test to see what it takes to force you to obey them. They strike fear, and if you think this is mild, just wait, they will use whatever weapon they choose to punish you with the full force of their power. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

    If we the people continue to allow this to happen, we will see the full extent of their evil, and we fit perfectly inside the communist dust bin of history.

  7. It is not incompetence. It was done, deliberately. 7K less senior citizens to worry about using current healthcare system.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. They are drunk on greed, and drunk on absolute power and absolute control over us and our paychecks that go directly into their IRS coffers. We will go down in history as the most ignorant stupid nation that ever existed on our planet. History told us of many who went down in the same ignorance, and we sit back in our eager apathy and complacency not having a clue what these traitors were blatantly doing to us in broad daylight.

      And, even as many experts were trying to warn us of what they were doing, we doubled down and we didn’t bat an eye as the very ones who were doing it called them “conspiracy theorists” to shut us up so they could continue their treason against us . We didn’t even bother to make the effort to search it out, we kept voting for the ones who are destroying us and our country expecting the same destroyers to fix everything that they had previously already destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You had one job to do, get your paper work done by the 7th! You SCREWED UP, no one else just you! Your ass should be fired!

  9. If I had family members in those facilities, I would sue for everything she and the governor got. There is no room for stupidity and laziness when lives are at stake.

  10. This is too difficult for a (D) to understand. So rather than get confused, stop reading now if (D) is how you vote.
    Solution: When you have a deadline, “Submit the work you have completed”. Gee, had they managed something this complicated, some of the people could have been vaccinated this week, the rest next week.
    But to perfectionist (D)s, a partial solution is not acceptable. Thus everyone suffers by (D) mentality, or mental illness, you choose.


  12. I bet you that greedy hypocrite New jerseys Governor got his shot as well as your seeing all the Congressmen and senators getting there shots Hell we as Working Class HUMANS are not essential to the Free loading politicians, that have not missed not one paycheck, But Thune Collins Romney MITCH McConnell sure got his sorry ass a Shot he thinks he can walk on water and calls a Stimuli’s check free money yes to him its free money he only shows up about a 120 days a year but gets money for running his HOG faced mouth

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