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Kansas State Rep.-elect Aaron Coleman (D) will join the Kansas Legislature in January. But, first, he has a court date to determine if an anti-stalking order against him shall remain in place.

It isn’t Coleman’s first scandal, either.

During the campaign, the 20-year-old admitted to publicly posting nude images of young girls without their permission. He also admitted to “slapp[ing] and chok[ing]” an ex-girlfriend. Despite the uproar, Coleman stayed in the race and won 66% of the vote.

Yet this past week, a Wyandotte County Judge slapped Coleman with an anti-stalking order. The court order came after his primary opponent’s campaign manager, Brandie Armstrong, presented evidence that Coleman threatened her, going so far as to try to get her evicted. He previously threatened Kansas’ Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly and years before said he’d shoot another high schooler before committing suicide.

The Washington Free Beacon adds:

Coleman faces a video hearing on Dec. 16 that will determine if Judge Lynch’s ban stays in place. Despite Coleman’s admission that he published revenge porn, his veiled death threat against Kansas’s Democratic governor, and his sexual harassment of teen girls, he won his November election.

Coleman hopes to reverse the ban because it impedes his ability to attend political meetings. Outside of his district, he’s receiving little public support from Kansas Democrats, as the Topeka Capitol-Journal explains:

Kelly and the House’s top Democrat, Minority Leader Tom Sawyer, already had described Coleman as being unfit to serve. Coleman posted tweets immediately after the November election criticizing Kelly, including a later-deleted one that said, “People will realize one day when I call a hit out on you it’s real.” He said later that he meant to use the phrase “political hit.”

Coleman was charged in May 2015 with a felony count of making a criminal threat against a high school student but later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment. A police arrest report and investigative summary from the incident said Coleman threatened to go to a girl’s high school, shoot her and turn the gun on himself.

Sawyer had said Democrats likely would seek to oust Coleman once he was sworn in by forcing a House vote on expelling him. But Sawyer said Tuesday that House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. discouraged such a move because it would involve conduct before Coleman took office.

During the election, Coleman also ridiculed former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain following his death from coronavirus and urged Republicans to do everything possible to contract Covid-19.


  1. These scumbag Democrats need to pay…it’s time for them to pay! And to all you stupid Democrat voters that continually vote Democrat because you are too politically ignorant and or godless…you will reap what you sow too! Justice and prison for all of these vile politicians!

      1. What do you mean “…4 years …”. They now control all of the evaluation systems that the “vote” is based on. There will never be another Republican-sane winner that the Demorats have not put up as a Manchurian candidate. You are now in a dictatorship because they will never prosecute their own.

    1. Good point.The media and democrat party are so two faced in their beliefs. Democrats vote a guy that’s got a record yet try is discredit president Trump for things he didn’ do or say and impeach him for it.

    1. The Democrats are killers and child molesters… two good examples are the Clintons…. there are many others in Congress. Pedophilia and Pizza gate. These people pray to Satan not God… They are Evil and which to Destroy our Republic.. Such as No Legacy Obama, who tried to destroy America from within… and now Dementia Joe and knee pad Kamala will try to continue Obama’s Agenda….

      1. U know sometimes even airforce one can fall from the sky with every one on board crash and burn maby thats what will happen to the biden administration with all aboard.


  2. My guess would be you can find traces of Soros and fraud that allowed him to win. Demonrats would never win anything if they didn’t cheat. Time to clean them all out. Every last one of them

  3. Another ‘rigged election’ why should ‘anyone’ trust the results of these BS ‘swamp’ organized-elections, anymore?

  4. Dems have proven that they’re not above cheating to win, and after this fraudulent Presidential election, they know exactly how to do it and what they can get away with… We will never see a fair or honest election ever again, because once a country loses elections to corruption, that country is never the same again! It will go full-blown Socialist!

  5. …he won with 66% of the vote…???…what the he** does that say about Kansas voters..??
    Sounds like Kansas is infested with the same type of brainless fools as California…

  6. I am guessing that the law and judiciary are too chickenshit to take care of these predators. Must be up to the citizens to take the trash out.

  7. I’m so annoyed that crusty Biden won by cheating! He looks like a used condum. If I could I’d like to get back at every one of those creeps?

  8. If the Demon-crats had any shred of morality left among them, they wouldn’t have allowed him to be in their party.

  9. You can find out how he won by following the money, who backed this scum? I’m sure it’s the same scum that has been desparately trying to destroy the USA for years, Soros?

  10. Conduct before office is evidently no concern to politicians since they fear the same would happen to them. Be the scum of the earth and get ignorant voters to support you and you have a free ride into the political pocketbook and cesspool.

  11. No surprise. He represents the type of people the DemoRats put up as candidates for Federal Office. Example – Biden’s supposedly Administration candidates. Most of them, included Kerry, belong in jail.

  12. Just from reading the story, it can be assumed he is a Democrat.
    With this kind of start in life and politics, he is already Democrat presidential material.. he just needs a couple of felony convictions to round out his Democrat resume.

  13. Aaron Coleman, now that’s a politician to be repelled by, how in the world did he get elected? Kansas democrats must be deaf and blind! Are all democrats sleazy and evil?

  14. This guy is a crook right along with joe biden. He has a case history on file right now. He doesn’t need to be in office.Kick him our.

  15. So nobody in that whole state got the balls to tap him out of that office. We already have a plethora of lying cheating molesting losers who needs more. Elect me King of the Republic and I guarantee you within one year you will be able to let your kids play on the streets and leave your keys in the car all night and no one will steal it or threaten your children. jwstx

  16. Why is there no pictures of this POS ? If he were a Republican it would be plastered all over this article… Needs to be spanked and sent back to kindergarten..

  17. Sounds like a Typical Democrap. They are all Criminals. They prove it every time they rip punishments from this Nations Laws. Every time a Democrap says the words Criminal reform what they truly mean is strip Laws of the ability to punish law breakers and punish the Victims. They do this because they don’t want to be punished when they break those very laws.

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