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As part of a larger effort to discredit the United States, school board officials in suburban Washington, D.C. are removing the names of Founding Fathers from schools.

School board officials in Falls Church, Virginia voted unanimously to strip the names of Thomas Jefferson and George Mason from local schools, citing their ownership of slaves.

Despite Falls Church being one of the most liberal cities in a liberal area, most residents opposed the change. “Nearly 3,500 former and current students, parents and staff filled out a voluntary survey on the issue in October,” NBC4 Washington reports. “Overall, 56% of the respondents said ‘no’ when asked if the names should change, according to the school board.”

The school board ignored the community because erasing the names was “in the best interest” of students and “a necessary part of our equity work,” School Board Chairman Greg Anderson told NBC4 Washington.

“Our schools must be places where all students, staff, and community members feel safe, supported, and inspired,” Anderson said.

Despite Anderson’s claim that the words “Jefferson” and “Mason” made students feel threatened and the move was done in their interest, only 26 percent of students supported the name change. 

Students were even less supportive than parents and staff members, 29 percent and 32 percent of whom supported the change respectively.

The move is part of a larger effort by liberals to exploit genuine concerns about racism to discredit the United States’ founding belief in limited government.  Activists behind the change also claim concepts like “individualism” and “capitalism” are “racist” and must be eliminated.

“Buildings named after presidents and Founding Fathers became the target of leftist attacks this year, which saw months of often violent racial-justice protests,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D.) created a commission this summer to rename dozens of structures in the nation’s capital, including federal monuments and buildings in addition to local public schools. Denver public schools have also floated the idea of renaming buildings.”

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  1. Liberals should take note about our founding fathers and owning slaves. What I’m talking about is that if they keep pushing socialism/communism in this country, they are going to find out the hard way what slavery really is. All that communist know is how to force the people to work for practically nothing and if you don’t produce they put you in prison or just take you out and shoot you. Freedom to do as you like will be a thing of the past. LIBERALS, think hard and fast about socialism because it’s the open door to full fledged communism. Think the next time you vote for a Democrat because it’s coming if Pelosi, Schummer,and Biden have their way. They want the power and the opportunity to tear up the Constitution and instill their own law. WAKE UP!!

    1. Did you know Harris AND Biden, both have ancestors who owned slaves.
      Now, Harris is again wanting taxpayers to pay reparations through our tax dollars!

    2. Virginia voted in all the wrong people from govenor to school board members it seems. Then they don’t really go stand up. they let them leftys run over them. One of our cities in this state had a mayor that voted to defund the police and the people stood up and recalled them and got them out. Trump 2020.

  2. It is certainly time to get rid of all names and labels. We need to start identifying countries, states, cities, street addresses, people, and pets by number, for example. So for example, China would be Country Number 1, so as not to be “racist” against Chinese. The U.S., as the most “racist” country on earth, would be Country Number 206. Rhode Island would be State Number 1, so as not to discriminate against its small geographical area. Atlanta, Texas, would be City Number 1 because it could easily be discriminated against by those “white privileged” who would confuse it with the sexually-diverse Atlanta, Georgia. My street would be Street Number 1 because I live on it, and I’m the least “racist” “white privileged” middle-aged, heterosexual, Christian, male who occasionally can be seen in robes. The neighbor to the right of me would be Person Number 1 because he is to the right of me. The neighbor to the left of me would be Person Number 7,100,369,042 because he is to the left of me. My youngest daughter would be Child Number 1, so as not to age or “gender” discriminate. And so on. What is needed now is a special tax to provide alternate non-Soros funding for the New Communists (identified as “U.S. Hooligan Organization Number 56”) whose task it would be to rename every animate creature of God (“Mythical Supreme Being Number 109”). Of course, the numbering process would have to take into consideration how to prevent “discrimination” on the basis of thinking. After the current crop of police agencies is defunded, Hooligan Organization Number 56 would have to be empowered as Thought Police Number 17. Life would be much simpler after all those who think differently than the Architects of the Whole New World had buried the ashes of the billions of free thinkers in shallow graves (must have carbon sequestration), leaving a world population of 500 million, in conformance with the Georgia Guidestones.

    1. Too simple. Just nuke the earth and start over. Everyone is wrong. Hell is on the way. China is smiling ear to ear.

      1. Tom: The average American has been so dumbed down that they will believe anything on CNN. This country is LOST. While whites are having fewer kids, Hispanics and blacks are pumping them out like minks. It won’t be too many generations until whites will be the minority. Question: Has there EVER been a black or Hispanic country where there was true freedom? On the top are rich politicians and all the rest of the citizens are poor and on the bottom. Biden and Harris have useful idiots pushing the anti-capitalism message, but when they are no longer useful they will be put up against a wall and shot. Study history. It happens every time, but still the sheep never learn.

        1. Well, it sounds bad, but so few people are watching CNN these days that it doesn’t matter what they broadcast as it will have little to no effect.

    2. I got the sarcasm… Political Correctness and unreasonable and imagined racism never ends, it will always find fault with something or someone!

  3. The United States has become a cesspool thanks to left wing scum. We can thank the Clintons, Bush and Obama. NOW they want to saddle us with Biden and “Heel’s Up” Harris. The only way we’re going to get our country back is Civil War. What will light the fuse? Probably when Biden comes for your guns. Give them to him – bullets first.

  4. I have to stop reading this because it makes me want to shoot every libtard and school faculty and that’s just wrong to act on

  5. Did they ever think that students don’t give a shit about the school’s name? They are exposing themselves that way as just wanting to change the names because…”DUH BEATS ME.”

  6. What is happening in this country I am of the belief that we are on the verge of a second civil war, there are a lot of REAL AMERICANS who will not accept this new COMMUNIST REGIEM.

  7. Keep going you nut cases. If the vast majority of the local community want to keep the names of the schools, them VOTE OUT the existing school board and change the names back. We could do this the easier way. The founding fathers used their firearms to win this nation. Perhaps we now need to think about a repeat. I am positive that the 10% are now trying to change the 90%. I for one will not let that happen to me. The tree of liberty has to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and villains alike (Thomas Jefferson). You bunch of mush mouth liberals need to come to grips with the fact that on one alive today in America owned a slave. You believers that your great uncles were slaves need to stop demanding handouts, money and free stuff, pull up your big boy pants, get a job and start making a life for yourself. We owe you nothing. Get off your ass and make something of yourself.

    1. Are you aware, according to historical documents, both Biden AND Harris’ ancestors owned slaves. Now, both of these reprobates want to give reparations to them from the taxpayers!
      Why don’t Biden AND Harris give up their monies!

  8. Why don’t the people tell the school board their own ancestor’s were slaves owners so why are they teaching school ? One day they will want to know who in the city comes from a family thats family were slave owners so they can kick them out of the city. Anyway doesn’t the state have something to say about that ? After all the property owners pay taxes to support the school and university’s but did they ever ask you ?

  9. Did you watch the video of these “wakey” babies? It was a contest to see who could molt the best. Like the adolescents they are! They all got a trophy on the one, just like the old days.
    Be careful who you vote onto the school board!

  10. That is a bunch of Bull, would move from that city!! What is the matter with these people!!! American History is important!! Just because a couple of people whine you do no change
    our History!!

  11. The communists are in their own manner creating what will eventually become a bloody revolution and I, along with many other patriots, will be standing at the gates to stop them.

  12. And so it begins……the mad rush to Communisum!! Aren’t you proud Democrats!!
    Watch while what we warned you about begins to take hold……your votes have destroyed this Nation!!!!!!

  13. Note that even the majority oppose these ridiculous and infuriating desecrations against our founding fathers, “they”, the “leaders” know what’s better for us loathesome dweebs. The thought of voting them out is a logical suggestion, but consider what happened this last election. It makes no difference who you vote for, what matters is who counts those votes! And lets not forget that they will not only “count” in such a way to make their candidate, democrat of course, win, and if that can’t be done with available ballots, they simply creat some additional ballots! Zuckerberg donated millions if not billions of dollars to “help” finance many of these poll workers in heavily democrat districts, in corrupt democrat controlled cities. ‘Not a snowball’s chance in hell, Dementia Joe the gaff Biden “won” this election, he was placed there by the socialist, formerly democrat party and their propaganda division the MSM, and by the gullible ignorant morons that believe their blathering B.S. If Republicans loose the Senate, not forgetting the runoff election is taking place in Georgia, one of the corrupt states coincidently run by a Republican Governor, who by the way has strong ties to China as Georgia is a strong trading partner of the Chinese Communist Party, why would you think this next runoff election will be any different? They easily got away with rigging the last election, what makes you think the runoff will be any different?

  14. This is not a concern over racism. That is the cover story to disguise efforts to brainwash students and strip their identity with the United States as a Constitutional Republic and move more into a posture of socialism based upon Marxist ideology. In other words, they are training students to discredit the country they live in. What a disgrace! Our education system has been corrupted and needs to be stripped of financial support from the government when they take stands like this. If people really examined the treatment of their slaves, especially for Jefferson, Mason, Washington and others who drafted the Constitution, they may discover that they treated them quite well by the standards of their day and did not tolerate beatings, lashings and other torturous treatment of them. Could it be that they even treated them as human beings as opposed to property? Could it be they saw what others were doing to abuse slaves and began a process to correct that. “All men are created equal. . . ” Could it be that some socialist activism is responsible for distorting the intent of our founding fathers in order to undermine and subvert our form of government? Shameful actions of such activists is being bought into by our educators and propagated in our school systems nation-wide. Where is our Department of Education? Asleep at the helm! Schools that adopt positions and teach curriculum that blatantly undermines our form of government, which really encourages civil disobedience, should be banned from being a part of our educational curriculum. It’s good to learn about other systems of government, and compare them with our own. But to depart from that posture and encourage borderline propaganda that leads to anarchy and insurrection should not be condoned. I am ashamed of our education system if they cannot differentiate good education from destructive and “politically correct” education. Seek truth in education.

  15. The school board ignored the community because erasing the names was “in the best interest” of students and “a necessary part of our equity work,” School Board Chairman Greg Anderson…I have no idea how Liberals can continue to support these on any basis whatsoever. Continually they cheat, lie, steal, and corrupt our systems and legacies against our/their will, and yet they are allowed to go without punishment for doing so…it isn’t going to stop until, We the People, stop them and they’re pushing that premise to physical limits…it’s here people, it’s here…

  16. Liberals, really? Isn’t this what Islamists and communists do?? Is this the beginning of the end of our Democratic Republic? Is this the “threat” to their democracy? Strange way to practice democracy!

  17. When I see people of color, I feel threatened and they remind me of slavery. It’s time to remove people of color.

  18. I hope the voters remember that the school board knew what the citizens wanted and chose to ignore them when it comes time for them to be reelected or FIRED.

  19. Just by the fact that they ignored how the students and parents really felt, proves that that socialism enslaves people to their ideologies! They take people’s freedom away when they won’t listen to them!



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