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As I reported yesterday, a young Democrat Congressman placed on the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee by Speaker Nancy Pelosi without any relevant experience has been implicated in a Chinese intelligence operation dating back to 2015. Representative Eric Swalwell was reportedly targeted, courted, and his office infiltrated by a communist Chinese spy active in Democrat fundraising and other political activities.

Swalwell has not denied the accusations but instead deflected by insinuating that President Trump was somehow involved in his situation, since Swalwell has been a zealous critic of the President.

In a Fox News interview, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz who served as the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations said, “I think the lack of denial speaks volumes. Try to deflect and say it’s Donald Trump’s fault is classic Swalwell but nobody’s buying it.”

Axios was apparently working on this well-vetted story since 2019. The fact that Swalwell has not denied the spy issue and has been kept on the Intelligence Committee by Nancy Pelosi for years after having been potentially compromised by Chinese intelligence is raising alarms in the intelligence community.

Due to this concern, Chaffetz is calling for Nancy Pelosi to remove Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee. And he makes a convincing case.

While it was reported that no classified intelligence was exchanged between Swalwell and Fang Fang, (AKA Christine Fang), the attractive, 20-something Chinese intelligence operative working with Swalwell and other Democrats, political intelligence is not only about classified matters. It is more about personal, private, social, and official issues.

This political intelligence is used to target and cultivate other sources and build a network to provide pieces of the intelligence puzzle. And Swalwell is already knee-deep in this intrigue as Fang even placed an intern in his congressional office. As a member of the House Select Intelligence Committee, he more than anyone should have been aware of the Chinese intelligence threat.

Speaking of Pelosi, Chaffetz said, “She and she alone is the person that appoints people to that select committee. Why did they have to have him in that committee when they know that he has potentially been compromised?”

And why have a potentially compromised Congressman on the Intelligence Committee who has zero relevant military or intelligence background?

Former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman noted in another Fox interview that Swalwell was an ideal target. He said, “If I’m a Chinese leader and I want information from the United States, I’m going to target Eric Swalwell,” said Tolman.

“He’s just the kind of target that is going to have the audacity to believe that he is above all of the other rules. He can point fingers at other people while at the same time, he’s posing as a national security threat.”

There is ample national security justification to remove Representative Eric Swalwell from the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee. Nancy Pelosi should do her job to protect America and kick him off the committee now.

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  1. the only time this idiot lies is when his lips move!!! throw him and all of the liberal, lying bums out!! it’s time for Conservatives to stand their ground, stand up, speak out, and follow up with accountability of their elected officials…and, take serious always who you vote for to represent you…do a little research before you vote. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD!!!

  2. Swelwell cannot be very bright if he could not smell a set up by a30yr. old so called Chinese national student . MY FOOT.
    This is why the swamp needs draining of so called civil servants like this who keep sucking off of the American taxpayers

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