Republican Mo Brooks has represented North Alabama in the United States Congress for nearly a decade, but he’s never generated waves like this before.

The conservative congressman revealed his plans yesterday to challenge the Electoral College vote when Congress meets on Jan. 6 to certify the 2020 presidential election winner.

Brooks is adamant that voter fraud played a decisive factor in presumptive President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and believes that Congress is best suited to handle the issue of election integrity.

The Hill reports:

“I’m doing this because in my judgment this is the worst election theft in the history of the United States. And if there was a way to determine the Electoral College outcome using only lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens, then Donald Trump won the Electoral College,” he told The Hill in an interview.

“I’m not focused on what is in the legal pleadings in all these lawsuits all over the country. There’s some number of votes that probably were illegal in some different places to some degree. That is not that abnormal,” he added.

“It is extremely difficult in a court of law to determine how many illegal votes were cast and who they were cast for. And that is one of the reasons why the FBI, the Justice Department and the federal judiciary are wholly inadequate for handling this issue,” he said.

“And also one of the reasons why the writers of the United States Constitution determined that it would be unwise for federal courts that even the Supreme Court to be the arbiter,” he added.

Brooks told The Hill that he is actively seeking allies in both legislative chambers to join his effort. He also revealed that he had initiated discussions with House Republican leadership.


    1. I agree however the legislature in swing states must not allow their electoral college to submit their votes so that no candidate has at least 270 elec college votes. My understanding…that’s when it could go to house or reps. Not sure how USA Supreme Court enters into this process

      1. SCOTUS says whether it was Constitutional or not lol we all know it wasn’t unless stealing the election ‘magically’ is Constitutional. III%

    2. Shouldn’t have to go through all this anyway. The out and out rampant fraud is clearly visible to anyone who wants to see it for themselves. Instead they watch fake news and get their spin on it. The truth will come out but hopefully not to late to do anything meaningful If Biden gets sworn in all this criminal activities will be swept under the rug never to be brought to light again.Welcome to the new Venezuela.

      1. I agree with you 💯 if Biden gets in all of this will be swept under the rug, just like the DOJ did with the Biden family corruption, how he protected the Biden name, of course if it was Trump you hear about it 24/7.
        If the GOP doesn’t fight this voting scam I am done with them!!!!!

    1. i almost gave up praying for Trump to prevail as our President but every day this week in my daily reading of scripture the word perseverance showed up. I will keep on praying until he is sworn in again! He is the best President we have ever had!!!

    1. Read the article Karen. He’s going to challenge the electoral college because of mass voter fraud. So wish him luck. We don’t need a washed up old retard in the White House shoving communism down America’s throat

  1. when everyone has an opinion and opinions like butt holes are not always correct, what more can you expect from someone who when nearly every accusation has been investigated and nothing found wrong in any instance, and hand vote counting proved the machines did not switch votes unless it was for Trump because in one states hand count Biden gained almost 300 more votes

    1. Robert I suppose that you think that the mass of whistle blowers are lying. The recounts were done by the same crooked bastards that cheated during the original voting. That being said, if joe and his token ho succeed in taking the White House over 70000000 people will refuse to be governed by them. We won’t just walk away.

    2. Wow, Robert. There is something very wrong with your thinking — you can’t even state your analogy correctly. Maybe if you were to pull your head out…

  2. To those with even a small amount of intelligence, we know this election was stolen. For the love of God, actually do something about it before those horrid, immoral socialist get in there and destroy this nation!

  3. I hope he succeeds. We need more strong spined leaders who believe in the Constitution and not just their pocket — or their zipper.

  4. I hope that if needed, a challenge of the vote of the Electoral College can be made. Some of the State electors sent to the College may have been pressured to vote against President Trump. A challenge is a necessary action to preserve this Nation.

  5. Thank you for trying to help President Trump! I hope the people who ordered implement ing this plan for Biden to win is investigated and the planners need to be put in prison. This movement will not stop until they have all been found guilty.

  6. Want a pretty simple way of looking at the fraud? 80 millon votes. How many registered voters are there in America? Never mind that he pulled in more votes than Obammy in either of his elections or Trump in 2016.

  7. seeing the difference in the crowd sizes alone says President Trump is much more popular..they were not demonstrating, they were fans..fraud is the only thing that explains the outcome….Biden is not my President

  8. No, uit should not and cannot be possible for Congress to ascertain which votes were legal and which weren’t. That burden of proof must be that of those claiming that the votes are valid.

    Only by demanding EACH and every vote is traceable by a complete chain of custody with signature matching linking the envelope in which it was received it to a signed registration certificate. ANY and ALL votes not validated by this means MUST be thrown out!

    The burden of proof must be on the claimants who assert that the votes are valid.

    This is the only way to handle this fraudulent election.

  9. Thank you Congressman Brooks! You Sir are a true Patriot! I only wish my Congressmen and Women had your courage and passion! You would think that being from Missouri, which is the “Show Me” State, they would be a bit more invested in learning the truth! But, I hope you are able to truly make a difference!

  10. Good for him! At least we have one Republican politician that is honest and has courage and integrity! Have to start getting rid of these RINOS!!!

  11. Thank you for noticing some of the voters concerns. Trump won this election and hoping more ppl will take a stand on this voter fraud.

  12. This muddies the water. I see no problem with the courts getting involved. There is no crisis. IF they determine that the fraud was as massive as we have been led to believe, it is entirely reasonable to have the courts reject the election. And since they can’t reverse it and tell the states involved to send electors who will vote for Trump, then they MUST declare that these states have NO right to send any electors at all. Thereby NO candidate will receive the needed 270 votes and the election will go to the HOUSE for the POTUS and the Senate for the VP.

  13. Not holding my breath. With a communist demonRAT DOJ, a communist demonRAT FBI, a communist demonRAT SCOTUS, you can kiss OUR country adios.

    The rule of law no longer exists. The demonRATs will legislate a separate rule of law for us citizens to obey, and they will hold our feet to the fire as they destroy our country and put us in the communist trash bin of history. All that matters to them is their greed, and they are drunk and obsessed on absolute power and absolute control over us and our paychecks.

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