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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) has issued an uncompromising stay-at-home order for his city’s four million residents.

The harsh decree comes amid a surge of coronavirus infections nationwide. In a warning aimed at all 19 million inhabitants of Greater Los Angeles, Garcetti said the region is “close to a devastating tipping point.”

Instead of entrusting the populace to act in their own self-interest, Garcetti has prohibited all public and private gatherings involving more than one household. He pleaded with Los Angelenos to stay home unless necessary.

All nonessential travel, including bicycling and walking, is prohibited.

The Daily Mail has more:

Garcetti urged residents to ‘cancel everything,’ saying no one should be hosting gatherings or going to gatherings. Those who break the rules may potentially be arrested, he warned.

It comes as Los Angeles County, which is home to the city and has about 10 million residents total, reported surges in daily cases with 6,000 infections recorded yesterday.

Garcetti added that only 479 suitable hospital beds for Covid-19 patients remain open in Los Angeles County. At the current rate, the county will be out of hospital beds by Christmas.

The mayor’s message to those watching was as straightforward as it was inflexible, “My message couldn’t be simpler: It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to cancel everything. And if it isn’t essential, don’t do it.”

It’s unclear how many residents won’t comply with the mayor’s order. Residents desperately clinging to any semblance of normal life are already disregarding local ordinances by frequenting playgrounds, shopping malls, and other closed public venues.

The surge in cases in both L.A. and across the US could be curbed when a COVID-19 vaccine is rolled out. Operation Warp Speed chief Moncef Slaoui said he expects approval of Pfizer’s shot in mid-December. At-risk elderly people and frontline workers will be first in line to receive the vaccine. It’s expected that 100 million Americans will be vaccinated by February.

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  1. Californians – wake up time. Get these dem dictators voted out of office. You’ll lose more and more of your freedoms and liberties, that they’re stealing from you, if you allow the to violate your freedoms this much already.

    Then remember too, the dem leaders in both north and south CA, have no problem violating the rules they make for you. They falsely think their apologies for their double standards are sufficient to keep you quite.

    1. That would be hard to do since they fraud themselves to victory. That Commie probably wasn’t legitimately elected in the first place

      1. Right on Paul! Dont worry Biden and Newsom and Pelosi will be comparing their orange suits in Gitmo soon. 🙂

        1. I really doubt that that the corrupt Establishment Elite will see justice until they meet their maker.
          However, a rebellion may be in the making?
          It would be great to see all the Traitors to the Citizens of the USA being executed?

    2. No Way!!!
      I say the idiots get exactly what they voted into office!!!
      You wanted the jackass, now they can deal with him shutting their moronic lives down!!!

      Suck It Up, Cali-flakes!!!!!!!

      1. I believe these Democrats cheated their way in! They’ve proven they’ll do anything to get elected/re-elected… Lousy politicians like Schumer, Pelosi, Mad Maxine, Schiff and all the other bad ones would never have gotten re-elected honestly!

      2. Not fair! Votes were all switched to Biden. Fortunately Potus took precautions in 2018 against Voter fraud. He plays 5 D chess

    1. Yes, Wake Up!! How can they arrest citizens or shop owners when they will not arrest looters or rioters????? Another double standard.

      1. They can just like that bar owner in NYC. They have no problem arresting hard working honest citizens and releasing criminals at the same time. It’s call anarchy and destroying civilization per Saul Alinsky.

  2. I guess you forget, Californians are sheep. That the governors and mayors have NO authority isn’t important to them. They want/need a nanny telling them what to do. Even if it’s totally against the Constitution. You’d think by now they’d know better.

  3. Why doesn’t that atheist just admit he hates Christmas, and everything it represents? I can’t think of any other explanation, in light of the fact that lockdowns somehow do not apply to rioters.
    I believe this entire Covid-19 situation is being blown grossly out of proportion. The ONLY way it could be spreading at the alleged rate is if Deep State operatives are re-spreading it during crowded events – something I wouldn’t put past the control freaks who keep pushing for Maoist-styled restrictions on every aspect of our lives.
    Remember, we are in the regular Flu Season. People are going to get sick. To blame every illness on Covid-19 is the epitome of ludicrous.

  4. Without declaring Martial Law I can’t see how a mayor OR governor can demand imprisonent at home. Challenging his order on that ground would most likely pull his teeth

  5. Lps Angelinos, tell this sorry SOB to go straight to hell. I am under Doctors orders to exercise qand lose weight which the inactivity mandated by these idiots has caused me to gain. Endangering my health, especially if I become exposed to Covid-19. Democrat would be Dictators go to Hell.

    1. Don’t worry, they will go to hell!
      Problem is, God has been giving them a chance to repent for too long
      and the rest of us are the ones suffering for their Treason/Tyranny.

  6. The “losers”that have been elected in California attend their fancy restaurants, have their high dollar parties and attend their “elitist only” gatherings while telling us all to hide and stay home for our own good. Good for you Californians, as small business is destroyed , everyone loses their jobs and the rich go about their “save the climate” agenda. You who voted for these dolts deserve everything you voted for!

    1. Most of those who voted for corrupt Socialist Dictators are uneducated, dead, illegals, or made up fraudulent votes.
      Then there are those who voted against Trump or not at all because of his obnoxious pride.

  7. I fear for much of America. These men that call themselves leaders are training us to all shut up and go home. That’s fine in part at the beginning of an unknown but we Never Quarantine the healthy ever, only the sick. This is a first in our history and its to gain control over us. Those of us that see what is going on are trying to alert the deceived but you are not all listening to us. United we stand and divided we fall, remember the song? Its the truth we heard many years ago.

  8. Garcetti needs to be arrested for crimes against our Constitution and exceeding his authority. He really is a corrupt, incompetent, fascist.

  9. Big deal the vaccinations are already going to be supply to the population.
    The fascist dems want to exert dictatorship power see if it goes they will take down everyone like nazis.

    1. Don’t worry, if they start to loose power, they will release Covid-20 soon.
      The ultimate goal is to destroy the USA and all it has stood for.

  10. Big deal the vaccinations are already going to be supply to the population.
    The fascist dems want to exert dictatorship power see if it goes they will take down everyone like n a zis.

  11. Sounds like the Mayor should be locked up for treason….WE DO live in a constitutional republic after all, with at least some of our God given rights enumerated in the first ten Amendments.

    1. We do
      or was that did live in a Constitutional Republic?

      It seems that the Obomination’s “Deep State” has taken over to me.

  12. If you want the real truth of this Covid Scamdemic (This virus is like a yo you, keep returning at Christian feast days!)research actual deaths at mortuaries! Anyone notice neighbours, family, colleagues, shop keepers missing? me neither! And all should storm teh hospitals to see if they are telling the truth! In April a blogger walked New York, from one Hospital to the next. He saw Ambulance drivers bored and asleep in the vehicles, no cars in teh parking lot. quiet He tried to go in one Hospital Police were at teh doors! They re lying folks. And the tests are fraud same people behind them as Dominion! Only way we are going to defeat the evil is Civil Disobedience

  13. but rioting was ok time to say screw it let it spread and go threw populace as for children they need germs you will end up with bubble kids who will die when they get a simple cold

  14. ALL for politics & our HC director has NO Medical degree.
    Bogus BS.
    Tired of these games & yes I voted this last election, voted RED.

  15. Hasn’t it become obvious that the power mad Dictators are only prolonging the disease while taking away our rights and causing huge economic, mental and physical health problems?

    If we had not shut down our economy back in March, wouldn’t we be a lot bettor off right now?

  16. Hey people, he doesn’t have the power to do this. Just do what you think is best. They can’t arrest everbody!

  17. Guess who he will NOT enforce these rules on? ANTIFA, BLM, gangs, thugs, politicians, All of those and more. Who WILL be assaulted by BROWN SHIRT type LEOs? Right thinking honest citizens. Any one who is hungry and out of food. Sick people headed to the doctor. Yes all of those and more. So how many BROWN SHIRTS does LA have.

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