Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland via Wikimedia Commons

The ailing travel industry is trying to revive the global jet setting phenomenon with a digital Covid-19 passport, in an effort to streamline the safe reopening of world borders. 

An airline industry group is in the final stages of developing a travel pass that would display passengers’ coronavirus testing information and inoculation status. The announcement comes on the heels of news that three vaccine candidates are highly effective at virus prevention and are seeking emergency approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that their “digital health pass” endeavors to become a universally accepted document that would seamlessly manage and verify travelers’ Covid-19 status information between testing laboratories, airlines, and governments.  

“Today borders are double locked. Testing is the first key to enable international travel without quarantine measures. The second key is the global information infrastructure needed to securely manage, share and verify test data matched with traveler identities in compliance with border control requirements,” Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s CEO, said in a statement last week.

The IATA Travel Pass will enable travelers to find out coronavirus requirements prior to their journey, locate testing centers at their departure location that meet destination standards, then share the results with airlines and authorities to bypass travel restrictions and quarantine mandates.

“Our main priority is to get people traveling again safely. In the immediate term that means giving governments confidence that systematic Covid-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements,” commented IATA’s Senior Vice President Nick Careen. “And that will eventually develop into a vaccine program.”

The Travel Pass is expected to launch during the first quarter of the new year, and cannot come soon enough for the flailing airline industry, which recorded a pandemic high in air travel the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but the dismal numbers were down 40% from the same date in 2019. 

Prior to the holiday, the CEOs of seven top U.S. airlines urged Congress to provide a second round of federal aid in addition to the $25 billion they received earlier this year, so the industry would be able to help with vaccine distribution.   

“As the nation looks forward and takes on the logistical challenges of distributing a vaccine, it will be important to ensure there are sufficient certified employees and planes in service necessary for adequate capacity to complete the task,” the letter read

American Airlines has begun trial flights between Miami and South America to stress test the heat-sensitive vaccine candidates’ thermal packaging ahead of mass distribution.

While rival United Airlines completed the “first mass air shipment” of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine on Friday, taking off from the pharmaceutical giant’s plant in Brussels, Belgium and landing in Chicago where the supply will be stored in minus 94-degree temperatures until the FDA grants approval for use.     

It is currently unclear if U.S. airlines will eventually require inoculation to fly the friendly skies, but Australian flag carrier Qantas is going to mandate vaccination of international travelers ahead of boarding.  

CEO Alan Joyce predicts other airlines will soon follow suit. “I think that’s going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe,” he remarked.

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M Davidson
M Davidson
1 year ago

More communism

Grace Joy
Grace Joy
1 year ago

This is Bill G ates ID2020. It’s the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 Digital ID for everyone, including birth registration. This is Big Brother surveillance, we won’t be allowed to leave the house if we don’t have proof of ID attached to our biometric data. Soon they’ll be taking us cashless, we will be supported via Universal Basic Income, they will be able to block our access if our social credit score isn’t high enough. Drones will police us. A.I. will replace us. We are no longer necessary to the elite.

This is not good when the present day Chinese Social Credit Score system would be more bearable than what they have in store for us.

“Chinese Social Credit Score Prevents 2.5 Million “Discredited Entities” From Buying Plane Tickets:”

Jo Nanni
Jo Nanni
1 year ago

Don’t fall for this thinly veiled rouse. Again you will not be known as your name you will now be known as a numbered Covid Pass!! Sound like Nazi Germany anyone. Our freedom to travel as we please is our born right which no one has the authority to take away. Screw the Airlines….they have been screwing us for years. All Patriots need to stand up and say, HELL NO YOU WON’T…SHOVE THE COVID PASS WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!!!!!!