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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his intention to expand the state’s controversial stand-your-ground law by allowing armed citizens to defend themselves against violent rioters and looters.

The New York Post reports on the Republican governor’s proposal to the lawlessness problem that emerged from police brutality protests.

A draft of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposed bill expands the list of “forcible felonies” under Florida’s self-defense law to include criminal mischief causing “interruption or impairment” of a business, according to the Miami Herald, which obtained a copy through a records request.

It also specifically allows force against those looting, which the draft defines as burglary within 500 feet of a “violent or disorderly assembly.”

DeSantis also wants to make it a third-degree felony to block traffic during a protest — and offer immunity to drivers who accidentally kill or injure protesters who do so, according to the Herald.

Numerous other sections enhance criminal penalties for people involved in “violent or disorderly assemblies,” and withholds state funds from local governments that cut law enforcement funding, the report said.

The draft’s language puts specifics behind DeSantis’ promise to crack down on violence.


    1. Here’s the way it is. They loot and I shoot. Any BLM bastards out there had better pass me and mine on by. It’s not about color. It’s about the right to be left alone.

      1. I couldn’t have said it any better! These losers don’t even have a clue as to what they stand for. Just thugs out doing what they do best. You are so right; “it’s not about color it’s about the right to be left alone!” You come at me I will damn well defend myself!

      2. However, many are brainwashed white young females. Would you shoot them? As for myself, it they were torching my house or business, the answer is YES.

    1. Got out while the getting out was good……….. If your a lefty, democrat, liberal, progressive, commie, socialist, fascist, dictator, don’t take that down there and ruin Florida. If your a MAGA American, conservative, constitutionalist, patriot, American loving, law-abiding citizen, welcome to Florida.

  1. Great. These things can’t be one sided. If one side has arms, the other side has to have arms. We can’t allow innocent people to be mowed down without being able to protect themselves.

      1. Dion, a baseball bat? I almost feel sorry for them? Almost. The government trained me for 47 years to use a bolt-action weapon. You may know it as a Henry sunburst. As Paul said, using it would be aggravated assault. However, using ‘spook’ (CIA) methods I need no weapon. Thought that going to be a racist rant, didn’t you? Sorry, I don’t bother with that crap. Anyway, I am Native American. Happy Veterans’ Day.

      2. Deadly force is deadly force no matter what the weapon used is. A baseball bat, a knife, a piece of steel pipe or a gun… they all can kill. A motor vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon; the term ‘vehicular assault’ is a legal term and if used as a means to intentionally kill another person it is still murder.

  2. This is a great idea and I have a concealed carry permit and believe me if they try to burn or loot anything of mine, it will be the last time. I am tired of this rioting and destroying others hard earned businesses and homes.

  3. Yes, yes, yes…it’s about time someone takes a stand against this bullshit “peaceful” protesting and give the right to self-protect without recrimination to those who are targeted through no fault of their own…love it…

  4. Love this florida governor, about time someone steps up and puts a stop to these no goods who think they can stop triffic or loot stores. The no goods need to get some of their own crap thrown back at them.

  5. I think it’s about time! We need to be able to protect ourselves our family and our property without the threat of going to prison for it.

  6. this is the thugs worst nightmare ,I love it gives the property owner their rights back to protect what is theirs every state should have this law in place and you will see thesew roits stop.


  8. Good for him! Many American Patriots have been waiting and wondering when our local and state leaders would take a stand against the criminal activities taking place in our country. We can’t allow this anarchy to continue if we value the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren! We have some Domestic Terrorist Groups to deal with, the Democrats, Antifa and BLM. I can support peaceful protests but, I cannot and will not condone rioting, burning, looting, assaults, rapes and murders1

    1. If BIDEN gets in office we all will fail . 1619 project this is what teachers in school won’t tell the kids and try to keep this as quiet as possible it is this movement they call it a socialist country only the rich benefit from this and all of us become slaves this is no joke read 1619 PROJECT at Hillsdale College site it tells all about this communism Marxism SOCIALISM it’s all the same thing . this is what is going on and most know nothing about it in its entirety . they have only learned the high points of a socialist life style they were not taught the low side . AND it is Albertsons all of us . 1619 PROJECT HILLSDALE college site please read and tell everyone you know this is very important I don’t think the president knows about this they have him so distracted I’m sure he don’t know the swamp and BIDEN Hillary Obama AOC KAMALA are all in on this and were told to stop talking about a socialist country but this is the truth please read 1619

  9. We have been sold by members of our government . Hillsdale College site about 1619 project it’s all about stuff teachers won’t tell kids in school . they calling it a movement it only the rich benefit and the rest become slaves to to that Hillsdale College site 1619 project this movement will make all of us slaves . the reasons you don’t hear about it in the news and I doubt even the president don’t know about it. We have been sold to rhe communist and BIDEN and his whole clan did it the swamp Hillary Obama and BIDEN is involved in human trafficking and this will cover it up and we all become slaves instead of them going to prison we will be in a place worse than prison. If you don’t obey the communist they will beat you very daily or kill you
    Everyone needs to know

  10. it is bout time. Now that they have a template, I believe the Republican governors will follow suit and the Democrat Governors will ignore the violence within their borders.

  11. Every state should pass the same laws! If police cannot protect you, you must be able to protect yourself by any means necessary!

  12. I live here in Florida and they asked me for my voter registration card and my license before I could vote. So DeSantis has done everything right and will continue even with this legislation. I’m glad he’s my Governor.

  13. I also believe that those looting and rioting should be denied any assistance benefits such as food stamps, college loans etc.

  14. Wish others would follow them!! All rioters should be in jail with no bids posted. These liberal democrats who have no sense bail them out.

  15. This is exactly what has been needed since the beginning of the violent protests(Tray Von Martin) in which race baiters got impressionable people into a frenzy, and then the Anti-Americans and Democrats “didn’t let a crisis go wasted”. You know if Biden-Harris get in, we taxpayers will have to pay to rebuild the cities the anti-American Communists burned to the ground. And they claim white people are racist if they are hesitant to build their businesses in urban areas.
    In the extremely rare times an arrest goes wrong, we have a process to justice. Law abiding citizens should not be subjected to violence, death threats, harrassment, nor loss of business, travel, etc because of thugs.
    Good for you DeSantis. Floridians should support you 100% because you are looking out for all of the people in your state.

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