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ANALYSIS – When could Americans ever imagine that a social media tech firm would block the account of the nation’s Border Patrol Chief over official tweets touting the achievements of its law enforcement agency in protecting Americans? Well, after blocking the President of the United States over political speech, anything is possible.

But imagine no further, America’s Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan had his Twitter account locked by anonymous, unelected tech weenies at Twitter. The crime? Allegedly violating the platform’s rules governing “hateful conduct” after the commissioner attempted to tweet about the security benefits created by the border wall.

Screenshots of the “criminal” tweet were provided to The Federalist.

Regarding his Tweet about the wall that provoked the ban, Morgan told The Federalist, “every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, and pedophiles from entering our country. It’s just a fact.”

Twitter used this “hateful conduct” policy to justify its blocking of Morgan’s account:

You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,

However, it is clear the Border Chief did no such thing, and Twitter is now even more openly in the Leftist political speech censorship game.

As The Federalist noted:

Those who illegally enter the United States are of many different ethnicities and foreign nationalities, including people who travel from other continents to South America to take advantage of southern border human smuggling routes.

After loud protests, Twitter reversed its block on Morgan. But to make the initial censorship more egregious, Twitter still refuses to block “hateful conduct” posts from Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei calling for the destruction of Israel.

See tweets of his posts here.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shamelessly claimed at the recent Senate hearing that the Iranian leader’s posts didn’t violate company guideline, saying:

We did not find those to violate our terms of service because we considered them ‘saber rattling,’ which is part of the speech of world leaders in concert with other countries.

Calling for the destruction of an entire country is ok, meanwhile, President Trump, The Federalist notes, has been censored “for merely threatening to send in the National Guard to quell the violent riots sweeping the country in May.” Twitter ridiculously called Trump’s Tweets “glorifying violence.”

So, now we have Big Tech hampering Homeland Security efforts to inform the American people of the benefits of its policies to protect them from criminals, drug smugglers, and terrorists.

It is time to stop the insanity. As Senator Ted Cruz told Dorsey at the hearing – “Who the hell elected you?” It is time to reign in Big Tech.

Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]


  1. big tech needs to be brought to heel and have their head pounded in the ground.what they are doing in unexcusable and they need to have their proverbiable butts kicked. they speak out of both sides of their mouth at the same time and it is time to sew that mouth shut. if you are going to allow anything then be fair and dont play favorites thats all that has to be done allow all to say the same types of things instead of allowing one party to something while banning another from saying the fair and equitable to both.if not then the government needs to step in and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and shut you down.

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